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Trapped in a poison fog

How Jewish media’s false stories turn everyone into senseless slaves

By John Kaminski


The world is in the trouble it’s in because people believe what they read in the newspapers and see on TV. 

They don’t realize that the lying faces of the insincere announcers and the false invective of cynical editors and writers are all financed by the same manipulators who cause all these colossal wars and produce all these overpriced poisons because there are no better ways to make astronomically large amounts of money.

Anybody who is not an idiot can realize that the world can’t afford what these psychopaths are trying to sell.

Television tells us who are are, where we’ve been and what we want. Deviation from these depictions risks scorn from our neighbors and ostracism by our peers. Disbelief earns expulsion from ordinary society, maybe worse. We don’t realize it, because we’re having too much fun, but TV turns us into good slaves.

I ran into a relative I had never met before and eventually I began telling her about my books. When I mentioned that Osama bin Laden had been dead for a decade and his body was kept in cold storage in preparation for when his “capture” would be politically useful, her eyes got really wide.

Then I told her about the three Israelis who went on TV and admitted they were sent to New York to “document” the 9/11 event. At that point I thought she was going to call the cops on me. Like so many others, her mind was trapped in the headlines that the world has accepted as fact but never were close to being true.

In fact, although most people sense something is “wrong” with the story, the vast majority of Americans still believes that Muslim terrorists were responsible for the events of 9/11, thanks precisely because mainstream media and cowardly politicians everywhere keep hammering home the same false story.

You must know it has always been this way. History has always been a conglomeration written by the spinmeisters, “getting over” on a gullible public that pretty much believes whatever they’re told.

We trust the world we live in. How else could it be? We trust our parents. From them we learn the world. Initially we trust our playgrounds, our games, our heroes. These are practice sessions for our future lives. We leave the false games behind us, and the valid lessons that we keep later shape our lives.

But where did our parents learn what they know? Was what they taught us correct? And more to the point, after we learn what we need from our parents, where do we learn what we know? What do we learn from the fact that today in California kids need 53 vaccinations before they are allowed to go to school?

And the bigger question is this: Is what WE learn correct? When we get old enough to question the sources of the information on which we base our lives, we quickly learn it is mostly INcorrect. Someone has put it there to deceive us in order to control us.

In other words, reality is impossible to see when you rely on newspapers to tell you how it is.

Which is why, in all instances, it is so important, so crucial to our freedom, not to trust them, especially in this era of false flag, government contrived atrocities.

Today, staged atrocities to reinforce totalitarian political goals are the dominant media paradigm. How many more fake shootings is it going to take to make us realize this?

Sure, many memes of information are beneficial to us, like the growing awareness that sugar, which we crave, shortens our lives and ruins our health.

But spending billions on bombing deserts rats that we have been deliberately trying to miss? Makes it hard to imagine what somebody would have to do to get charged with treason nowadays, when all the major politicians are committing treason every day and getting fabulously rich because of it.

We must remember that the description of the world scenario our parents painted for us is largely mythological. History did not come down the way they said it did. Every day there is another revelation that proves this point.

Most people still don’t get the memos, or comprehend the true picture. They’re too busy with their mundane lives to devote their leisure time to verifying what the world tells them, what they learn from their peers, neighbors and acquaintances. They generally accept what is presented to them, and move on. For most, life is not rocket science. And this attitude is what shortens the lives and damages the quality of those lives for the vast majority of people on this planet.

But a study of how this false history gets inculcated into the minds of its victims clearly shows that the people committing crimes on a scale grander than most people can imagine are the very shysters providing the information that leads people in the wrong direction, that mobilizes them for wars that don’t need to be fought, and convinces them to consume products and eat foods that are very, very bad for them.

As a result, throughout history, humanity has been lost in this poison fog that reaps riches for the clever few and heaps misery on the manipulated majority.

These lies leave permanent scars on the world, and create people who don’t even know where they are, what they want, or how much they harm everything, including themselves and the ones they love.

We Americans are going through such an injury now, when the Russians have exposed our lies over the bombing of Syria. Coming on the heels of 15 years of deception since the 9/11 caper, even the dumbest Americans can see all these media stories trumpeting the alleged need of the United States to conduct all these overseas invasions are nothing but more of the hot air fueling the poison fog that keeps Americans in the dark about what the lunatics who have taken control of the country are actually doing.

And the really dangerous thing is that those morons who believe the tripe in the big newspapers or the self-serving fantasies on the Jewish networks are more than likely to call the cops on us when we tell them that Jews control the White House or that Osama bin Laden was really a CIA flunky who worked for Zbigniew Brzezinski when he was going by the name of Tim Osman.

When they hear us say the truths we have learned, redneck cops trained in Israel are likely to taze us and drag us off to the local infirmary for a shot of Thorazine, and bang! there goes our brain. This is a likely scenario as more and more Americans simply refuse to be enlightened and don’t have the courage to challenge the lies that are being crammed down their throats by paid off sluts in uniform who don’t really care whose lives they ruin of people who are only trying to tell the truth.

Those clued in to the 9/11 deception have become aware that the lies we were told about that fateful day really extend back throughout the 20th century. Both World Wars never needed to be fought, but the need for them was hammered into the minds of Americans by these poison media that cleverly champion the moneymaking crimes conducted by the real power brokers who pick the presidents and determine who will live and who will die.

These same media promote their hollow spokespeople and suppress the histories of such genuine American heroes as Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and Joe McCarthy, who tried to warn us about the insidious Jewish menace that — a hundred years ago! — wrapped its toxic tentacles around the essential mechanisms of the American government and ever since has been strangling the world to death with its false representations.

Thanks to the suppression of the warnings these men tried to give us by a poison media that keeps us all in a disorienting fog, the Jews have largely succeeded in turning the country and the world into their own profitable abattoir, while the mass of the population continues to live their lives in a pathetic state of unconsciousness, and the small minority who does see the century-old deception flounders around in a frustrating search for a solution to this lethal Jewish trick that has been played upon the world.

Nothing was more absurd or erroneous than descriptions of the recent invasion of Ukraine by Western mercenaries that was passed off as an invasion by Russia in the Western press. All the lackey American allies quickly lined up behind the false story, and for a few weeks the world teetered on the brink of World War 3 all because of the lie the Jewish media had forced into the minds of people around the world.

This is why it critically important not to accept the false dictates of mainstream news. There is no difference between what you hear on TV and what comes out of the mouths of politicians. That should tell you something. It should tell you that there is no difference. And it should tell you that there is no real journalism anymore, at least not on the mainstream level.

The key piece missing from the mainstream narrative is that Jews are invisible, that Jewish influence is never factored into discussions, particularly of a political nature, but also in all the other categories, be it schools, medicine, the law and law enforcement  . . . whatever the category, the Jewish factor in all of them is omitted, or at least downplayed, for the very simple reason that Jews control the worldwide media, at very close to one hundred percent, so that news of their undeniable desire to control the entire world is never mentioned in virtually all mainstream news stories.

As a result, humanity is suffocating, not from lack of oxygen, but from lack of objective truth. Humanity is being suffocated by the Jews, who wish all non Jews to be semiconscious slaves purposed only do the insane pathological bidding of this one conscienceless group that essentially hates life, hates the fate it has chosen for itself, and is intent on making everyone else feel as bad about life as they do.

And this is the poison fog that Jews spread throughout the world through their terrifying control of all communicative media. These are toxic enterprises that turn good into evil and evil into good, and seek to diminish the awareness of human beings down to their own level, playing rigged games in a fetid darkness in which only monsters may thrive.

Hypnotised slaves

Hypnotised Slaves


“Isn’t it just incredible that 98% of people in our lives don’t even know they’re slaves. Even if some of them have got an inkling that they may be slaves – they haven’t got a clue who their slave masters are – and don’t have a scrap of curiosity to find out either.
And even when you try to inform most people; they don’t care, they just laugh at you or casually dismiss your ‘theory’.
Then there are those amongst us who actively support and viciously defend their own slavery.
That’s the power of mind control.
Mass hypnosis in order to enslave and destroy.”
~ Digger

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Sent with thanks from Mike

Empathy for this man and many like him. He is not only witnessing his country collapse before his eyes; but observing all the pc good-doers around him embrace this insanity; and those too scared to speak out for fear of being labelled a racist. Sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as quantities……if enough of us don’t start to speak out.

Ouch – hit a nerve jewboy?

The other day I got into a discussion with a socialist about immigration. His viewpoint was typically ‘no borders’ and everyone should be free to move where they want. He then tried to tell me how rich Britain is due to slavery. Implying we owed the world everything. Even though most working class people are in poverty.

I reminded him that it wasn’t the common people who benefited front he slave trade, it was the jews.

Oh boy – fireworks.


This socialist (who just happened to be a jew) immediately as fast as lighting came at me with a venomous attack almost in my face “I’M A JEW – that’s racist – you’re a racist. That is anti-Semitic………”

Of course I’m versed enough in all these slanders. The term ‘racist’ was a slanderer word created by the mass murdering jew Trotsky, in order to defuse any defense by European whites.

And this jew wasn’t a true Semite at all.

Again, the jew will never rationally discuss facts; so don’t even try be rational. Oh no, he can only use slanderous attacks when faced with the Truth.

The reaction of this jew and many like him remind of an experienced martial artists, who has trained for many years to deal with attackers. Every form of attack he has trained for – kicks, punches, locks, strangulations, knifes, etc. His training has been so intense and prolonged, that he’s built up a muscle memory. So whenever a real life situation occurs, his instincts and reaction are so fast and automatic.

This was the experience with this jew. It was like I used a trigger word which hit a nerve, which sparked off his conditioned response: racist, anti-semitic, racist, anti-semitic, racist, anti-semitic….

The good news is these words just don’t have the clout they used to have. And they know it.

It was another example of how vicious and vile these people are when confronted. It was like a satantic snake spitting in my face. Not a nice experience, even for a hardened jew-wise soul as myself.

My response was to just keep calm and smirk at him. He knew he couldn’t get anywhere with me, as he knew I was jew-wise and could deflect any of his attacks. However, it still wasn’t a pleasant experience. The trick they use is to come at you hard n fast, in order to throw you off the subject matter (the Truth and facts), so that you’re more concerned with dealing with their aggressive reaction. It works! It can really throw you, no matter how much you think you’re prepared. In addition they want you bite and to start getting aggressive towards them, even violent; because then they will use their legislation against you under a ‘hate crime’. You can just read the local headlines ‘Evil racist nazi victimises innocent jew – another anti-semitic attack.’

This guy (these people) was incredible; he is out there actively trying to promote the false believe that white people as a collective are to blame for the black slave trade; and how my race and culture is only civilised due to the profits off of the slave trade. Yet, when I point out to him the Truth – that it wasn’t in fact White culture, but HIS jewish culture who were to blame for the black slave trade; he lashes out in a torrent of aggressive abuse. Of course not addressing the Truth, but just accusations and slander. How’s that for jewish inverted projection!

I had a similar innocent at a Palestinian demo once where a jew didn’t like my flier. He informed me in an assertive manner that he was offended. As he was ranting at me and informing how offended he was, in the background the speaker was reading out all the names of hundreds of children who had just been slaughtered by his tribe. He had no sensitivity towards these real victims; just that he was the victim because he was offended by my flier (which was just Truth).

Within minutes he had managed to round up a group of chosenites, who also happen to be victims and offended by my flier. It was like having a pack of hyenas surround me. All of them baiting me with their two favourite soundbites: racist – anti-semite – racist – anti-semite – racist.

Somehow I managed to get out of this situation unscathed.


So in reflection, I hope these pointers help those who find themselves in a similar situation:
1/. Try and avoid getting into these confrontations in the first place.
It was only my big mouth that got me into this dodge in the first place. These subjects are too close to my heart and I struggle not to speak the Truth. I can’t stand people trying to preach to me that 2+2=5. Why should I/we keep quiet about the Truth? But sometimes in some situations we have to be a bit canny. Especially if you’re on home territory or with children, or vulnerable people. Sometimes we have to be wise as to when and where we pick our fights.

We would be better off expending our energies elsewhere than try to confront these jews and lefties head on in a confrontational situation on the street. We are better off putting our energy into waking up new blood than trying to covert with these mind-controlled zombies.
2/. Keep calm
I would suggest 99.9% of the time you are not going to be hit. Especially by a jew, as they’re generally cowards. If anything the jew wants you to attack him, in order to be seen as the poor victim. So, no matter how intimidating they may appear, try to keep your cool, try not to show fear, even if you have to act it. By all means stand your ground; but keep it level headed. Try and resist using inflammatory language and NEVER MAKE THREATS OF ANY SORT.

These days we have to think legal. They will drum up any one of their legislative laws (talmudic law) against you if they can get away with it. And you will invariably lose and pay in many ways….financially, criminal record, lose your job, whatever. So try not to bite to their baits.
3/. Walk away
For most people this is hard to do if their ego is involved. The classic train of thought is “I’m in the right, I’m standing for Truth, so why should I have to walk away from these scumbags?” And on one level this is very true. But I still say walk away. Just like a fight situation on the street, your objective is to get out of that situation unharmed. You do not want to get entangled in any aggressive street confrontation – it’s too messy. We can be bastions for the Truth in many other productive ways. Put your ego in your pocket, leave with a neutral comment and calmly walk away. Don’t run! I promise you, when the adrenaline and emotions have settled the next day. You will be glad you didn’t get engrossed in a street confrontation, with a court order lingering over you.
4/. Do not attempt to argue
It’s futile with the jew and most lefties. Their bias and brainwashing is so deep. Their believe that 2+2=5 is so engrained into their psyche that it is near on impossible to change their opinion. So don’t attempt to. Obviously on the street is not like an e-mail or forum correspondence. One cannot produce links with data and evidence, argue out each point item by item. It’s all about who can screech the most. And guaranteed no one can screech as much as the jew. They are programmed to do so. It matters not how much they attack you, they will always end up the victim. You will never ever have a balanced open discussion about the Truth with a jew – ever. And nobody can use conditioned soundbites and memes like a hardened socialist/lefty. So with either it is a futile and negative experience. These people can take years off your life through stress alone. Don’t waste your time and energy on them.
5/. 3rd party information
If you do make comments regarding the Truth, in some situations you may wish to talk in terms of a third party having informed you of your information. So for example, you could say that a guy you used to work for told you xyz. So this keeps you neutral. It’s not your opinions, it’s just what someone has passed onto you and you’re confused about it. It may help keep tempers from flaring up.
In conclusion
I’m glad this jew got to hear someone challenge his narrative. That he experienced someone jew-wise, who dared to tell him straight to his face that two plus two adds up to four. This probably shook him up and ruffled his arrogance. And I’m sure he’s now experiencing more and more of this these days. This is all good. And they need more of this. So as unpleasant as it was, it was positive.

Not only that, the non-jews who were around him would have observed how he over-reacted towards me, when I was being very civil towards him. This alone may get them to question why he was so aggressive and whether he was trying to cover up for something. If not this time, but maybe down the line when they experience more aggressive jewish behaviour, they may question their beliefs. The jew only cares about him/herself and his/her race. The jew uses these brain-washed socialists to do his/her bidding. The jew loathes and disrespects these gullible socialists as much as we do.

“Truth engenders hatred of Truth. As soon as it appears it is the enemy.”

~ Unknown author

No shame


A comment left on the post Bathroom privilege by anarchyst


The term “racism” was invented by communists, and is used to destroy cultures and defuse (and render impotent) those with differing points-of-view on “racial” issues.

That being said . . .
True “racism” is desirable as it merely cements cultural and social bonds that are necessary for a society to function and flourish.

True “racism” merely denotes commonality of purpose and advancement within each respective racial group.

Blacks have the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanics have La Raza and Mecha, Jews have the $PLC, ACLU and ADL. These are all “racist” organizations that serve to promote the interests (and political power) of their respective races.

It is only whites who are castigated and threatened for attempting to show any signs of racial solidarity.

Let’s look at what us “evil, privileged” whites have done for Western society and the world:

1. “Civil-rights (for some)” laws (that effectively destroy “freedom of association” for whites, but not for other races) and do not apply to whites–only “people of color” are covered by these so-called “civil-rights (for some)” protections, (Ask “Attorney General” Loretta Lynch about that).

2. “Affirmative action” policies (that push better qualified whites out of positions and jobs that they would ordinarily qualify for) in favor of lesser-qualified minorities. In fact, “affirmative action” policies actually damage those minorities who are quite capable of “making it on their own” because they get “lumped in” with the groups that cannot make it on their own without “help”,

3. “Contract set-asides” (that are specifically targeted for minorities (that white people are prohibited from bidding on) and immigration policies (that specifically exclude whites, most of who have skills that would benefit the USA) in favor of those from the third-world (with no marketable skills).

4. Scholarships that specify particular ethnic groups are looked upon favorably by most people, save one–scholarships that are intended for whites only are looked upon as being “racist”, and therefore impermissible and improper in today’s racially-charged climate of “political correctness”.

NO OTHER RACE (BUT WHITES) HAS BENT OVER BACKWARDS to assure that all non-white races receive a “fair shake” in being a part of American life, even to the detriment and social well-being of “our own kind” (whites).

Whites possess an externalized altruism that no other races possesses. This externalized altruism that “looks out for the other guy” will be the demise of the white race. This altruism needs to be internalized and focused inward, just as other races have done. There is NO SHAME in looking out for one’s own kind.

“Multiculturalism” and “diversity” are code-words for white genocide.

I blame those of the “greatest generation” for selling out our birthright with the passage of the “Civil-Rights Acts” of 1957 and 1964, and the “Hart-Cellar immigration act of 1965”.

…in the grand scheme of things, whites are only about 6% of the world’s population, making us whites a true minority. This, in itself, should qualify whites for all of the race-based benefits that are available to minorities (which, in real life, will never happen).

Whites have been responsible for uplifting the whole of humanity, while self-denigrating our own race by providing “people of color” with preferential treatment and access to programs that are routinely denied to whites. You see, according to the United States Department of Justice (actually “just us” department) only whites can be “racist” and therefore NOT covered under any civil-rights protections.

It is the white race that came up with well-meaning, but flawed “civil-rights” laws that are now helping to destroy us whites. “Affirmative action” programs have been used to deny whites with superior skills, their rightful place in society…a rich black will get preferences over a poor white…just because of skin color.

Externalized altruism is one character “flaw” that only whites possess–looking out for “the other guy” and giving “people of color” advantages in every endeavor, which has served to make whites (especially white males) third-class citizens in our own country. Externalized altruism, if not stopped, will result in the demise of the white race…

It was “dead white males” that gave us two of the most important documents in world history–the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States…the Constitution putting limits on what government was permitted to do, while reserving powers to the “people” as well as declaring that our “rights” come from our Creator–NOT from government.
When the last whites are marginalized and destroyed, the coming “dark age” will make the first “dark age” look like paradise…


Digger’s comment

We must always be mindful that International jewry is behind this white genocide. And for those who don’t care about white genocide, because you are not white. The plan is once they have eliminated the whites; they then wish to destroy the whole of humanity. Just read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. So if you stand back and allow this, because it doesn’t affect your race; then you are indirectly bringing on your own genocide.



Original post



Caucasian Annihilation


Post by Ele

1,5 million people, 300,000 kids among them currently live on garbage dumps, no roofs over their heads, no blankets, no food, no medicine, no means of escape!!! They are sick, weak and get worse by the day. They are in desperate condition.

These are educated people that had everything taken from them.

Media kept quiet for the past 20 years about the situation as it was getting progressively worse.

Please watch interview of Karin Smith “The truth about South Africa” [below]

Blacks were never indigenous, they came to SA after whites did. Now 3,5 million whites are being swallowed up by the sea of 70 million blacks with their president singing his favorite song “We will drive whites into the sea”.

It is full blown advanced genocide.

And we never knew, BECAUSE NO-ONE TOLD US.

They need rescue now or they are doomed. It is slow annihilation. The other 1,5 million whites still have some jobs as I understand, but it is just a matter of time for them too.

Karin is a courageous woman that got out of South Africa some time ago and is living in Texas. She tells a terrible story.

You can hear it in her voice when she says “I have a weight of 3,5 million people on my shoulders looking to me to bring them relief from their unimaginable suffering”.

So PLEASE watch video, share with as many people as you can, and HELP with funds. They need visas and they need them NOW to get out of there. They can go to Europe-there are people lined up to help them get back to normal. Time is of essence.

Please contact Karin Smith at and she also has the name of one honest

South African charity. Thank you

Karin Smith audio:

“The ultimate goal is to be light for the Gentiles”