Onward Christian Soldiers

British Soldier Song, based on Onward Christian Soldiers

Onward conscript army
you have naught to fear,
Isaac Hore-Belisha
will lead you from the rear.
Clad by Monty Burton,
fed on Lyon’s pies,
fight for Yiddish conquest
while the Briton dies.
Onward conscript army,
marching on to war,
fight and die for Jewry,
as we did before.

You must die for Poland,
pay your debt of thanks
to your benefactors:
International banks!
To place again the Germans
beneath the Jewish star
onwards to the shambles:
‘Goy cattle that you are’.
Poor Persecuted Jewry
will finance war again.
Forward to the slaughter
for the Hebrews’ gain.

Driven to the shambles
like a flock of sheep
by lying propaganda,
by their plans laid deep.
So for Isreal Moses Sieff
you must fight and die
that Marks & Spencer’s neon signs
may still light up our sky.
Forward, on to Poland
ten million men shall fall
that Judah’s reign of terror
may hold us all in thrall.

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  1. When was this written?


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