Fictional reality


I’ve thought of a concept for a fictional book or play. It’s a bit bizarre and far-fetched. Some would say ridiculously unbelievable. But hey, isn’t that what fiction is supposed to do; take us away from reality(?)

The main narrative being a species of subhumans that live amongst us, that have lived amongst us for thousands of years, who through stealth and deception are out to destroy and enslave us. Their longterm plan is to reduce our population down to 500’000. And even these poor souls who are left will somehow be pseudo-human through these predators’ transhumanism technology, in order to have perfect slaves to serve them.

These malevolent beings parasite off of us, drain our resources, life force energy and our very souls. They get away with doing this through all sorts of trickery. These parasitic entities are conduits for a demonic entity, some say Satan; but whatever it is, they are proxies for the dark side.

They manage to deceive the majority of the unknowing inhabitants of the planet for thousands of years, because they are chameleon-like and blend into our environments, even having a similar physical appearance to us to most of the untrained naive earthlings. These predatory aliens trick us into believing they are just like us and are superficially friendly and benevolent to us; whilst stabbing us in the back and enslaving us.

The distinctive difference between the aliens and us earthlings is quite simplistic – these non-humans have an agenda to enslave and destroy us; whereas we humans are innocently trundling along in life, blissfully unaware of any hidden agenda. And very simply, that’s how these demans (demonic-humans) usurp and destroy us.

Their focus is on an agenda-by-stealth and our focus is an innocuous naive existence…..that’s the difference.

They are about death, destruction, anti-nature and parasitism; whereas we are about life, preservation of nature, development, improvement and abundance. Diametrically opposed beings. How on earth could we co-exist in harmony?

They have managed to get us earthlings into a type of trance-like state; so that we are not only unaware of their nefarious destructive behaviour, but we actually look up to them and defend them whenever any humans dare even criticise them. These PPPs (Psychopathic Predatory Parasites) are so deceptive, so sneaky that they live on a diet of lies, covertness and stealth. So effectively they’re like vampires (literally) sucking our blood, our energy, resources and full potential.

Their favourite trick, which never fails, is to get earthlings to kill other earthlings through their clever deception. Era after era this old trick never fails and billions of deaths have occurred through their artificially-created wars and poisons.

These reptile-like subhumans have many weapons they use to destroy and enslave us; such as drugs, poisoned/de-natured foods, electromagnetic pollution, environmental pollution (air, land and water) and deliberate inept medical practices. However, as mentioned, their most powerful weapon is mind control. Now this is their genius and their club card. Without this major weapon, their whole parasitic agenda would not operate. Their very existence absolutely depends on this major weapon.

The mind control of the earthlings starts as soon as the baby is born really, because the clever trick is the parents themselves have been mind controlled and immediately begin to duplicate their mind control onto their new borns and continue to infect their child’s mind throughout it’s sorrowful life. But the mind control commences through the child’s education, from kindergarden-school-college-university and further education. And then there is the media which is totally controlled by these alien beings. In fact any area of public influence is controlled by these demented subhuman race. A 360 degree usurpation of anything which affects us earthlings train of thought. 99% of the inhabitants of the planet have been so mind controlled that they believe 2+2=5. And if that wasn’t bad enough, these mass mind controlled earthlings will defend their precious mind control with a vengeance.

Even though these subhuman parasites absolutely depend on us for their very existence; they absolutely detest us. Even though we provide absolutely everything for them. They loathe us so much, they happen to call us Goyim behind our backs, which means two-legged cattle to serve these PPPs.

Despite these aliens pretending to be like us and pretending to be nice to our faces ——– when confronted, or exposed, they can be vicious beyond belief. Their true demonic nature can be seen when the Light is shone directly at them, these creatures of the dark just cannot handle the brutal Truth. They will turn on anyone with scalding toxicity if they feel challenged or their parasitism is interrupted.

However, due to them being almost junkie-like in nature, not being able to stop their anti-human activities; these PPPs eventually end up exposing themselves. Their anti-nature behaviour becomes so obvious to the hosts that their habitual deception becomes transparent ……….and then the host turns on them!

Us earthlings begin to wake up. Their mind control breaks down. We begin to snap out of our trance-like coma. Little by little, layer by layer, week by week – the awakening happens. Of course these scavengers of life do all they can to save their soulless existence; but no matter how nasty and gritty they behave; no matter how many of their anti-nature tools they try to throw at us – THEY JUST CANNOT STOP THE AWAKENING.

Sure they use traitors amongst us to try to reverse and control the awakening. You know/who what I mean – those low life traitorous scumbags who will do anything for short-term materialistic rewards. The uniform, badge-wearing goons without conscience who will assist in the enslavement and destruction of their own brothers and sisters…..just in order to give themselves superficial comforts and feed their insecurities. But these traitors too are eventually exposed and sufficiently dealt with by the awakened outraged earthlings.

Now I know this quirky narrative may seem outrageously ridiculous. Of course this ludicrous piece of literary could never happen in reality. But it is fun to lose oneself in fictitious escapism from time to time.



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