4 good reasons NOT to fall for this latest ‘flat-earth’ meme


Q: Whilst you’re spending specious time on this ‘theory’, what are you NOT doing?
A: Putting your time and energy into exposing jewish perfidy.
Look at the hours you have spent on this subject already, or potentially could spend on it. Perhaps days. Despite it being an interesting subject, we have real work to do. We don’t have time for time wasting. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.
2/. Tar the Truth community as being nutters
The jews always have multidimensional reasons for doing things. They tend to benefit on many levels whenever they throw something at us. This is their latest scam. One of the tick lists for them will be to get non-thinking Joe public to think that anyone who delves into the Truth is not only a conspiracy theorist by a loony. This will obviously work as an individual too……so let’s say you are trying to convince your father that the Holocaust was a big fat kosher lie and then you happen to mention that the earth is flat; well you know what’s going to happen – you’ve blown all credibility straight away. Duplicate this all across the world and the Truth movement’s message has been discredited. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.
3/. Proof?
Be honest, how the hell are you going to prove this one – either way? Even if this theory were correct and you personally had the data, how on flat earth are you going to converse this to the average guy in the street(?) None of us are scientists, especially at that level. It will be near on impossible. Look at the mind gymnastics people get into with the 9-11 debate. That’s why I tend to avoid talking about 9-11 when trying engage with people, because although it’s obvious to me that 9-11 was an inside/outside job, I’m not an engineer, nor a explosives expert, nor a pilot. So one can easily get entangled in technical semantics and never win the debate. Likewise with this flat-earth beast; you will end up tied up in knots. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.
4/. WTF does it matter anyway?
What does it matter that you and your family are going to perish on a flat earth, square earth, triangular earth or globe? The jews are out to enslave and slaughter you and your love ones. Surely isn’t that enough to focus on(?) As interesting as this theory is, it has no relevance compared to the pressing situation we are currently in. Things are desperate as ever. This theory will have no affect on your ultimate outcome – belief me. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.

Fine example of a chosen

9 Nobel Virtues


The Asatru moral code of conduct is known as the Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru. The Nine Noble Virtues represent the distilled wisdom and ancient Germanic moral code gleaned from various ancient sources including the Poetic Edda (particularly the Hávamál), the Icelandic Sagas and Germanic folklore. To live as one of the True folk, you should lead your life in accordance with the Nine Noble Virtues.
Interpretations of these virtues range from person to person, and from Kindred to Kindred. The following represent some of our opinions on how the virtues should be interpreted
The ancient Heathens held these certain virtues to be spiritual law.
These were not at all the only moral values of the ancient Heathens, but perhaps the most highly regarded. The ancient tribal laws began as custom and tradition, and these laws constituted those customs and traditions.
Before anyone can even think of approaching the Gods & Goddesses of Asatru, they should first make sure they know these spiritual laws well and consistently strive towards them.

Further reading from source

…..smell the coffee

An elderly lady I know who is deeply entrenched in the matrix; having watched TV all her life and gains ALL her information from the TV, when I explained my alternative views, she said to me …..“WAKE UP and smell the coffee” and that she didn’t believe a word of my nonsense! 🙂 ha.


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10 reasons to take your TV up the dump


Filthy racist supremisists


Disgusting behaviour – keeping themselves to themselves and living within their cultural heritage. They need a good dose of diversity to sort them out!

Iceland, the only all-White nation in the world, has the world’s highest literacy rate 100%.

It is an island of cooled volcanic magma, located Just south of the Arctic Circle. It has no coal, no fuel, no timber, no mineral wealth or natural resources, and no navigable rivers. 75% of the interior is uninhabitable and only about 1% of the land is arable. It is the youngest nation in Europe and one of the most isolated countries in the world. Nonetheless, Iceland is #2 in the world in life expectancy and has one of the world’s highest standards of living, in terms of per capita income. It has tremendous medical facilities and a thriving publishing business. Virtually every family has a telephone. Upon graduation from high school, each Icelandic student has learned five languages. (33)


Further stunning views of this magical country


Kosher chameleons

Well worth a listen – imho



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How to recognize and identify a Jew – part 1

Click to access How_to_Recognize_and_Identify_a_Jew_-_Part_1.pdf

How to recognize and identify a Jew – Part 2

Click to access How_to_Recognize_and_Identify_a_Jew_-_Part_2.pdf

The Eternal Jew (the original film)

They Live (the film)

Reincarnation an ideology for a better future

Nice one Scott

It ain’t rocket science

What is it that’s so difficult to work out? Why do we have to complicate everything? Why is it so hard to see the obvious?




Why is that statement [fact] so difficult for most people who claim to be seeking the Truth impossible to comprehend?

Why is it these people can’t seem to grasp that the collective jews control and ruin everything of any beauty and that which is associated with nature. That they are essentially anti nature and anti humans.

Well, we know the answer to that – these awkward people who love to complicate matters have been mind controlled. PCed up to their eyeballs. Or they are distraction agents, or been fooled by distraction agents.

It’s easy to tiptoe around the Truth and indulge in a bit of PCism and a dash of conditioning; whilst pretending to be an ‘activist’ and a spokesperson for justice and peace.

But isn’t it incredible how people will distort, stretch and adapt the distasteful Truth to make it more palatable, or to suit their narrative.



“Well, I wouldn’t say the jews are the main players in all this, because it ultimately comes down to collectivism.”
[the Guardian reader pronounces with assured confidence]
“It’s not ALL the jews – it’s the Zadokites …….it’s the Zionists …….it’s the elite Ashkanazis.”
(oh right, is it)
“No, no, no, no – your quite mistaken. You see, it’s fundamentally the Rothschild banking cartels with investments in London, Switzerland and New York.”

(oh yeah)




“Hitler was an Rothschild agent working overtly for the international bankers.”

(oh I see, that’s why he’s THE most demonised person on this planet)




This whole conspiracy when you break it down, is really quite simple. The jews are doing the work of the dark/demonic side (whatever label you wanna put with that). They always have been on this demonic side, for thousands of years. They are still up to their shenanigans. They are behind EVERYTHING negative going on in every aspect of our lives……pollution, degradation of society, Orwellian control grid, poisoning, unnatural sexualisation, artificial race mixing, manufactured wars, usury/debt, and all the unnecessary suffering throughout the world. Anything and everything to do with anti-nature. They own ALL the outlets of influence: tv, cinema, newspapers, all publications, advertisement, gaming, psychology, universities, academia, law…..ad finitum. 360 degree usurpation of our input – mind control (if we chose to allow it)
It really is that simple. It’s only a matter of choice, through levels of courage and invested interests whether we make it complicated or not.

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It ain’t ….


One crime


Ohh, by the way ….

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Onward Christian Soldiers

British Soldier Song, based on Onward Christian Soldiers

Onward conscript army
you have naught to fear,
Isaac Hore-Belisha
will lead you from the rear.
Clad by Monty Burton,
fed on Lyon’s pies,
fight for Yiddish conquest
while the Briton dies.
Onward conscript army,
marching on to war,
fight and die for Jewry,
as we did before.

You must die for Poland,
pay your debt of thanks
to your benefactors:
International banks!
To place again the Germans
beneath the Jewish star
onwards to the shambles:
‘Goy cattle that you are’.
Poor Persecuted Jewry
will finance war again.
Forward to the slaughter
for the Hebrews’ gain.

Driven to the shambles
like a flock of sheep
by lying propaganda,
by their plans laid deep.
So for Isreal Moses Sieff
you must fight and die
that Marks & Spencer’s neon signs
may still light up our sky.
Forward, on to Poland
ten million men shall fall
that Judah’s reign of terror
may hold us all in thrall.