The National Socialist view of the world

The National Socialists of the Third Reich were true environmentalists. They had a great respect for the natural world and its immutable laws, seeking the ‘organic’ not only in their food, but also in their community organization, building projects, and political leadership. This outlook was in stark contrast to the Communist machine, which had little regard for the sanctity of creation.

The National Socialists built upon the groundwork laid by 19th century zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who invented the term ecology. Haeckel had a holistic view of man and thought he should have a symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Haeckel saw that the laws guiding Nature also apply to human civilization.

Further reading and source [excellent site by the way!!]

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  1. cartiermccloud

     /  August 29, 2015

    My God, what an amazing site! Thanks a million for finding and sharing it. I’m passing it on. Frankly, I cannot learn enough about the tragic but incredible Hitler.

    • Thanks CM. Yea and he was the world’s biggest monster – apparently.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  August 29, 2015

        One must always peer beyond the swirling rumours and lies that blind the eye and suffocate the mind in order to see and love clearly. The truth is a dangerous but incomparable lover.

      • Incredible

  2. Brilliant site, brilliant work. The Jews love to say that Hitler was a monster, but how could a man, who loved animals so much he could not bear to eat meat, who banned vivisection and hunting of illegal species, who loved his people so much that he did great things for the unity of the people, be a monster? Any sane mind will recognize Hitler’s actions and views on nature as the views of a saint.

    Here’s to Saint Adolf. Here’s to the truth.


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