Welcome on board Tom

DFT co-blogger

Apologies to my readers for my long term absence. I had not intended taking so much time out. Combination of shit to attend to, life got in the way and just needed a break ….time to reflect.

I don’t intend to continue regular blogging as I have done in the past. It’s very draining and remarkably time consuming. I know there isn’t anything more important now than the Truth and exposing the Truth; but I don’t feel I have the stamina, nor time at present to be a regular blogger, or even to be browsing the net on a regular basis.

However, as a compromise I am fortunate enough to have Tom on board, pretty much as my co-contributor to DFT. I’m sure regular readers will have already noticed the excellent posts provided by Tom. I am so grateful for his quality links. He has a canny ability to source very appropriate and accurate information. Tom and I are in total alignment on every subject in the Truth – in fact I don’t think we disagree on any subject regarding the Truth.

Tom is somebody who has studied the Truth now for about a decade, has had a similar journey as myself within the Truth; having made similar mistakes and been down the same cul de sacs of disinformation as myself. He is now very sharp to the pitfalls within the movement, totally aware of the jewish trickery and ubiquitous PC propaganda. Tom’s role in DFT will be posting interesting links, as opposed to writing essays, as I have done. Tom will effectively keep my site ticking along whilst I continue to have intermittent periods of time out from blogging.

There are very few people who I would share my site with; so I fully trust his contribution. I think he will add a fresh and more creative approach to the site. I am very grateful and pleased to have him on board. I look forward to his input.

At some point down the line I plan to do a housecleaning exercise with much of the posts I have previously posted. I cringe at some of my earlier posts…..oh well, we all have to start somewhere. They do map out my learning curve. I’m afraid I’ve had to toughen up the hard way with the various knocks and home truths. The closer one gets to the Truth, the more distasteful and unpleasant it becomes. Even now I feel quite uncomfortable expressing some of the more un-PC material. But hey, the Truth is the Truth is the Truth.

Thank you once again Tom for all your great links and for being a very supportive friend.

So I hope you all enjoy, or benefit from these latest posts and future contributions from my co-blogger Tom.

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  1. I hate it when no one comments on your posts; so here I am, slopping around:P

    I know we all look forward to Tom’s contributions and your occasional appearances. I get what you’re going through; I have 7 websites to maintain, 3 books in the works, Hebrew lessons, etc. Do take care of yourself and stay in touch. You are more valuable then you can imagine.

    • Many thanks sir. Yet you still have time to go to the synagogue.

      • Sir???? SIR??? I’ll have you know, my dear Digs, that I am every inch a lady, except when…when…..well, never mind about that! Cartier is the French feminine for Carter.

        Did you think me a man all this time??? Sheesh!

      • I know, I know. I realise now. Dehhhr. Whoops, sorry about that.

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