“If Truth is a value it is because it is true and not necessarily because it is brave to speak it.”

~ W. Somerset Maugham (1938)

Who are we trying to save?

Let’s be honest. Let’s just have a look around us. And ask ourselves…..

who is it precisely we are trying to save from this JWO?


The self-servers?

The cowards within the ranks?

The egotists?

Maybe the hedonistic pleasure-seekers?

Perhaps the greedy materialists?

Even the thoughtless?

The contented happy slaves?

The deniers?

Those who hold us in contempt?

The bullshitters and fantasists perhaps?

The narcissists in our lives?

The UFO/crop circle conspiracy theorists?

How about the parasites who feed off of us?

The mockers?

Or maybe even the traitors?



Who is it exactly that we are trying to save?

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I think this is a great overview of the problem. Brilliant delivery. I don’t think the dead boy on the beach was genuine. I think this was another hoax. Could be wrong, and we may never be able to prove this either way. But I think this was set up to create an empathy catalyst ….and didn’t it work.

I must note that in all of the videos this guy does; not once does he call out jooos.

Sourced from http://www.redicecreations.com

For those new to this information (The Truth); please visit redicecreactions and go through the recent archive materials. A serious source of Truth in my opinion.

drip drip drip

Mass immigration into Britain is a policy of genocide against the indigenous Whites of this small island. Their culture, identity, and racial stock is being destroyed and stolen by foreign invaders, who have been welcomed in by traitorous politicians, beholden to jewish interests.

Sourced with thanks from http://www.renegadetribune.com
(this is a cracking site by the way)

pH bank balance

[none of this should be taken as health advice – I’m just sharing what I know benefits myself and others]

I highly recommend a daily vegetable juice. Especially a green juice. I use a variety of prominently green veg: broccoli, curly kale, celery, rainbow chard, spinach, cucumber, fresh green herbs, etc.

Then I add a bit of colour (for a spectrum of nutrients), such as beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

I also like to add in a chunk of ginger root, turmeric root, fresh lemongrass and even fresh garlic.

And as a must, I always tend to juice half a fresh lemon or/and lime.

I also put in a heaped spoonful of mixed pre-soaked seeds such as chai, flax, poppy, sesame, sunflower, etc. Even pre-soaked gogi berries and almonds.

I also add one drop of Potassium (Iodine).

I usually make up about a pint and have that as my breakfast. So later on in the day, if I  do indulge in a bit of comfort eating; at least I’ve had some alkaline/nutrients going into the system. It’s a bit like a bank account, but like an alkaline account. Alkaline foods as the deposit and acid foods are the withdrawal. The key word as in many things in life is accumulative…..lots of little gradually adding up. So one’s body gently slowly builds up it’s levels of alkaline [pH scale 7-14]. Remember, very rarely does one achieve sustained health through quick fixes. Gently slowly works every time.

Most of our diets are far too acidic these days. It’s the over-acidy that contributes to the dysfunction in our bodies [over-acidity through diet, stress and physical strain]. And it is this over-acidity that creates fungal/parasitic environment, which then creates cellular breakdown, which leads to pain, immobility, etc. We really ought to think in terms of cellular health.

Therefore I’m not a big fan of fruit juicing. I think they’re ok every now n then as a tasty treat; but they can be very acidic.

I would suggest as a big health investment to treat yourself to a quality juice extractor. Because you’re worth it. Not a blender; but a masticator juicer that slowly masticates (crushes/grinds) the veg/fruit and does not build up heat to destroy the cellular structure of the veg/fruit. You probably will not be able to buy this in a high street store. So don’t just get a high speed blender or cheap juicer which simply whizzes the veg/fruit. A masticator juicer you will have to purchase online; or via a specialised juicing shop.

I have the Vital Max Oscar 900 which I’ve had for almost a decade now. [Approx cost £250] I’m not saying it’s the best, but it is a good’n and it’s easy to clean and very industrious for domestic use. I even know of juicing bars that use this model. It’s best to do your research to what juicer suits your needs. Top tip: do not go for a cheapy juicer…..you will regret it! A quality juice extractor should last you at least 5 years of regular/daily use. Keep in mind ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. What value do you have on your health?

Make enquiries on availability of parts – this is important. It only needs one broken/worn part and you are left with another unused kitchen gadget. Also how ergonomic it is to clean and assemble – because you will potentially be doing this hundreds/thousands of times. So easy cleaning and easy assemble must be on your tick list when choosing. Other factors such as noise, bulkiness, electric consumption, etc. But honestly £££$$$ cost is the last factor you must consider. I cannot express this enough – DO NOT BUY CHEAP. You may be able to get a pre-used bargain though; but be mindful that no parts are needed or are worn out.

There are many books one can buy on juicing. But I don’t think it’s necessary to buy them. Most of the recipes are fruit based anyway. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to create a healthy green veg juice. Here are a few pointers:
    Aim to have a variety of greens, varying them intermittently each time you juice.
▪    Try to use fresh vegetables for higher nutrient content.
    Try to consume juice on an empty stomach – hence breakfast is a great time to costume a juice.
    Juicing works wonders with lemon/lime water-fasting (water and herbal teas). Mix n match your l/l water-fasting degrees with veg juicing; building up your levels of l/l water-fasting with experience.
    Generally try not to mix vegetables with fruit.
    Be mindful of some super-foods additives (such as spiralina), as they can actually be slightly toxic if they are dated, or processed incorrectly.
    Freshly squeezed wheatgrass and barley grass are excellent additives to a veg juice.
    Organic and especially probiotic veg is superior.
    Try and avoid supermarket veg, even if it is labelled organic. Best buy from local sources/farms.
    Try not to drink the juice too fast – allow it to assimilate mouthful at a time.
    Try not to leave the juice standing for more than ten minutes, as it tends to lose it’s nutrient potency.
    As a general rule of thumb, the darker (green) the veg is, the more alkaline and nutrient content.
▪    If you are new to veg juicing and the green juice is too sharp for you; then water it down. Some people even add coconut water, or a dash of almond milk for taste.
    Carrots can act as a sweetener too if you initially find the green veg too sharp.
    Accept that it is an acquired taste – and the more your body alkalises, the more you will become accustomed to the taste.
    Remind yourself that each time you consume a (green) veg juice, you have made a pH deposit in your bodes’ alkaline bank.

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Barriers to Truth

Negative personality types we are confronted with when exposing the Truth.



Willfully ignorant
These are the selfish idiots who couldn’t care less about this agenda either way. They are usually relatively comfortable – nice house, nice car, nice pension, regular holidays and belong to their nice golf club. Things are relatively rosy in their little bubble existence. Why should they care? How could these silly little conspiracy theories possible affect their lives?
Personally; when I meet people like this (and these people are 90%+ of my clients); there is an element of me that thinks “Bring on this JWO” I would love to see these people’s faces when the shit hits the fan. It is only because these self-serving idiots are not personally affected that they couldn’t give a hoot what goes on outside of their world. Why should others’ suffering affect them?
No hope with these selfish idiots – sadly they’re too entrenched in their comfortable lives.
Deniers and protectors
These are very similar to the above, in that they too deny the conspiracy. But they are different in that the ‘wilfully ignorant‘ are indifferent to any agenda. The wilfully ignorant don’t care either way, because they’re not personally affected; so they brush your information to one side, as it has no interest to them.
But the ‘deniers and protectors’ are interested in what you have to say, but they kinda smirk at you, as if to say your information is nonsense; and they challenge your information. Even though they haven’t done a scrap of independent research themselves; they apparently know all about the subjects you raise and deny them as ridiculous conspiracy theories. They know that 2+2=5, because they’ve been to university to learn it. They know that 2+2=5 because they have read it in the newspapers. They know that 2+2=5 because the television has told them so. And they deny 2+2=4 with such confidence, almost arrogance. They are often politically correct and therefore can get extremely angry with you for even suggesting 2+2=4 and will fiercely defend their 5 narrative.
No hope with these inflexible idiots – sadly they’re too conditioned in their PC 5 belief system.
Is it worth even defining this category? Surely by now we have to know these scum bags. Most of my regular readers will know how I loathe these subhuman creatures – more so than the tactual perpetrators. For me, these are the lowest of the lowest. Without these scum, this whole agenda would not be able to function. These creatures are the adhesive which holds this evil agenda together. There is zero excuse anyone can make for them. These lowlife have to be our number one target. They must be ostracised and demonised by us. The traitors are all these government officialdom. Anyone working in the capacity of directly serving this agenda and all its unlawful rules. “Well I didn’t know” is no excuse. You knew exactly what you were doing. You have to be either retarded or selfishly deluded with heaps and heaps of cognitive dissonance not to know what you are/were doing to make others suffer. You knew/know in your heart this was all wrong. That somehow these so-called laws were/are unjust. ZERO EXCUSE. “I was just doing my job” and “The end of the day I have to support my family” excuses excuses excuses.
No hope with these self-servers – sadly they’re far too engrossed in their egos and lifestyles to absorb your information.
4 1/2s
The half Truthers who are aware there is an agenda. They get that part. But ……they just will not embrace your 4 theory. No way! No way sunshine does 2+2=4. That is ludicrous. They know best, because they’ve looked at all the UFO/crop circle/grey alien material and they’ve worked it out. Nope, to them it obvious 2+2=41/2…..how could it not be? They’ve been involved in the troof movement for a decade now and they’ve watched a million hours of conspiracy theories, attended all the troof meetings, got the troof T-shirts and they’re a proud troofer. And they’re ‘in the know’. So don’t you dare try to come along and ruffle their 41/2 theory. Why face reality Truth when you indulge in fantasy Truth hobbyism(?) Don’t forget the earth is flat.
No hope whatsoever with these half-troofers – sadly they’re too content in their escapism Truth.
Political heads
The right and left and in-between. Those that have worked out that something is clearly wrong in their society, yet have decided to devote all their energy in fighting this system with the tools that this system has conveniently provided for them. Now these people are hard work. These idiot voters – conservatives, labour, English Defence League, UKIP, democrats, Donald Trump voters, the Ron Paul voters, green party, etc. Ohhh God, it’s painful. So voting has never ever helped them or anyone they know in their sorrowful lives – yet this time, this time their party is somehow going to magically fix things and make their lives just lovely. Fuks sake – these people have severe arrested development. Talk about naive.
No hope whatsoever with these p-heads – they’re too mesmerised with the false promises of their sold-out leaders.
The religious heads and cult followers. What can I say. I too have fallen within this area. I’ve indulged myself in a bit of comfort blanket myself. After all, it’s nice n cozy under the blanket. One does actually feel temporarily secure under this spiritual blanket. Fortunately I haven’t indulged in this illusion for more than a month. We’ve all wanted to believe in a spiritual solution and somebody or something providing this spiritual fix. But sadly, ALL of these outlets have been handed to us, in order for us to take the heat of the jewish usurpation. Every single believe system which we have been duped into thinking will be our exit out of this mess, is only more of the trickery. Distraction, diversion and delusion. ALL OF THEM.
There are some religious people who do make the effort to share the Truth, but they still are hindered by their special club beliefs.
Please; as tempting as they may seem, and understandable as it is to fall for these ‘solution-based’ cults and belief systems – you have to acknowledge they’re all traps and no more than temporary pain killers. All diverting you off in the wrong direction, or pacifying you. All taking the heat off the jews (even if they claim to be exposing the jews). All getting you to waste precious time. It is near on impossible to get through to these ‘believers’ because their God, Goddess, guru/cult leader is going to get them out of this mess. Them, not you and me. Oh no, only them, because they’re special, because they belong to a special club. They’re in and you’re not. So they will be saved and not you, due to their spiritual insurance scheme. Silly you, it’s your fault for not being on board. You gotta get on board now in the special club, or you’re nothing but rubble.
No hope with these blankets – they’re too entranced with their gurus and gods/goddesses to accept responsibility that they have to actually do something.
Those that know but will not do. These are the scared animals on the road frozen starring at the car head lights.Those who know all about the Truth; but have chosen consciously and subconsciously to do NOTHING. Sweet FA. Nothing but listen to heaps n heaps of audios, watch thousands of hours of videos and just be the spectator in the destruction of their lives. They are prepared to sit back and watch their own families, their own children suffer; simply because they are cowards. Too scared to produce or distribute flyers, too scared to use or learn any skills towards helping the Truth. They know the consequences of not acting, but they still don’t do. Procrastination always seems to get the better hand. Shame on these cowards. I now know it is impossible to change their mindset. I finally have come to the realisation that a coward will always be coward.
No hope for these spectators – they’re too scared of their own shadow. They’re a waste to the Truth movement.



Sadly as far as I see it, there are only 3 types of people left:
The perpetrators .….those who are implementing this agenda, who know exactly what the agenda is (predominantly jews with some shabbas goy helpers)
4s ……those of us who are aware what is going. We’ve somehow worked out that 2+2=4. We are jew-wise and are aware of the white genocide. But also doing our bit to share the Truth within our capacities.
The Potentials …..those odd few characters here n there who will actually listen to our whacky theories. Who do know that something is wrong and are willing to look at the information ……and hopefully an element of these potentials may be budding 4s.

That’s all we can do, is keep trying. Try not to get despondent with all these negative responses and barriers. It’s all about number crunching. Getting sufficient numbers of potential 4s on our side. We have to remind ourselves that we don’t need everybody to be a 4. It’s only important that we have sufficient numbers, in order to make changes. The more effort we make each day, the more new blood we approach, the more positive results we are going to have.

Plus we do not know the quantity of people we are personally waking up (or snapping out of their trances); because when we leave our fliers about, or make a video, whatever; we aren’t aware of having woken individuals up. So it is always worth it. The awakening is most definitely happening.
We just have to keep being proactive, keep making the effort for the big T.
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Need help with your anti-semitism?


    Are you finding you’re morphing into a filthy anti-semite?

    Do you increasingly have outbursts of race-conscious thoughts?

    Do you believe that 2+2=4?

    Are you becoming angry towards your local council and government?

    Do you find you are becoming more xenophobic towards the millions of foreigners flooding into your country?

     Are you proud of being European and have nationalistic tendencies?

    Are you getting self-conscious of big brother surveillance?

    Do you think that diversity is a negative concept for your society?

    Are you repelled by the anti-nature sexual trends foisted onto your society?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions – then you are suffering from a mental
disease. You are infected by a traditionalist right-wing virus. And you need immediate help!

But the good news is you can be cured of this metal illness relatively easily!

Yes, we here at The Progressiveness Clinic are able to cure you of your 4 affliction. We have hundreds of case studies where we have cured people of their Nationalist traditionalist values.

Our friendly qualified staff can cure you within weeks of entering our 10 step programme.

We recognise that these old-hat nationalist values are regressive and anti-social to a modern diverse and progressive society. We have a fail-proof system which has been created by our two leading psychologist Dr Shlomo Goldberg and Dr Hannah Bernstein which is guaranteed to turn any individualistic mindset around to a progressive thinking liberal…..within weeks! The system they have formulated is called the PCT [Progressive Conditioning Therapy] which has been created in the university of Tel Aliv. The results are truly incredible. Literally hundreds of filthy antisemitic (2+2=4) mindsets have been transformed. [Please see references below.]

Here at The Progressiveness Clinic we can guarantee a 180 degree turnaround in your thought pattern with ten weeks. We offer both one-to-one counselling sessions and group therapy to suit your needs [depending on your level of hatred].

So call us today for a free consultation on:

freephone 0800 666 101

The Progressiveness Clinic
helping build a progressive and diverse society

Some references from some of our treated (conditioned) clients:

“I can’t believe the turn around I’ve had since attending The Progressiveness Clinic. Within 6 weeks I had already rid myself of being proud of my race. And converted into a Guardian-reading lefty socialist do-gooder liberal.”
~ Sandra from Iselworth London


“Thank you to all the staff at The Progressiveness Clinic. I am so ashamed to think I was once an evil nazi anti-semite fascist racist  – and now I am a proud member of my local anti-fascist communist party. What a radical shift in mindset. What it is to now be progressive.”
~ Mr Winters – Bury St Edmunds England


“Big thumbs up to Progressive Conditioning Therapy. To think I was one a Jew-hating filthy anti-semite. Now I am a huge advocate of the Babylonian Talmud and Protocols of the Learned of Zion. And fully guilt-ridden due to my Germanic Aryan heritage. I feel truly saved. Thank Mosses for usury.”
~ Ute from Stuttgart Germany


“To think I was once disgusted by the lavish antics of the Gay Pride parade. Now thanks to the 10 Step Programme I am fully politically correct. I now relish public displays of sexually explicit homosexual behaviour on the streets of my home town. I say, bring on the rainbow lifestyle.”
~ Paul from New Orleans America


“Once a proud white nationalist – now a fully progressive pc liberal. Diversity diversity diversity – can’t get enough of it. All thanks to The Progressiveness Clinic.”
~ Colin from New Zealand


“Ohh how silly I feel now; to think I was once a content housewife caring for my family, with traditional family values. PCT has now changed me into a proud aggressive feminist. Good riddance to traditional values – high five to my new lesbian lifestyle.”
~ Margret from Stratford upon Avon, England

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E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y in


come on
in you come
don’t bother wiping your feet
just pile on in

the lot of you
don’t you worry yourself about silly passports
who needs them?
well, we the indigenous people have to have them of course
but you just hop on that boat
climb over that fence
in you come

don’t you worry your little head
not to worry at all
all will be provided
we’ll feed you
we’ll house you
we’ll hand you over our jobs
even take our women

yea sure, we’ll have to step aside
those of us who built this civil society
you just come and take
remember – we’re the providers
you’re the takers
that’s just how it is

we thought of the concept of the cake
we created and designed the cake
we bought and gathered the ingredients of the cake
we made and baked the cake
we served up the cake
but you just take it

but silly me
why am I telling you this
you already know this
you know you can take the cake
after all, you feel it is your God-given right
you somehow deserve it
your human rights comes first after all
to take what others create

keep taking
whilst we’ll keep providing
we’re the global philanthropists don’t forget
but also the racists
full of white privilege
come on in

we who design outstanding architecture
we who build civilisations
we who create beautiful art
we who provide advanced technology
we who invent infrastructures
 we’re the evil ones

don’t you worry about little ol us
matters not that we’re been genocided
you won’t miss us
you’ll be better off without us anyway
evil white race
come on in

let’s see how you’ll run things for a change
let’s see your civilisation
show us your infrastructures
the world would love to see
mass diversity
multiculturalism – let’s bring it on

why not duplicate modern South Africa
rioting in the streets
souring violence
mass rapes of white women
bedlam – anarchy – chaos
bring it on
come on in

e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y in


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Sent with thanks from Mike

Who are the Traitors amongst us?




The term traitor is often thrown around within the alternative media (Truth sites). And I am damn glad it is. In fact I feel this subject isn’t spoken about enough. But I think we need to define who/what exactly a traitor is. Below are those whom I now deem as traitors.

traitor (noun)
he was tried in a military court as a traitor: betrayer, double-crosser, double-dealer, renegade, Judas, quisling, fifth columnist, viper; turncoat, defector, apostate, deserter; collaborator, fraternizer, colluder, informer, double agent; informal snake in the grass, two-timer, rat, scab; rare traditor, tergiversator, renegado. ANTONYMS loyalist, patriot.


Bailiffs/debt collectors
Those who know me, will know I loathe the traitors amongst us more than the actual instigators of evil. However, at the top of the list had to be my most detested of all creatures on this planet —— DEBT COLLECTORS.
I would strongly urge people to look into the subject of money and learn what money is NOT. Discover what an illusion money is and therefore debt. You will soon discover that debt does not actually exist. How can it, when money doesn’t? It is merely a trap, a designed enslavement tool built upon compound interest and specifically jewish USURY [please see video below explaining usury].

These scummy bailiff/debt collectors are working within this illusion. They are mere actors, ACTing upon the illusion of the corporate (dead) fictional world of commerce. Please take the time to study/learn about ‘The Person’ and one’s fictional entity through our birth certificates and the registration of our children. It is all admiralty/maritime (shipping) laws. All legal (legislation) contact law and nothing whosoever to do with natural (lawful) law. So these useful idiots coming to take people’s possessions are ACTing completely unlawfully. They are essentially legal thieves, doing the dirty work on behalf of demonic jews.

But that aside – whether these bailiff/debt collectors were acting lawfully or not; this is not the point. The point is – they fuckin well know in their hearts, within their intuitive wisdom that what they are doing is WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. There is no excuse in the world these scumbags can give for their despicable behaviour. The suffering these people have directly caused to innocent lives is immeasurable.

We as a society, a sane society should have zero tolerance for this behaviour. These people should be on our number one target list as far as demonising. Their own friends and families should out them from any social interaction. Had we not had these traitorous scum doing what they do, we would be in less fear, and in more of a position to resist the outrageous unlawful taxation and bills. Essentially we would be in less fear of standing up to jewish oppression.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

I hear some of you cry “Arhh but there are some good police” and/or “They do do some good in society“. I say BULL-SHIT. If you go along with this train of thought at this stage in the game, you are still mesmerised by this talmudic system. Not one single police officer is serving you or your community. And the sooner you get wise to this, the sooner you will be in a mindset to freeing yourself up. Every single ‘officer’ of the sea under maritime law is helping to ensure you are kept within this corporate fictional illusion. Every single one. No matter how nice and friendly they may appear. No matter how good their intent is. They are ALL enslaving you. You have to get this. Any good coppers out there, with good intent to serve the community, have no choice other than to enslave you within this dirty UNLAWFUL legislation.

Each and every police department is only there to protect jews and the demonic shenanigans of jewish hegemony. Sure there’s going to be the odd case of the good samaritan copper….but please don’t be fooled. This is only equivalent of Alex Jones telling us a snippet of Truth. There has to be ‘some’ degree of Truth in what Alex espouses otherwise nobody would listen to him. Likewise, there has to be some degree of goodness within the FORCE (not police service anymore), otherwise it would be too obvious.

It is this simple: The police are supposed to be looking out for us. Looking out for criminals. That is their job and duty. So why the fuck haven’t they arrested the criminal jews who perpetrated 9-11 and the London 7-7 bombings and the Madrid bombings and worked out all the other criminality ………which we in the Truth movement have worked out? God’s sake, I know younger teenagers who know that 9-11 was an inside/outside job. Yet these so-called law enforcement agencies with their ‘intelligence’ divisions, with endless supplies of resources somehow can’t seem to work it out. No, they can’t work it out, and catch criminals because they are criminals themselves – every single one of them. Criminals and traitors donned in black occult uniforms.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

Council officialdom
Oh boy. Now haven’t our local councils got some explaining to do. Let us not underestimate the degree of damage these traitorous individuals have done to our communities. Had it not been for these self-serving sellouts:
•    you would not be spied on with CCTV cameras
•    you would not be unlawfully taxed for your dwelling
•    you would not have ridiculous amount of non-indiginous people in your area taking over your shops, jobs, homes and services.
•    you would not have natural resources poisoned and polluted
•    you would not have unlawful courts
•    you would not have your natural rights to self-govern removed
•    you would not have your cultural heritage systematically diminished
•    you would not have the degradation and de-naturing of your community
•    you would not have overcrowding in your area
•    you would not have Orwellian legislation leaning down upon you

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

PC do-gooders
All those lefty ‘right on’ socialists who are welcoming this mass invasion of foreigners to our shores; and all the other areas of kosher enslavement. Shame on you for welcoming the destruction of your land, culture and heritage. Everything that your ancestors fought and worked hard for. Think of the suffering in the two world wars alone…..what did they fight for? Yes we now know it was for the jews, but the point is, these traitors’ ancestors fought for their land, culture and nationalism. For their freedom and independence. And these do-gooders want to give every last trace of this away because they want to be ‘nice’ and seen to be good people. Well just you wait Mr nice guy. You just wait till your house is ransacked by these savages and you witness your daughter gang-banged, till your culture is swiped from under your feet, till you have no job, no money, no food. Just you wait Mr nice guy.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

Ticket inspectors, parking attenders and community support officers
And anyone ACTing within these types of officialdom government roles.
You are all fucking PATHETIC. The lot of you. Have you looked at yourselves in the mirror lately? Have you seen how sad you look in your ridiculous uniforms? Have you clocked it yet not only how pathetic you look and are; but how everyone else sees you as pathetic? Do you realise that just because your mother may be proud of you; everyone else sees you as a sad, pathetic individual.These are not rhetorical questions by the way. Get a fucking life and do something productive and constructive for the world. Shame on you.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

Those that know and will not do
Those that know all about the Truth, even more than you and I. Yet will not say a word. Too scared to propagate the Truth. Too scared to go out of their way and make the effort to get the Truth out there. Frightened out of the skins to create and distribute fliers. Petrified of burning DVDs and getting them out there. Too scared to use their life skills and experience to help get the Truth out to new blood. All they want to do is remain the spectator and hope that someone else will save the day for them. Someone else will do what they’re not prepared to do. Shame on you.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

All military personnel
Oh come on Digger now your going too far; these young lads were simply duped. They were just trying to help their country.
I SAY BULLSHIT. It’s up to you if you want to keep perpetrating this narrative. If you want to keep making excuses for this insanity. I understand why youth would get deceived; after all we’ve all been deceived at some level. But …..there is a difference between having been duped say eight years ago when most of us didn’t have access to alternative news. Before we new 9-11 was an inside job. But I am talking about the idiots and especially the parents of these idiots who let their sons and daughters march off to war these days (lets say within the last few years). What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck are you letting your child go off to be killed and kill WITHOUT FIRST NOT HAVING INDEPENDENTLY RESEARCHED THE CONFLICT. Pure trust in the newspapers, tv and military personnel. You fuckin idiots!!

These young people are most definitely NOT heroes, they are traitors. Because anyone can spend just one evening online to work out the government is lying to us. It is pure academic laziness not to work this out these days. Not to question authority. It is traitorous to allow oneself to be used as fodder and to destroy innocent lives. There is no excuse for your stupidity. You are not heroes – you are not heroes – you are not heroes……you are definitely NOT heroes. Learn this. You are nothing but fools who are contributing to the destruction of your country, your family, your culture and recking innocent lives…….on behalf jews. All modern warfare is for the collective jewish agenda. You are nothing more than legal glorified murderers. So take that smug proud look off of your face. No, we do not have respect for you – you traitors.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

Petro-chemical personnel
Well haven’t you done well for yourself. Nice house, nice second house, nice country retreat, nice holidays, nice vintage sports car. You’ve made it. But you’ve also made yourself into a nice little traitor. You have contributed to the destruction of nature. That alone has to be the biggest crime anyone can make, and that’s without being an eco-warrior. You knew exactly what you were doing when you were creating your chemical time bombs. You knew the damage you would directly doing to mother earth and to it’s inhabitants. Yea for sure we all use your bi-products. But what choice do we really have? We try to live naturally, but what persuasive force you monsters have in this world.

How can we turn back the clock and repair the damage you have done? All for profit and ego and for wonderful progress – poisoned streams, lakes, seas, land, air and foods. And think of unnecessary cruelty to innocent animals the way your industry finances vivisection. Are you happy now? Have you achieved the success you craved for? Or is there more to come – more destruction, more anti-nature? Shame on you, you traitors of humanity. You traitors of nature.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

Shills and half-truthers
You fuckin low life. I loathe all traitors at every level. But you obfuscates of Truth have got to be right down there at the bottom. You utter scumbags. How dare you, how dare you divert people away from the Truth. And what for? For personal rewards? For your career in Truth? Every day that you have spun the Truth, you have contributed towards the suffering of the innocent. Shame on you.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

The Bargain Hunters
Sorry, I have to use my favourite word again – Myopic. Well every group on this post is myopic, but I have to use it to describe this group. Those that employ foreign labour – just because they can get a bargain. They will employ a Lithuanian plumber, because he is £20 cheaper. Or the Polish labourer because he will work for £10 an hour. Or the Romanian gardener, because he is £2 less an hour. You fuckin myopic sellouts. You just cannot get beyond your short-term selfish needs. You cannot see the damage you are doing to your community and country. Every ounce of national pride has been weened out of you and replaced with selfish materialism. Fools fools blind fools. Shame on you.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.

CCTV installers and operatives
More myopic traitors. Myopic being a ironic word for you who like to view the world with such accuracy. Yet you are blind to to your own enslavement. Why why why can you not see the damage you are doing to society? To your children’s future. You fools, you utter fools. Please don’t tell us you have not heard of the term Orwellian. Have you not read George Orwell’s book 1984? Would you not have the curiosity to look into this; or are you just doing your job, like everyone else in the matrix(?) Short term rewards hey, pays the bills. Perhaps you love it, having that control over others. Have you always secretly wanted to spy on others? I bet you’re in your element. Or are you just another non-thinker who has allowed themselves to be duped by the propaganda, that we need mass camera surveillance for our protection? God you make me angry. You people need slapping. To think what your ancestors would think of you. That you are proud to bring on your own enslavement. Shame on you.

You decide what you will do with these traitors.



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You decide what you will do with these traitors.

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