The purpose of this site

1/.  To help de-programme newcomers whom have recently discovered this judaic conspiracy by sharing  information on judaic crimes and methodologies.

2/.  To encourage non-compliance towards our enslavement from this oppressive cabal.

3/. To offer solutions to prevent the destruction of this planet.

4/. To offer reassurance to people who have stumbled across this judaic oppression, that you are not going insane, or

are in any way deluded. That 2+2 really does equal 4.

5/.  To motivate others into taking action to help wake up the comatised, unconscious, judaified masses.


The content of this site intends in no way to encourage hatred, violence, malice, revenge or racism in any form. 


Welcome to all those on the side of the Light. I am just an individual who has tried in vain to weave through the perpetual lies, deception and propaganda we have been exposed to all our lives. I am a carpenter based in England born and raised in England, of half English half Irish decent…..but these are mere labels. Any identity I now like to associate myself with is to be someone who is dedicated to the truth, goodness and Light, whilst trying to be as conscious as I can.

A big thank you to Mark Glenn from The Ugly Truth for initially setting up this blogsite for me, with my first article and patiently guiding me through the basics on how to upload my pieces.




Apologies/Disclaimer                                                                                                                                                                                             I know my limitations and would be the first to admit my understanding of real history, politics, psychology, finance and even current affairs are not strong. I also am aware of my abilities to write and communicate are limited. However I’m not particularly concerned, I am simply compelled to at least ‘do my bit’ towards eroding the evil and mass mind control in the world in the best way I can with my limited resources and skills. I could not live with myself, knowing what I’ve learnt since 2005 and not share it in any way I can.

I’m not a political-head. Geo-politicals and current affairs is not my forte. I leave that up to the more competent people in this movement. Please related post for an up-to-date synopsis of my work*. Please see links for these areas.

Instead this site tends to look at other important aspects of this whole agenda, such as:

* Emotions around how we are dealing with all this.

* Motivating others/ourselves to wake NEWBIES up to what’s going on and who’s behind it.

* Our attitudes and approach to all of this.

* Top tips/techniques and ideas on how to deliver this message.

* Views on the spiritual elements surrounding these topics.


I’m sorry that the editing on my older pieces is awful, but initially I was having difficulty with the formatting. No matter how neat it appeared prior to publishing, it inevitably appeared as a crunched up mess once uploaded. I aim to address this in time, but I thought it was more important to just get the pieces up there for now and sort things out at a later date. After all time is against us, we don’t have the luxury now for being pedantic and levels of excellence.

I prefer not to use the term zionism in reference to this criminal cabal, but  judaism. I am not necessarily anti-Jews, but more accurately anti ZEOS (Zionist/Elite/Organised/Supremacist) judaism, as I believe it to be a mass mind control virus which has poisoned and plagued humanity (both Jew and Gentile) from the age of time.

My views and opinions are formed without affiliation to an any religious persuasion, but from many years of observing and studying the judaic perfidy and it’s Jew World Order agenda. My dream is for us all to have peace and freedom – both Jews and non-Jews (Gentiles).

This link to an essay is my most important piece to date. I may alter my opinions in the future, but this is as accurate as I can get in my understanding and delivery of this complex subject. I feel if we as a movement could grasp these fundamentals, we will have a real chance of improving our world.


A few notes on those who would to re-write and improve any of my pieces. Or translate into other languages.


Truth and Light






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  1. jesse F

     /  March 29, 2012

    Dear Digger,

    I had my awakening about two years ago when I realized that 9-11 was at least partly done by the Mossad, I have an engineering background and have studied thousands of hours of footage and read mountains of technical data and do now realize that 9-11 was all a lie.
    As I began to study more and more I learned about all the false flag attacks on the USA by Israel, and even false flag attacks on their own people, then I awoke to a nightmare beyond my wildest imagination, as a Vet of both the U.S. Navy and Army National Guard, I bought into all the bullshit those branches of the military spewed, I now feel guilty for participating in their evil ventures, now I have to make up for being apart of the TRUE evil empire!


    Seattle, WA

    • Dear Jesse,

      Welcome to DFT.

      We all thank you for your openness and honesty – see you are a ‘truther’.

      However p-l-e-a-s-e ‘try’ and drop the guilt. That’s where they want us; on a big guilt trip. We ALL have been snoring away and playing like children. So we were not ‘really’ to know better. We are no-longer chidren, no-longer ‘ward of the state, we are no-longer asleep, so as you say NOW it’s make up time. I think it’s healthy to take responsibility and to self-reflect, but not to beat ourselves up because of our past. The past is the past – GONE. All we have is NOW!

      The only people should be guilty in my books now are (i) the people who directly serve these elite (the useless idiots) and (ii) these so-called ‘truthers’, who know what’s going on and are awake, these observers/browsers/truth-seekers who do NOTHING about this mess.

      [please see essays “SOLD OUT”, or”Responses to Truth”]

      Keep doing your bit J.

      Thanking for contributing.


  2. Jesse F

     /  March 29, 2012


    Thanks for reply, I’m glad I found your blog!

    Jesse F

    Seattle, WA

    • Hi ho Jesse,

      Welcome. I’m glad you found my blog too!

      You ‘may’ benefit from the Q&A post “So you call yourself a truther?”

      Just keep in mind this is a spiritual battle, it’s way way above n beyond just knowing facts and information. The JWO is not about money, it’s not even about control, it’s about their satanic dark entities. The Jews and Judaism is just a conduit for this dark energy.

      If we all ‘try’ and adopt a detached, mature approach, having foresight and being mindful of the plethora of traps laid out for us (i.e. race issues, focusing too much on problems not the root causes, getting involved in ‘their’ controlled revolutions and oppositon, etc), then we should make a collective impact.

      The best


  3. wmordechaj

     /  June 12, 2012

    Hi Digger and best wishes,
    I’m from a distant place, from Poland, and have found your blog 3 mths ago. Excellent work, much thx! You,ve got the precious abiliity to reach deep inside the core of mother-of-all-evil, no less no more. I’m proud to be translator of few pieces of Yours. Link to Your blog has been added to our Polish website: StopSyjonizmowi.wordpress as Digger. We are facing the same problem and trying to expose it for everyone.
    Hope to read more refreshing ideas. United we stand!

    • Andrzej,

      Nice to communicate with you. Thank you for your supportive words and for going to the effort of translating my pieces. I visited your site, but obviously because I can’t read Polish I couldn’t understand it.

      I’m sure you are facing the same problems, the darkness is global – however we must also cling tightly to the fact that so is the Light. The Light will ALWAYS dominate, it will always triumph.

      Yes united we stand and WIN.

      On behalf of us all in the Truth, thank you for all your efforts.


  4. Gwaredd Thomas

     /  November 5, 2015

    Greetings Digger,

    This is an outstanding site for real information. Fortunately, I’ve been able to spot shill for quite some time. Maybe it’s my Welsh intuition. 😉 These so-called programmes are nothing but entertainment for the weak-minded who have never learned to think logically for themselves. The “hosts” colour everything they say with some sort of caveat and in the meantime spend most of their time either yelling at their viewers, i.e., Jones, or hawking worthless products also Jones. The list of these type of ‘”truth-tellers” is endless. Yeah, rotten Nazi’s, “globalists” “banksters” [I wonder who they are??], etc. I’m happy to have found your site. Great job!

    Cymru am byth!

  1. Authentic ‘Truthers’ Blogs, Websites… – thegoythebadandtheugly

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