None whatsoever

there is no proof
that God
or Gods
or a Goddess exist/s
none whatsoever

it’s nice to think there is a benevolent protecting force
out there somewhere
but let’s be real
how can there be(?)

we like to think so, to feel so
in order to provide our cozy snug comfort blanket
in order to belong – to our special club
to feel special – to feel protected

this age-old debate will never cease
the god debate
or even the goddess debate
but that is all it ever will be
a heated academic and emotive debate

surely we have to concede – that we’re all agnostics
coz there is no proof
if we’re truly honest
I mean really honest with ourselves
proof – there’s none whatsoever

the knowing, the feeling in one’s heart
the presence upon us
the visions
the voices
none of it concrete proof

Allahu Akbar, holly Jesus, Hara Krishna, Kali the Wisdom Goddess
and all the demi gods and goddesses
we know in our hearts
none of them are out there in reality
all of it just mind trickery, with dollops of hope
none of these benevolent forces are looking out for us

deep in our hearts all we really can acknowledge is that
the only reality we have is ourselves
and the elements around us
and the spirit within us
that’s all there ever has been
and all there ever will be
just ourselves – and our capacities to help ourselves

we all know this Truth, this reality
even the ‘believer’s’ aren’t really believers deep down
they’re just really good at pretending … themselves
self-conditioned believers

and I say good luck to them
good luck to you
if it helps get you through this insanity
your personal philosophy
your pain killer
the comfort of belonging to your special club
good luck to you

who are we unbelievers to knock you for trying to cope
coping in this cruel prison planet
if your pain killer belief system helps you survive
and gives you inner strength in times of need
who are we to try and take that away from you

but some of us would prefer the pain
we would prefer the constant jabs of reality
than the pretence and trickery
we would rather the isolation and the worry
over the belief in a lie

sure, we’ve all fallen for the myths and illusions ourselves  
in times of weakness, in times of need
we have all been influenced, persuaded and duped
all of us at some point in our lives have wanted to believe

yea, we’ve heard you talk about ‘your knowing’
but you don’t
you know no more than any of us
and deep down
you know, that we know, that you really don’t know

because the Truth is
that belief in any powerful creator is just another illusion
just a belief, just another myth
because the bottom line is
there is absolute no proof in your illusion
none whatsoever

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  1. I think there’s something going on here… i think we all sense that… it just isn’t that psychopath of the old testicle. There are higher truths.

    My latest thoughts on the bible: Why is the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross called the cruci-FICTION? A cross is a box unfolded. A crucible is a vessel that can withstand temperatures high enough to alter its contents. A fiction is a made up story which may be based on some truth, but is comprised of fictitious characters, places and events.

    Circumcision: Covenant with God or cutting away of a syphilis scab? Which sounds more reasonable? How many maidens would run screaming from the tent at the sight of a circumcised penis? Next thing you know, everyone has to get cut… God said so. People don’t want to face the fact that the bible is a book of black magic spells. You can only see it when you divorce yourself from the unnatural emotional attachment you’ve invested in it. When you can see it, the spell is broken.

    You know what… i am just going to pretend that someone who is Jew wise and awake really REALLY believes that the true creator god finally got around to revealing himself to a bunch of inbred lunatics in a sh*t hole in the Middle East two thousand years ago. And those lunatics are his favorites… and i will also pretend that a loving creator would cherry pick his children… because that wouldn’t do any harm psychologically.

    We are being stabbed in the back, impoverished and mass murdered by people we have trusted, respected and loved. Most of all they are targeting and damaging OUR CHILDREN en masse. That is some cold shit.

    • All good points Wanda. Trust you to pick up on cruci-FICTION. Good point!

      You know me well enough, in that I am kinda playing devils advocate with this post (if you excuse the pun). It’s just sometimes we all ask ourselves “How the fuk can there be a benevolent force!?

      Thanks for commenting

      • I can understand that Digger. I was atheist for a while when i realized what i had been struggling to understand for most of my life was upside down and inside out… it just didn’t play through for me. There is something here… i think we all sense that… it is instinctual… INSTINCT YOU ALL. What ever you think or feel, you can’t be separated from the all… that is impossible. It makes the sun to shine on the wicked and the good… it doesn’t require a name, worship, belief… or anything. It just is and it is just.

        We see the hand of our creator in nature. The true creator makes laws that cannot be broken and all are subject to, right on down to rock and water. It would rather see us fed, sheltered, happy, but if this is not what we wish for, it allows that… wordlessly… it allows true free will. What happens down here is for us to work out. There is no savior coming to rescue us… that is outside the laws of nature. The jews can change up their fate at any time.. and we can too. It doesn’t get any fairer than that.

        What would be nice is if the Christians would figure out they are worshiping and serving an evil god. Realize that Satan only tempts and tempting is not evil.. it isn’t even sin. There is no sin, there is only error. Our true loving creator teaches us through errors. We keep repeating the same mistakes until we finally do learn our lesson. this is, perhaps, the true meaning of No Child left Behind. No loving creator would leave any of his children behind… would doom none of his creation to an eternity in hell, and rejects none of them.

  2. I feel bad for you people because I have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and I would not trade it for anything in this world. I was once in your shoes and I think back on how I was so empty and afraid of death. I thank God everyday for my salvation because without it I couldnt deal with the evil. But I know the ending of the story and God destroys satan and all his demons

    • We’ve been here before Frank. And I think we’ll go round n round with this one. What do I know? After you could be right. We def’ are fighting evil…..whether that is Satan or not. I may come around to your thinking. I think what we would agree on, is that Christianity and the churches have near on all been usurped by the jews.

      But be honest Frank – what good has JC been to the billions of Christians having suffered under this evil ……as this title ‘none whatsoever’.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. The final scene in the movie The Grey where Liam Neeson is the sole survivor of a plane crash in Alaska. He is surrounded by voracious wolves; he looks at the sky and screams for God to give him a sign. The camera pans endlessly to the empty and silent sky. Then the wolves came……..

  4. mike

     /  September 15, 2015

    Life just IS. Always has been and always will be. And no-one is coming to save us. Only we can do that. IMO


  5. There is a force og sine kind. A vessel, in wich everyrhing lies, and from where this strange phenomenon called life comes from.
    Now, if you call it benevolent, or give it any other properties, you have created for yourself a tribal God. Everything thereafter Will be Your or your groups creation, and not the other way around. This is of course the case with all religions in this world. They are man made doctrines and understandings, not God made.
    In my cultural tradition of norse mythology, we have a bunch of deities, made up as avatars to describe reality. But above them all we have a phenomenon called the Allfather. It is not described or given any properties, and thus could just as well be a creator as nothing. It is what we do not understand.

    As for the purpose of life, ethics, morality and all the rest that makes up the foundation of culture, it is all the subjective product of that specific group.

  6. Wolfgang

     /  September 19, 2015

    The way I see it, there logically has to be a first cause, even the enlightment thinkers acknowledged this. It’s mathematical logic. This first cause, this only uncreated eternal being, we call God. I also think it is only logical that a supernatural being can work miracles. With the open and objective mind of an investigator, take a look at the hundreds of incorrupt bodies of saints across Europe. Are all these fakes like the refrigerated and pickled body of Lenin in Russia? If not, then we need to get serious, and humble ourselves a bit. Over 70,000 people witnessed the miracle of the sun in Fatima October, 1917. Was this also a fake? There are numerous miracles associated with the image of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. Innumerable scientists have examined the image and cannot explain how the image was place on the telma. Several attempts have been made to blow it up by communists, taking out half the church, but the telma is unscathed. So yes there is plenty of proof of the existence of God, it is irrational to deny God, we just need some humility to try to understand what God wants us to do in this world that is becoming increasingly unhinged.


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