Call me a racist ….


I tried to get into a venue – but a black man told me I was not allowed in.

I wanted to sit in a restaurant – but because I had not pre-booked, the Syrian owner told me I could not have a meal there.

I wanted to have a pint in a pub – but a Czech girl told me I needed to use a certain area of the bar.

I wanted to book a room – but the Romanian guy told me I first had to prove who I was.

I wanted to hire a hall – but the Muslim woman insisted I waited until Ramadan was over.

I asked for directions – and the Romanian girl didn’t seem to understand me.

I went to get some fish n chips – but the Chinese man told me I would need to come back.

I wanted to join the sports centre – but the Polish guy told me I needed to first prove my identity.

I phoned up for the job advertised – but the Asian guy told me I wasn’t suitable.

I phoned up my local theatre – and the Hungarian woman told me it was now members only.

I went to the bank to ask for a loan – and a Pakistani man declined my request.

I went to get on the coach – but the Ukrainian driver told me I wasn’t allowed to bring my rucksack into the coach.

I went to the local housing office to help me with accommodation – but the West Indian women told me I wasn’t qualified for housing benefit.

Call me a racist …..but it would be nice for a change not to be told what I can and cannot do in my own country – by non-English citizens.

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  1. I AM a racist – I prefer my own kind, white.

    Anyone here had to hassle over a phone bill with one of those idiots in India???


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