beards beards beards


What is it with this latest trend of beards?

Nothing particularly wrong with beards, but there is something wrong when non-thinking repeater idiots just repeat fashions, thinking they are hip. Just look at these muppets. Not only have they got the beard, but the one arm tattooed. Ohh God it’s pathetic.

Don’t they stop and take a look around and say to each other “Hey, you look just like me.” Then the the other repeater idiot says back to him “Funny that, because I was thinking just the same – you look like me.”

What will these repeaters not repeat??

But I have a theory….

I reckon that the scooby doos (jews) have put this latest beard trend out there in order for them to hide amongst the non-jews. So the bearded jews can blend in as they know the goy are slipping out of their trance. Deno – just a theory??

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  1. Oh, I don’t know; let’s not go crazy and attribute everything to the stinking jews. We have our own trends and stupidity already, don’t you think?

    • Yes I hear you. But aren’t the scoobys behind all the fashion trends. This clearly is a fashion trend/meme. I have distinctly noticed this in the last 18 months. And can see these trendy fashion beards it in every magazine, many adverts, music videos, etc.


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