Invasion by stealth


Imagine one day walking along the beach and suddenly seeing a strange outline all across the horizon. Initially being perplexed at this strange phenomenon out at sea, you can only stand and ponder. Only then, after viewing this peculiar image gradually getting closer to shore, the ominous feeling seeps deep into your heart – we are being invaded!!

A flotilla of vessels is heading our way. It turns out that millions upon millions of foreigners are approaching our shores. The invasion is upon us.

How would we react? What on earth would we do? Think of the panic; think of the fear; think of the natural response to protect. To protect our families, our culture, our heritage and everything in our lives we cherish. Perfectly natural response. Wouldn’t this simply be self preservation(?)

Yet in this situation, amongst us are the traitors. These sappy politically correct good-doers who smile at the thought of being invaded. To not only welcome the invasion, but fight for it, screeching “These invaders have human rights you know!”. Everything their ancestors have fought and worked for, all their traditions and culture, these myopic sellouts want to destroy.

What is the difference really between this overt coastal invasion and what is currently happening by stealth, through the back door, via our corrupt traitorous politicians, through unlawful legislation??

Worth watching this video:
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