Young Man



Some sound advice to give a young man starting off in this modern polluted environment

Women: treat all women like shit – abuse them, dishonour them, cheat on them. NEVER ever be a gentlemen towards them, or act with chivalry – ever; coz they’re only read it as soft and old hat and try to walk all over you. Always be disrespectful towards them
….and they’ll love you and respect you for it. You’ll always have a nice female on your arm.
Clients: also treat them with equal among of disrespect; half do jobs, always give the client BS about coming back to finish off shoddy work and always be arrogant towards them. Always charge over-the-top prices and don’t bother with all that quality craftsmanship nonsense; those days are gone.
…..and clients will be tripping over themselves to get you to do work for them. You’ll never have to advertise. You’ll always have six months work ahead of you; and always be in the money.
Socialising generally: as a general rule, just be an arrogant pig. Ensure you are brutally harsh with everyone you interact with. Make sure you’re insensitive in all situations. Be a loud mouth obnoxious conceited smug asshole to anyone you can be. Try to parasite off of as many people as you can – others’ money, skills, etc. Try and avoid ever tangibly producing or creating anything yourself. Bullshit your way through life without an once of substance to you, make sure you’re full of broken promises and aim for a career where you only delegate and use others, rather than create or produce.
…..and you’ll do just dandy lad.
Call me old fashioned …..but why is it that this personality type seems to swan through life? It seems that this depraved sick society now tacitly accepts that the less conscience one has, the more successful one will be in every sphere in one’s life. All that one needs is superficial confidence – smugness, a lot of bravado & patter, a narcissistic mindset and the ability to repeat the latest trendy-sounding memes & fashions. People actually look up to this new persona. This new persona is all one needs to not only survive, but do well for themselves these days.

Welcome young man to the new inverted society.

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