Enriched Europe


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“I can predict a new government mandate (legislation), that every single home with a spare room must be occupied with at least two of these parasitic invaders – or the inhabitants will be heavily fined or imprisoned. If they are imprisoned, then they lose their home anyway to these freeloaders, who will trash their property. And then complain that it’s not good enough for them.

Of course the physical execution of these fines, arrests and imprisonment will be carried out by white traitors in uniforms – myopic goons who will do anything for ego and short-term Pavlovian rewards.

And the sad thing is; the stupefied, comatised, propagandised, lobotomised, conditioned repeaters will comply. Some will willingly offer up their family homes. That’s the level of mind control out there.

All in the name of tolerance, diversity and enrichment. Zero rebellion, just conformity to their own invasion and demise.”
~ Digger

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  1. Europe is lost. We’re next.

    • Maybe Cartier. Or maybe temporary – perhaps it has to get really really bad. So obvious to snap the comatised souls out of their trance??

  2. mike

     /  October 6, 2015

    Yes I have been thinking the same. A bit like the bedroom tax but replaced with bedroom invaders. In Germany already some people have had to leave their homes to make way for the so called “asylum seekers”.

    • Yes and in Sweden. It’s always double bubble:
      1/. this is actually happening (that they have the hubris to dare enforce this)
      2/. that the dumbed-down, fear-based, subservient sheople just stand back and accept this.

      That’s why I feel it is essential as our first line of attack – we tackle these illegal laws (legislation). It’s legislation/litigation and the traitors who enforce it keep us collectively in place.

      Thanks for commenting.


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