Do yourself a favour

…..and listen to this audio. Well worth a listen in my humble. Well done Tanstaafi and Henrik and the team for all you do for the big T.

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  1. Russ Hook

     /  May 11, 2016

    EARTH isn’t a PLANET. I know that b/c all of the hypnotized/edJEWcated drones call it a planet. My first clue. The M0R0N Majority is almost ALWAYS wrong. Just like they beLIEve the HolyHOAX was real. Topham is an ASSHOLE and getting what assholes deserve. He is in my part of the woods so I know him a little. I reached out to him years ago but was completely ignored. Just like I initiated ALL of the help and support I gave over the years to my fellow truthers. I am much more cautious and jaded now. I keep to myself more. I have learned that we get what we put out there. Live and learn.

  2. enochered

     /  November 13, 2016

    I have long occupied the position of, ‘trust nobody,’ however that does not allow me the right to do, as you have done, condemn them all out of hand, with possible good guys amongst the bad. You claim them all, more or less, to avoid the Jew word,well in fact I have heard Rense and Jim Marrs and Tex Marrs, frequently use the word Jew. On top of that it is not the subject of Red Ice Radio, they are more interested in Nationalism and White Genocide. I tried your link to Red Ice, in pursuance of your claim that it would be worth a listen, only to find it to be in the Members section, which unlike you I am unable to afford. I probably hold very similar views to your good self, but I am always a little disturbed by ‘blanket’ attacks.

    • I have never been a member of Red Ice (so the ‘unlike you’ comment was presumptuous). This is an old post and I no longer rate Red Ice Creations.

  3. Steven

     /  February 14, 2017

    So great to find a like minded truther. Just saying hello to you and connecting the dots.


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