I think this is a great overview of the problem. Brilliant delivery. I don’t think the dead boy on the beach was genuine. I think this was another hoax. Could be wrong, and we may never be able to prove this either way. But I think this was set up to create an empathy catalyst ….and didn’t it work.

I must note that in all of the videos this guy does; not once does he call out jooos.

Sourced from http://www.redicecreations.com

For those new to this information (The Truth); please visit redicecreactions and go through the recent archive materials. A serious source of Truth in my opinion.

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  1. agk

     /  September 28, 2015

    The boy was found in Turkey, and somhow this is Europe who is to take responsibility. He was found among rocks, and then transported to a sandy beach for more effective photosession.
    Still, I do not excliude the possibility that all this dead immigrant boy story was a hoax, either.

    • Thank you. Perhaps we’ll never really know. But with their distasteful track record in hoaxes, we have to keep an open mind on this.

  2. AllyMac

     /  September 28, 2015

    They are skipping over the other European countries to get to Britain because Britain is where most of the European Jews are, and especially where most crypto Jews are. Imv, its a reaction to the massive Jew-wise internet based awakening that’s sweeping the planet. This is not the normal slow-boil-frog-in-the-pot policy that the Jews have been running since the 1950’s, this looks to me like an early sign of mild panic within the Jew community. They want us all fighting amongst ourselves asap so we don’t have time to fight them.

    • Interesting. This is what many people are saying. However, this may have always been a ‘plan b’ option they’ve had stored. I think it’s the waves of more and more and more migrants (invaders) which we be enforced upon us that will really be the ‘that’s enough’ cracking point.

      Thanks for commenting


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