Reincarnation an ideology for a better future

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  1. I can agree with this… nature goes out of her way to show us it never does end.

  2. What an excellent post. We all need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. It provides courage when hope is lost, certainty in chaos and a life lived in virtue which follows us forever.

    • The only problem I have with reincarnation is why oh why do most of us not remember our previous existence??

      • I used to practice Hinduism, and the reason we don’t remember is due to God’s grace. Can you imagine the chaos and confusion if we remembered everything about ALL our thousands of lives?? Can you remember what you had for lunch December 1, 1996? In today’s terms, it would be called information overload. The brain has the natural ability to select memories so the mind is not overcrowded with useless information.

        It is said that God’s grace drops a veil between lives so we can start fresh again and learn new lessons.

      • Interesting. But surely a vaugue outline of our past; in order for us to learn, like any experience. Surely that’s how we truly learn in any exercise, because we can remeber the mistakes we make the last time.

        I now do not believe in any God or Goddess. If there is a God, I think he/she/it is some kind of sick or incompetent being. But that’s a whole can of worms.

        Thank you for commenting.

  3. Reblogged this on HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE and commented:
    Let us go forth and save the world not only for our children, but for ourselves.

    The atheistic machinations of the jews to convince us of our limitations and so to justify a hedonistic life with no thought of tomorrow, tells me that the jews are frightened of us finding out our true nature, for if we do, we shall defeat them forever. This alien form of life has no place in our world, now or in the future.

    • Good call.

      • You bring up an interesting point, but the soul KNOWS. Haven’t you ever faced a decision you’ve never had to before and just knew the right way to go? That’s the knowledge from a previous life’s lesson. If we remembered all our mistakes from the past and only made “right” decisions this time, how would we learn from any mistakes? How could we evolve if we were right all the time?

        I don’t believe in any God either. Certainly not any concept we have of him or it. We are limited by our humanness. One day we will know how this all started, but not yet.

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