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Five interdependent tools used by international jewry to enslave and destroy humanity

For most people who are involved in researching Truth material, they will be well aware of these areas. So this post is more for new-comers to the Truth, to help speed up their understanding of how and who is controlling and destroying our lives. Having said that, I think this information may also be useful reminder even to those who are aware what is going on.
Which isn’t law, but legislation (criminal/cabbal-istic law, talmudic law, contract law, maritime/admiralty/shipping laws). To suit and serve the oppressive jews and certainly not the people. The peoples’ law is only natural law.
Here are some of the areas covered in this cabbalistic law
▪    military
▪    courts/legislation
▪    government
▪    utility companies
▪    highway and maritime laws
▪    local councils
▪    the plethora of traitors upholding this illusional scam: police, bailiffs/debt collectors/locksmiths, traffic wardens, ticket inspectors, utility operatives, community support officers, housing officers, anyone with a title as ‘officer’ as it pertains to maritime law, etc.

All of these people working within these careers are inadvertently helping to enslave us and eventually destroy us.  All of these collaborators (traitors) need shaming and ostracising in society. I urge anyone looking into this area to have an understanding of ‘the person’ as a fictional entity and how ‘the person’ linked in with our birth registration affects our daily existence. Please also research money [links below]
All of these five areas are age-old weapons the jews have used against us. However, it is only through technology that they have been able to step it up a grade and be more covert about it. A classic example is where the jews poisoned the wells of Europe, which created the Black Death and killed off millions of Europeans. But now their poisons are ubiquitous in our lives.
Here are some of the areas where they are poisoning us
▪    chemtrails
▪    vaccinations
▪    medical drugs
▪    recreational (street) drugs
▪    junk foods
▪    toxins induced into the manufacturing of ordinary foods (preservatives, etc)
▪    toxins via manufacturing methods – then polluting the environment
▪    toxins within clothing and bedding materials
▪    toxins in household products

▪    pornography and other sexually explicit social engineering
▪    toxins within drink and utility products
▪    toxins within personal care products

This means that our foods, clothes, air, drinking water, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, soil are all poisoned ….by the criminal jewish network. Think about that. Then think about how most of us passively accept this and contribute towards our own eugenics. Millions of non-jews all contently working within these poison-producing industries for their destruction. Insanity.
Usury: the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. Originally, usury meant interest of any kind. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors.

Again, this is an age-old tool to control and ultimately destroy non-jews. This weapon alone has got the jew booted out of 109 countries over the last 2000 years. Usury is a tool of slavery. It is the invisible prison bars that keeps us oppressed. Obviously to restore our freedoms we need to rid ourselves of usury (and jewish oppression); but I would take it one step further and say that eventually we need to rid society of money per se. It is an unnecessary, unnatural element in our lives, even if it is usury-free – all money is toxic.
Here are some of the areas where usury enslaves us
▪    mortgages [death-grip] (a roof over ones’ head is a natural right)
▪    ever-increasing utility bills (see False Energy)
▪    debts/loans
▪    insurance schemes (the word scheme should be a giveaway)
▪    hedge type funds
▪    money itself – inflation
▪    socially structured wages/salaries

Please remember, all these areas are unnecessary. They all create parasitism and creates the haves and have nots society. Think how our lives would be if we were able to omit this usury from society. It’s just our conditioning that we have accepted that these chains around us are normal and just the way things are.
Grid Energy
I couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this one; but whatever we term it, it is the opposite of Free Energy. This is another great scam of the jews – to keep us from independently accessing natural-sourced energy. Look how entrapped we are by these utility and fuel companies and their ridiculous archaic means of gaining energy (and how they are linked in with legislation). Every single government knows of methods to harness free energy from natural elements without harming the planet. Yet we are forced to continue using destructive fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Think what an impact this would have on the earth if we completely used free energy. Think what an impact it would have on our day to day lives. How many people are slaving away just in order to pay off their mortgage (death-grip) and just to keep themselves warm.

The technology is there for all of us to harness free etheric energy and other natural environment energies in a non-evasive way. We all could have personal power energy units in our homes, as well as a national grid of free energy. Nikola Tesla discovered free energy over 100 years ago. Free energy devises are being created all the time – but suppressed by these powerful energy companies through threats, assignations and law (unlawful legislation). It is now mandatory that every property is linked up to ‘the grid’ – and why is this? In order to control (remove independence) and legislate.
Some examples of free energy sources
▪    water/hydrogen-splitting engines
▪    harnessing the earth’s core energy using probes and piping systems
▪    wind
▪    solar
▪    magnetic
▪    hydro
▪    etheric (chi. prana, life-force-energy, atmospheric energy)
▪    manure and compost
Mind control
Now this one has to be their club card. This I would say along with usury has to be their area of expertise. Just look at us, look around you. Observe your friends, family and work colleagues, even those who claim they are awake. How they (we) repeat conditioned memes, slogans, trigger-words in their day to day lives. See how they have been conditioned into a that’s just the way things are mindset. Look what perfect slaves everyone has turned out to be ……….whilst thinking they have freedom and are independently thinking – ha. But as frustrating as it is – it is understandable; considering their mind control is not only 360 degrees, but from cradle to grave.

Here are some examples of where jewish mind control is in our lives
▪    newspapers
▪    television
▪    gaming
▪    some alternative media
▪    advertisement
▪    cinema and theatre
▪    fictional and educational literature
▪    music industry
▪    fashion industry
▪    education/academia: pre-school, school, colleges, universities, home study courses, private schooling, apprenticeships, work-related courses
▪    pornography and sexual imagy
▪    art world
▪    magazines
▪    military and police training
▪    the modern scouts/brownies/cubs and other social networks
▪    religion and cults
▪    sports and entertainment industries

Again, most of the people working within these areas are non-jewish. All naively helping to enslave and destroy themselves and their loved ones. Tragic.
I would add two elements to these five weapons, two more elements which are important to hold everything together:
Fear is woven throughout all of these above mentioned areas. Fear is the adhesive which holds this satanic/talmud system together. Conscious fears and subconscious fears. Deep down we all know we are not free. We all know we are enslaved by something and things are not right. We know in our hearts we are not in alignment with nature. It is only fear that keeps us on the treadmill and stopping most of us from ever questioning an alternative. Fear keeps even those of us awake in procrastination mode. Simply put – fear keeps us from facing up to our enslavers and therefore never reaching individual and collective freedom.
Now this is a strange one. I wouldn’t be able to look anyone in the eye and say I can prove this element. But I have been at this long enough to know the elite jewish cabal are most definitely using dark magic! One only has to look at their symbology and numerology…..and when you spot it (or are open enough to spot it), it is everywhere. On every logo, packaging, advertisement, etc. Everything they do is in alignment with their special occult dates and references to the demiurge. This subject is out of my league and I would not be able to explain this in any depths whatsoever. However, there is enough information out there to qualify my thoughts. I describe their satanic magic as the wrapping agent which binds all these elements together.

In conclusion, the weapons used against us are:
Law, poisons, usury, grid energy and mind control. With fear and magic as containing elements.
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  1. stan kohls

     /  October 6, 2015

    If you believe that the Jews are using magic and sorcery to control the world, you should find yourself a good Jewish psychologist quick!


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