Murder by Policy

Sent in with thanks by Ele

Suppose there was one race in this world that did not want to cohabit along with others and wanted these other nations and races gone? And this one race was a tiny minority. How would they go about it?

They will have established a goal of unimaginable magnitude affecting existence of every person on the planet for all subsequent generations, thus becoming small group armed with a big goal.  This first step will have put in motion powerful movement of thought affecting all people of this group into the future and becoming so pervasive within their being and so ingrained in their collective memory that now it all but defines them by one single stroke.

I am talking about Jews, naturally.

As the rest of nations of this world were fighting with their one neighbor but not with another neighbors with open declaration of war in many cases this small group of Jews decided to wedge a war on all the people of the world-without openly declaring it. Who has more chances to success in control over the world-a widespread majority of disorganized nations without clearly outlined goal of annihilating all other peoples over several centuries or a small group of people with such a goal?

Let us see.

Naturally being a tiny group Jews didn’t go out declaring wars on others-that would have been suicidal and dumb. Yet more than anything in this world they wanted all others dead.

So they set out to achieve their goal by other available means.

Here I would like everyone to stop reading this message until they went and contemplated on their own over what other available means are there other than open fight to kill persons/nations/races/countries.

As soon as you direct your thinking this way a surprising creativity unfolds. A creativity that has been on display for the past 2500 years that can be summed up by two words: murder by policy.

Jews are a race of murderers that knows how to write. As they write/speak/show- they manipulate. As they manipulate they sew seeds of decline into the minds and souls. And these seeds in due time bear fruits of destruction upon those affected without expansion of additional energy on the part of Jews. They plant a damaging thought-it takes root-when it bares fruit the victim dies.  That’s it. It is an ingenious franchise model of destruction done over and over again with unfailing success.

Jews use murderous language and worrier semantics penetrating minds of unsuspecting innocent people starting from childhood-to turn people’s thinking processes against their own interest. This damage of thinking processes in others served Jews very well. And now our thought processes are so corrupt by technology and consumerism-they come straight out of sewer speeding up our decline and their victory over all the races of this world-just like they have envisioned 2500 years ago.

I am going to let the last sentence hang there…

You go and connect the dots. But do it fast while you are still alive through amazing luck considering history of the last 250 years.

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