Let’s be enriched

Can you just imagine had these migrants been Swedish, Norwegian or German. Let us be honest here – would they be acting in this manner? Would they be disrespectful and ungrateful to their host country?

A nation of liars


Profitable bonanza for the few, terror nightmare for the many


The top 25 American lies of all time

  1. 9/11 done by Muslims.

  1a. Airplanes brought towers down.

  1b. Jews were not involved.

  2. Hitler was evil, started WW2.

       2a. 6 million Jews died in WW2.

  3. Lone assassins killed JFK, RFK, MLK.

  4. Iraq had WMDs, had to be invaded

  5. Vaccines are safe and effective.

       5a. GMOs make healthy food.

  6. Chemtrails don’t exist.

       6a. The weather is not controlled.

  7. Qaddafi was a bad man.

  8. Israel is America’s friend.

       8a. Palestinians are vicious terrorists.

  9. Astronauts went to the moon.

10. Children were killed at Sandy Hook.

11. AIDS came from monkeys.

       11a. Ebola a naturally occurring disease.

12. Syria gassed children.

13. Russia invaded Ukraine.

14. Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden.

15. Blacks contribute much to society.

16. White people are evil.

17. There is strength in diversity.

18. U.S. elections are not fixed.

       18a. U.S. Constitution still in force.

19. America has a free press not controlled by Jews.

20. Homosexuals don’t molest children.

       20a. Pedophilia is a lifestyle choice.

21. Marijuana is harmful.

22. Civil war was about slavery.

23. Holistic doctors dying accidentally.

24. Fluoride helps keep your teeth healthy.

25. Jews are the chosen people.

By John Kaminski

What kind of mindset does it take to force someone to eat their own feces, or to attach wires to their genitals in order to inflict electric shocks, or to watch their own children be raped in order to force them to divulge information they couldn’t possibly possess?

What kind of person does it take to push a button in Tampa that kills a whole bunch of people in Afghanistan who had no idea why they were being killed or even that they could be killed in such a way, since they were attending a wedding party, which was supposed to be a joyous occasion?

What kind of effect does it have on your mind to murder large numbers of people and see some of your friends blown up or gunned down, all for reasons you never completely understood, but later learn that the whole operation was a scam built on a complex of lies so phony and so evil that when you realize what you’d done, what you had participated in, the only rational choice you had was to kill yourself out of shame for the actions you had been induced to commit?

The modern world rolls past like a Hollywood slasher movie and everyone must be forgiven for not keeping up with the list of scams or the collateral damage body count. We need to screen out many horrific things merely to maintain our own sanity. Foremost of these things we need to either forget or confront are the stories our government tells us that simply don’t make sense, blatant lies that diminish our freedom, our health, our wallets and our lives.

What they call consensual reality is really a macabre vaudeville act produced by a complex mass media apparatus designed to keep us regimented, obedient and oblivious to the actual nature of what’s going on. The ever present operation of the war machine — which is the principal engine of American prosperity and typically disguised as the protector of our well being — is the producer of all the lies that are told that make our reality fundamentally unsound and insane.

We are told that this perverse production is what makes the United States such a sound and viable entity, but this might be the greatest lie of all, because the American people don’t profit from these constant wars and endless encroachments into our lives; only a small circle of mostly Jewish men, the very people who invent these geostrategic capers that ruin so many people’s lives, are the actual beneficiaries, while the rest of us, forever ignorant of the sickening melodramas transpiring behind the scenes, have no control over our incidental roles as anonymous cannon fodder.

Worse yet, our inability to detect the grand scams of the rich and famous before they cost the lives of millions contributes largely to our impotence at controlling the content and direction of our lives. Once the mass media implement a big lie that gets our government rolling in a certain direction, it becomes nearly impossible to change course and stop the war or the swindle that the original lie aims to create.

For sure, the biggest swindle of our lifetime has been the 9/11 deception, which enabled the PNAC psychopaths to materialize a permanent state of perpetual war, which rolls from country to country, stealing everyone’s capital and forcing everyone to come on board or to be left penniless outside the financial system of the Jews that has ensnared everyone in its fractional reserve shell game.

When cash has been eliminated and all your money is electronic, there’ll be no keeping secrets from the great Google bloodsucking brain that runs the world.

The choice for everyone has become take the bribe and get rich, or blow the whistle and get rubbed out. As we huddle in the space between this diabolical dilemma, both the time and the space to avert this awful fate becomes shorter and shorter.

Holistic doctors are finding out the hard way that to furnish a clear cure for cancer in the form of a substance known as GcMAF, which rebuilds immune systems, has already gotten many of them killed because it poses a serious threat to the financially alluring allopathic medical paradigm the purpose of which is to treat diseases endlessly, not cure them ever. Curing diseases would put the medical profession out of business, whereas merely treating them is almost as profitable as the illegal drug trade that has triggered the endless wars since the British first forced opium into the lungs of the Chinese back in the 19th century.

So too has the forced belief system of 9/11 changed the very nature of human history.

A horrid anti-terror apparatus known as the Department of Homeland Security has permanently altered the climate of the United States as federal agents constantly lure psychologically defective dupes into committing crimes against the state that will never work, then arrest them and claim their own vigilance has saved the nation from a devastating terror attack.

Worse, the government has conducted terror incidents that have shut down whole cities, followed by fake investigations and kangaroo court trials that allow for no defense at all before the convicted patsy is slammed incommunicado into a federal prison for life.

In the silence of the deception that shatters faith in a nation that once believed in itself dwell the unanswered questions of why Building 7 fell all by itself, why Israeli suspects were sent home unquestioned by Jewish officials in the Justice Department, and why every cop in America committed treason by not questioning why curdled steel of the obliterated Twin Towers was not meticulously examined by forensic investigators before being made to disappear in the Fresh Kills landfill and in the steel mills of China.

Cops suck. They are paid to protect the interests of the bankers at the expense of ordinary, law-abiding people. They maintain a fake sense of responsibility that has needlessly cost the lives of millions of people around and almost as many inside the United States, where they continue to shoot first and ask questions later, creating a new attitude among the public never to call the cops for any emergency unless you want to be “accidentally” murdered by trigger happy psychopaths with badges.

In the same self-absorbed vein, history that is written by the victors is almost never the truth, as the 12 million Germans murdered AFTER the close of World War II would readily attest to had they survived.

The lies that Jewish media perpetrated about why WW II happened, followed by the cynical creation of a Cold War that enabled two remaining superpower victors of WW II to arm themselves to the teeth, led to series of East West confrontations and a constant tension between two large, predominantly white nations that when Abraham Lincoln was president were the best of friends but once the Jews got their hands on the leadership of both countries, they were turned into mortal enemies.

The same is true of Germany. Germans were the dominant U.S. ethnicity prior to World War I, but it was the Jews who controlled England that turned America against them. The bad feelings persist to this day, as Jewish control of the media has reaped billions of dollars in reparations for a Holocaust that never really happened and jailed hundreds of truth tellers who have ever since refused to accept the Jewish fantasy creation of homosexual mixed race reality.

Several aspects to the tragedy of World War II are even worse than that. The great artistic and educational complex that had been the hallmark of German culture and the envy of the world, by their control of the media the Jews have replaced by art without meaning and education without honesty, everything now being oriented toward military applications in science and prurience in the arts and entertainment, a pathetic and perverted Jewish course for the world to have taken.

Since the days when ruthless white settlers exterminated virtually all of the natives of North America, the United States government has lied about everything it has ever done.

It lied about the need for the two world wars, for Vietnam, about who really staged the attacks on 9/11, and about the unending wars that have followed that colossal act of treason.

Today the whole world knows the U.S. created the terror group named ISIS (sometimes called ISIL or DAESH) as a devious method of trying to destroy the nation of Syria. The resulting chaos this ruse has engendered now threatens the stability of all the nations of Europe as a calculated tsunami of refugees invades all these nations sucking up to Israel who are insanely welcoming the destruction of their own countries.

This cynical maneuver follows the pattern of the concoction of the fictional group known as Al-Qaeda, which was the U.S. invention of Arab mercenaries it hired to run the Russians out of Afghanistan. Now these same mercenaries are skulking into Europe, awaiting access to their secret weapons caches, and unbelievably allying themselves with the Jews in their mutual desire to destroy the white structure of European countries that has been in place for the better part of a thousand years.

The lies that countries tell each other, and the false statements leaders of these countries tell their own patriotic citizens, show honest, God fearing citizens that they may not trust their own governments, or the leaders of other governments, making it impossible for nations of the world to maintain a peaceful world except through bribery, blackmail and murder, which are the hallmarks of Jewish behavior.

For Americans, worse than all that is contemplating pathetic presidential candidates braying at each other than they are the best person for this job as chief bottlewasher to the Jewish bankers who run the world, yet refusing to even mention in a whisper the most critical issues facing the human species today.

In order for them to get any sound bites on television or space in the influential mainstream media outlets (all owned by Jews), every single one of them must endorse all the required scam issues of the day: pay down the debt (which can’t be paid down); send billions to Israel so the homicidal Jews can continue to torture and exterminate their neighbors; invade the countries Israel orders them destroy; continue to print more meaningless money so people become incrementally poorer and poorer; endorse unlimited immigration so everyone will become more dependent on the federal government; and above all, urge the adoption of more laws against the population to catch the many terrorists who are hiding in your neighborhood (not counting the plants the feds hire to stage fake terror attacks aimed at getting people to surrender their guns).

We haven’t been able to really trust anything our last nine presidents have ever said, and we surely can’t trust anything that comes out of the mouths of this current pathetic group of would-be candidates for the position of chief enforcer for the soulless Jewish puppetmasters. They are all totally locked into this phony narrative that our deliberately deceptive media insist is reality.

We are a nation of liars, and if you try to tell the truth, your life is at risk.

But if you acquiesce to the lies these so-called candidates never stop talking about, the risk is much, much greater, because then, everyone’s life is at risk, and following their path assures we will never, never have the relative degree of freedom and liberty that we have had all our lives, but will never have again.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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Are they trying to tell us something? How’s this for predictive programming. Good timing with the new influx of aliens flooding our European countries.

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Ursula update?

Has anybody heard the latest on Ursula Haverbeck? I know she got arrested (by these traitorous goons). But I haven’t heard anything more of her situation. Would be grateful for an update on her situation. We (in the Truth movement) can’t just let this amazing woman fade into the background.

immediate issue


“Before we even attempt to tackle jewish criminality; the most immediate issue we have to address

…….are the plethora of traitors amongst us.
In the game of chess, we first need to focus on removing the pieces which are protecting our opponent’s king.
Likewise, we will never be able to get to the root of our issues, unless we first deal with these collaborators

– those that are directly protecting the jewish criminal network.”
~ Digger

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Young Man



Some sound advice to give a young man starting off in this modern polluted environment

Women: treat all women like shit – abuse them, dishonour them, cheat on them. NEVER ever be a gentlemen towards them, or act with chivalry – ever; coz they’re only read it as soft and old hat and try to walk all over you. Always be disrespectful towards them
….and they’ll love you and respect you for it. You’ll always have a nice female on your arm.
Clients: also treat them with equal among of disrespect; half do jobs, always give the client BS about coming back to finish off shoddy work and always be arrogant towards them. Always charge over-the-top prices and don’t bother with all that quality craftsmanship nonsense; those days are gone.
…..and clients will be tripping over themselves to get you to do work for them. You’ll never have to advertise. You’ll always have six months work ahead of you; and always be in the money.
Socialising generally: as a general rule, just be an arrogant pig. Ensure you are brutally harsh with everyone you interact with. Make sure you’re insensitive in all situations. Be a loud mouth obnoxious conceited smug asshole to anyone you can be. Try to parasite off of as many people as you can – others’ money, skills, etc. Try and avoid ever tangibly producing or creating anything yourself. Bullshit your way through life without an once of substance to you, make sure you’re full of broken promises and aim for a career where you only delegate and use others, rather than create or produce.
…..and you’ll do just dandy lad.
Call me old fashioned …..but why is it that this personality type seems to swan through life? It seems that this depraved sick society now tacitly accepts that the less conscience one has, the more successful one will be in every sphere in one’s life. All that one needs is superficial confidence – smugness, a lot of bravado & patter, a narcissistic mindset and the ability to repeat the latest trendy-sounding memes & fashions. People actually look up to this new persona. This new persona is all one needs to not only survive, but do well for themselves these days.

Welcome young man to the new inverted society.

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