Why bother?


At times I think to myself …..why do I bother?

why do I bother trying to get through to these non-caring idiots?
why bother making the effort to save their sorry arses?
why bother, when they are so content
almost happy in their wilful ignorance?
why bother, when at the most they only laugh and snigger at me?

why do I bother?

why do we bother ….
with these arrested-developed fools?
even many of the awake, who know about this agenda
don’t seem to care
– I mean really care
care enough to get off their arses
and tangibly do something about the mess we’re in

who are we trying to save anyway?
the middle classes
– who care only about their materialistic selfish interests?
or the working classes
– who are quite content with their crumbs
content with a career serving the haves in society
happy slaves pampering those better people amongst us?

how about all those people you have shared your information with
the ones who enthusiastically say they’re interested
who tell you they will check out your info – yet never do
….are we trying to save their skins?

who the fuck are we trying to save?
those of us with no children
– why do we bother?
what’s the point in burning out?
the angst – the the sense of urgency – the ridicule – the heated arguments
the utter despair
what’s it all for?


but we do bother
we do care
we do make the daily and weekly effort
because we have to
we cannot not
compelled – driven – duty

to keep spreading the the big T
against the current
opposing fashionable memes
 defying conditioned mindsets
the daily strain of getting through the fog of deceit
trying to slap and prod the 5s out of their trance

but there comes a point
when all of us stop and ask ourselves ……..
why do I bother?

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  1. John Kaminski’s take on this area is that the main reason he keeps going, is because of all the other people out there (his colleagues) in the movement who are also making the effort. He keeps going for them.

  2. Mike

     /  September 24, 2015

    Good points here. I often wonder why I bother when people just act like numpties like if they don’t bother then the problem/threat will go away. Maybe I bother to do my bit (not as much as some) because there are a few others that do really make the effort I hope that the numbers of who do that will grow. I frequently feel like not bothering at all. But it dosen’t last long. I think it’s because we are constantly fed so many lies I just feel we should fight back. Once you are on this path theres no turning back.


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