immediate issue


“Before we even attempt to tackle jewish criminality; the most immediate issue we have to address

…….are the plethora of traitors amongst us.
In the game of chess, we first need to focus on removing the pieces which are protecting our opponent’s king.
Likewise, we will never be able to get to the root of our issues, unless we first deal with these collaborators

– those that are directly protecting the jewish criminal network.”
~ Digger

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Who are the traitors amongst us?


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  1. Great work I was just thinking today about a sign that would say ” New Jail To be Built for Traitors and Paedophiles , Expected to house at least 200 Paedophiles and 200 traitors from each state . Both these things go together like a hand in a glove ,or like the Jewish Talmud and the Islamic Koran both despicable books , and both religions of hate , See God Kicked Allah in the ass recently with the Mosque burning ,the crane falling and the Bulls Running , I pity them ,their souls are corrupted with evil .

    • Thanks Clark. Glad you’re in alignment Clark. I feel we don’t speak about traitors enough in the ‘movement’.

      But also, most people in society look up to these traitors. That’s the level of conditioning/mind control.

      Thanks for all your comments.

  2. VidereLicet

     /  September 30, 2015

    I read the Koran and I thought it was very beautiful in many ways. I didn’t find the Koran despicable or any way full of hate. I didn’t come across any hate in the Koran. There are many who say the Koran is full of hate, but they never give us any passages from the Koran to prove their points about the Koran being full of hate. With the Talmud, many include passages from the Talmud to prove how full of hate the Talmud is. But when critics of the Koran say the Koran is full of hate, they never include passages from the Koran to back-up their claims about the Koran.


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