Who are we trying to save?

Let’s be honest. Let’s just have a look around us. And ask ourselves…..

who is it precisely we are trying to save from this JWO?


The self-servers?

The cowards within the ranks?

The egotists?

Maybe the hedonistic pleasure-seekers?

Perhaps the greedy materialists?

Even the thoughtless?

The contented happy slaves?

The deniers?

Those who hold us in contempt?

The bullshitters and fantasists perhaps?

The narcissists in our lives?

The UFO/crop circle conspiracy theorists?

How about the parasites who feed off of us?

The mockers?

Or maybe even the traitors?



Who is it exactly that we are trying to save?

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  1. Yes makes you wonder if they are worth it ,even my own kids are virtually asleep ,maybe the whole de-population plan is about getting rid of all the sheep , So as the real people can make a fresh start ? But I seriously doubt that , all I see is carnage ahead ,and I don’t like it one little bit ,and I certainly DO Not Consent .

  2. Martin

     /  September 29, 2015

    I was thinking the exact same thing only this week Digger. I often think this. This short summary says it all.


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