F**kin’ brilliant!!

Worth listening to in it’s entirity. The caller gets cut off half way through, but comes back on again. For all the American listeners ….this is called irony.

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  August 31, 2015

    I only listened to the first three minutes. The accents and soft speaking make it a little hard to understand. Too bad.

    The caller is a 1/ brainwashed idiot, or 2/ a Jew, or 3/ an actor who couldn’t hold it in and started to break out laughing and decided to hang-up rather than be heard laughing.

    • I think you’ve missed the irony Matthew [you bloody Yank ;-)]. Have another listen and you’ll get it.

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 1, 2015

    Digger, if you knew how weak my wifi signal is and the aggravation it brings you’d understand why I bailed-out.

    This post motivated me (finally) to look up the exact difference between facetious and sarcasm.

    “A sarcastic remark is a remark that has a sharp and bitter tinge, usually meant to hurt the person that it is aimed at. It uses the direct opposite of the truth in order to mock and express contempt towards its recipient.”

    “A facetious remark is intended to be amusing and is therefore not to be taken seriously. It is a statement that is not meant to hurt or harm anyone. If someone makes a facetious remark, it must be taken lightly as opposed to a sarcastic remark which can be harsh and cruel.”

    And yes, the clip is also ironic.

    • Just so you know I was just pulling your Matthew. Have a lotta of respect for you sir. You and I go back some time now.

      Thank you for the info….re Sarcastic/Facetious.

      Glad you managed to listen to the clip in the end. I think it’s so great, because it represents how a nobody can have an affect. Just a simple phone in like this could potentially wake up new blood.

      Hope you’re well.

  3. An outstanding bit of truthing. A pity the caller wasn’t able to rattle off the names of the Jews in charge of the media.

    Love the granny caller in the middle of this video. There’s no way CSPAN can cut her off rudely and she is able to hold court for a good long time. She comes in about 8:20 mark.

    We should seriously look to find and raise a Granny Truther Force.

    • Ha ha ha – GTF Granny Truther Force, all slurping tea. Not to be underestimated ……look at Usula Haverbeck’s powerful interview.

      Thanks for commenting.


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