Key Essays


These are a collection of my essays which I feel are my most important/relevant.


I thought it may be useful to have a page which could be forwarded to others who are new to this agenda; for those who are trying to wrap their heads around the complexities and traps which are out there.

It may be especially useful to those people like myself who are not so politically or historically minded.

I have deliberately selected an eclectic range, some of which may seem on the surface not to be so important. But hopefully they will provide an overview for both new comers and long term Truthers. This comprehensive range hopefully will help people look at this conspiracy in a different light; to try to think objectively, to help bring about results.

I have sectioned them into these three groups:



Most Prominent

A SIC Society


7 Processes to FREEDOM

Boxing Clever

Zooming Out, Zooming In

The 6 Stages of Awakening

The Seven Demons

FIre Fire

Truth Warrior

Truth Oath

Truth Filters

Self-Gratification vs Altruism

10 Constructive Criticisms to help the Truth Movement

The Shed

Got the Blues

The Apprenticeship

10 Obstacles in the Way of our Freedom






Whispering in doorways

Tripod Analysis

Energy war

10 Solutions for Global Peace


Self Defense

A-Z of Judaic Enslavement and Destruction of Gentiles

10 WMDs used to Destroy the Goy

The 5 Shackles of our Oppression

Truth porn

Clean up!

Finger out

Little ‘s’ verse BIG ‘S’

The first day of a new mindset

IF we lose ….

Double Bubble

The Desert Island

10 Mandates for the Truth

Straight Talk







Responses to Truth

War on Terra

9pm connection

So you call yourself a Truther?

Don’t complain

Between this n that

Knickers in a twist

Changeless values

Hidden Enemies

Triple Responsibility

Spiritual Warfare

In summary

4 Ways in which people deal with reality

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