My Awakening

The first recollection I had of signs of waking up was when I was about 14 or 15 having delved into the world of the animal rights. Now I understand when those two words ‘animal rights’ are mentioned people often immediately think of images of black balaclava-wearing pseudo terrorists….I wonder why that would be – the main stream media perhaps? When the reality is these so-called stealth activities were more about working alongside innocuous little ol ladies making cup cakes to be sold in village church halls to raise funds for leaflets.


Just like any group of people who are up against big brother, the media will demonize them to the gullible sheople who absorb such propaganda. The tactics are always the same, because they never fail.


At that age I was green behind the ears and like a walking video camera, just absorbing this new, exciting and radical environment. One of the first wake up seeds I clearly remember was when I attended demos. These black balaclava clad individuals would turn up in vans creating havoc and hey presto the local press just happened to capture a nice shot of them smashing up some premises.


Now I’m not saying that all AR people are innocent, but in the main they were just peacefully demonstrating. These agent provocateurs were at this game way back 30 years go. The dirty tactics which are being used on the occupy protests we had to endure way back then.


I knew then when having personally witnessed these events and saw how totally innocent people were being sentences to trumped up charges, clearly showing how the police, the courts, and msm were all bent and in bed together. I knew then that the table was rigged. This really was an early wake up call for a young lad and I’m absolutely sure set the seeds for my determination to see some justice in life.


The lessons I feel we could all pool from the AR movement, despite if we agree or disagree with their cause are:

1/. Cohesiveness and camaraderie

2/. Self-financed

3/. They hurt the corporations financially

4/. They have a defined direction/focus

5/. Copious numbers willing to be ‘proactive’ and take risks


Surely nobody can disagree that these elements would be beneficial to the Truth movement.


I then inevitably got sucked up into the matrix and put these experiences to one side while ‘I got on with life’. I ended up completing a four year carpentry and joinery apprenticeship and am a carpenter to this day. It is very common for carpenters to suffer from back problems and as I tend not to do things in halves, I ended up slipping a disc and had scoliosis where my spine was like a butcher’s hook (‘S’ shape). Children would open doors for me I was so deformed and had to use crutches. This I believe was the beginning of my spiritual and conscious awakening. That may sound new-agey, but I’m most definitely coming from a grounded realistic perspective.


Within eight weeks this chap had my spine straightened out and completely eradicated the pain which I had experienced for 3 years. I was sold on natural health! I would go into the treatment sessions with lists of questions for him. One week he said to me “Do you want a treatment or do you want training in this?”


I trained and worked alongside him and eventually set up my own clinic. After many years working with patients it really reinforced my understanding on the levels of conditioning in society and was an excellent experience to prepare me for delivering this Truth. I now view all our experiences no matter how mundane or seemingly insignificant they may appear as preparations spiritually for what we are now facing and will face in the future.


The four fundamental observations or lessons I learnt in the clinic in relationship to the Truth movement were:

(i) The difficulty people found in not being able to see the root cause of their problem/s.

(ii) How easily people gave away their self-empowerment to big brother’s so-called experts. “The specialist said this, the doctor said this, the consultant said this.” It was a real eye-opener to see how willing people were to give away their independence for short term convenience.

(iii) How ill-disciplined people were. They would not adjust their lifestyles, but just wanted someone else, or a magic product to give them that magic quick fix.

(iv) How people would not take responsibility for their condition, through their lifestyles.


Then around about 2005 I began to discovered the bigger picture, like most Truthers in gradual stages. [please see my essay below The 6 Stages of Awakening]. I feel this latter part is quite insignificant. I feel it’s more the early stages of our lives is when the actual wake up seeds are sown. The waking up part is just when the seeds have become active.


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  1. Hi, your blog is very interesting, my story matches, in terms of back injury, early awakening, but sucked into matrx

  2. russ hook

     /  April 28, 2013

    I have a T-11 compressed disc from getting struck by a car on my mountain bike in 1996. My awakening came a few years before though. I have been interested in natural health since my early 20s. Veggie since age 25. I am now 60, and still going strong. I have little use for pill-pushers/MEDICAL MAFIA. There are more old drunks than there are old doctors! L0L

    • Good for you – otherwise you otherwise you would either be disabled or dead if you follow these labotamized educated idiots.

  3. Miss March

     /  May 26, 2013

    My husband is former military and sometimes it feels like they try to make him worse in the military hospital. They want him drugged up and incapacitated. I feel like if he every really woke up from the pain, he would make some realizations on what he was “fighting for”. PTSD is just a way to make people self doubt and others doubt the mental health of soldiers who know what is going on to some degree. How can you question things in the past when your today is misery?

    • Welcome to DFT Miss March,

      It seems every angle you turn, this darkness has usurped everything. And the worst is that it’s really Gentiles doing to Gentiles, through their own myopic self interests.

      I hope your husband gets through it and is able to help towards the Truth.

      Thank you for contributing

  4. athereagle

     /  November 19, 2015

    I suggest that we don’t use the jew word anymore, and instead use pharisee, the same one that Jesus used to refer to that cult, even wikipedia acknowledges that talmud judaism is phariseism. Being denounced as jews gives them the chance to play the antisemitic card and to gain simpathy from christians, which they wouldn’t get by being called pharisees. The word “pharisee” is more ashaming for them as it describes in their own language what they are: “separated”.

    The evil is not in their race but on their twisted belief system and their ritual to produce psychopaths: child mutilation or circumcision and bedtime stories of a demon-god and law books that approve mass murder and slavery. Also using the jew word they become united with an artificial but empowering feeling of racial unity, while denouncing the pharisee religion may give some of them the chance to exit a twisted cult, heal and embrace empathy and brotherhood with the rest of humanity.

    Finally there is a suppressed history of how they conspired to exterminate the other jewish religions with the ‘help’ of the roman empire : saducee, essene, first christians (the cathars were killed because they didn’t believe in yahwve, precisely after the crusades when the crypto-jews now known as jesuits infiltrated the church).

    • 100% disagree!! This the word ‘they’ use…..and respond to; and we all recognise. Anything else is just another distraction.

  5. Mary

     /  February 8, 2016

    I agree with this 100%. I am a humanitarian as well. I actually like animals more I do some human beings. With that being said, I was always the sucker that wanted to adopt all of the homeless animals.

    It is not until a person wakes up and realizes that their sincere and genuine thoughts and efforts are not what they think they are going for. If and when a person realizes this, they will stop.

    Athereagle wrote previously that he/she does not want to use the word “jew” but instead pharisee and so forth. I highly disagree with that. There are enough websites that I have been which have omitted my comments due to that same mentality. If one is to speak of their religion, then they are classified as Jewish. If one is to speak of their specific race and yes, they are a distinct race, then they are classified as Jew. It’s not that hard to decifer.


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