Caucasian Annihilation


Post by Ele

1,5 million people, 300,000 kids among them currently live on garbage dumps, no roofs over their heads, no blankets, no food, no medicine, no means of escape!!! They are sick, weak and get worse by the day. They are in desperate condition.

These are educated people that had everything taken from them.

Media kept quiet for the past 20 years about the situation as it was getting progressively worse.

Please watch interview of Karin Smith “The truth about South Africa” [below]

Blacks were never indigenous, they came to SA after whites did. Now 3,5 million whites are being swallowed up by the sea of 70 million blacks with their president singing his favorite song “We will drive whites into the sea”.

It is full blown advanced genocide.

And we never knew, BECAUSE NO-ONE TOLD US.

They need rescue now or they are doomed. It is slow annihilation. The other 1,5 million whites still have some jobs as I understand, but it is just a matter of time for them too.

Karin is a courageous woman that got out of South Africa some time ago and is living in Texas. She tells a terrible story.

You can hear it in her voice when she says “I have a weight of 3,5 million people on my shoulders looking to me to bring them relief from their unimaginable suffering”.

So PLEASE watch video, share with as many people as you can, and HELP with funds. They need visas and they need them NOW to get out of there. They can go to Europe-there are people lined up to help them get back to normal. Time is of essence.

Please contact Karin Smith at and she also has the name of one honest

South African charity. Thank you

Karin Smith audio:

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  1. NomenNescio

     /  October 10, 2015

    Compare / contrast:
    Who is being murdered? Mainly Whites, or disproportionately Whites; or is it just a free for all in another African nation in terminal decline?
    “White genocide is not underway in South Africa” August 2015
    Changed their tune from Level 6 in 2011. What’s behind that?
    ” ‘Stop allowing immigrants into the UK. ‘
    Parliament will debate this petition on 19 October 2015.
    You’ll be able to watch online at ”

    So does that embargo include White South Africans even if in danger of being murdered?

    Presumably MPs will vote against the motion… but will expose themselves to open humiliation if they later reject increased entry quotas for White South Africans or Zimbabweans, PROVIDED there is evidence / corroboration of the genocide claim.

    But do we have that evidence?

  2. stan kohls

     /  October 11, 2015

    This is ridiculous. Bantu and Bushmen (Kung, etc) have lived in SA for thousands of years, whites only arrived a few centuries ago, where they immediately enslaved indigenous Blacks

    • From my understanding this is not true at all. Whites build SA into a superpower. Whites practically built the whole of civilization….nobody in the right mind can deny this. The blacks poured into SA once the whites had build the civilization from nothing but rocks and bushes.

    • NomenNescio

       /  October 13, 2015

      JACOB, Anthony: White Man: Think Again! (1965)

      “As we have noted, there were no Bantu worth mentioning in
      South Africa in Van Riebeeck’s time. There were some who had
      settled in the coastal plains of the north-east, and a few who had
      filtered down the east coast; but they were all confined to this
      fringe and were not strictly native to it. The black man is native
      to Central Africa, not to the South or the North. In the Cape
      itself there were only strange not to say extraordinary prehistoric
      men, roving bands of Bushmen and Hottentots (worshipping an
      insect god, the praying mantis), who had no permanent dwelling
      place in the’ area where the Europeans began to cultivate the soil.
      The Cape in effect was empty; and White Man’s Africa came into
      being not by conquest but by settlement. Even 150 years later, at
      the beginning of the nineteenth century, there were still no Bantu
      within 500 miles of Cape Town. They were confined to the hinterland
      where they were engaged in a war of mutual extermination in which
      the Zulu king, Chaka, was alone estimated to have brought about
      the death of many hundreds of thousands of enemy Bantu.” [etc etc]

      A recent update on that White Genocide er, ‘Myth’, to use its vulgar meaning:


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