I feel there are four main ways in which people deal with reality

1/. Deny it

Ignore it and just carry on. They choose to into a state denial.

2/. Acknowledge it – but don’t act

They just wait and see how things pan out, hoping the problem will just somehow magically resolve itself, or someone else will sort the problem out for them.

3/. Address the symptoms  

Kid themselves they can address it by dealing with the symptoms.

4/. Address the root root cause

Face the reality head on by addressing the root cause of the symptoms.

This page covers an umbrella of groups of people under the group 3/. They have unfortunately fallen for traps within this agenda. Traps which ensure they never really address the root cause of this agenda and instead deal only with all the varying symptoms.

To me it has to be one of the saddest part of all, to witness such potential energy being defused and sidetracked. This I feel is a hugely underestimated part of this agenda. I would guess it is something in the region of 98% of people who are kidding themselves they are involved in activism. This is how serious this topic is! Because almost EVERYONE choses to address the problems and never look to the root cause, or try to find out what the root cause is.

What gets me is even when people have worked out exactly who is behind all of this, they chose to not address it and instead fool themselves into thinking they can deal with the beast by only addressing their selfish interests. Yet, they can’t see that selfishness is the main reason we are in this mess in the first place.

So in conclusion, this page is highlighting all the groups of people who genuinely think they are doing something to resist, but unfortunately are only addressing the symptoms and not the root cause. I feel half these people genuinely think they are addressing the root cause, but half our subconsciously kidding themselves they are, in a form of cognitive dissonance.



Here are some of these groups under this group 3/. 

  • new-agers: hippy, crusty, fluffy new-age spirituality
  • health gurus: raw food, natural gadgets, off-grid lifestyles, alternative therapies, etc
  • preppers: ‘stacking’ silver coins, guns, survivalists, etc
  • political heads: of all persuasions, both main steam and alternative (WN/EDL, Palestine Campaigns, etc)
  • half-Truthers: long-term Alex Jones & Icke fans, NWO/Illuminati brigade.

I’m a great advocate of us getting off the system and resisting this unnatural lifestyle. However, but not to the exclusion of addressing the core issue – which is the JCN. If we do not sort this root problem out, all we are effectively doing is adjusting to what they throw at us, or side-tracking the issue.

This is a Jew WORLD Order we are dealing with, there is nowhere on this planet to hide from the beast. Therefore we have to face it head on and deal with it. This is our only solution.



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Catchment nets


Run for the hills


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Comfortable Truth


4 Ways in which People Deal with Reality




a fun day out








I think it’s such a shame that so many people are understandably fighting for their corner, or a certain cause, but can’t (or refuse to) see the bigger picture. That we’re all in this together. Yes the white race is under attack, yes the Muslims are under attack, yes the Palestinians have been usurped, yes Syria is now being invaded; but there is a broader issue at play. That being the complete destruction of the entire planet by a Jewish cabal. Surely that is a big enough reason to put our differences apart, and band together to fight this broader issue.

I have many more essays on this subject, but I have to gradually find them and put them on this page. If anyone notices any on this blog, please let me know.

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