Fat face vs The Duke

“All I can hear is Jews, Jews, Jews.”  Ha ha ha – well surprise surprise Alex. That’s equivalent of a professional car mechanic saying the problem is your carburettor, and anyone who knows anything about a car explaining that it’s the carburettor; and you saying “All I can hear is carburetor, carburettor, carburettor”

That’s a coincidence Alex your boss just happens to be a jew.

David Duke’s response to this baboon he had to converse with:

Angelo John Gage’s response to the video

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  August 31, 2015

    I listened to the entire podcast about a week after it took place. The trace of respect I had for Alex Jones is gone. Wow, did he look bad! I listen to most of Dr. David Duke’s podcasts in archive. Dr. Duke’s argument is air tight! He does his homework. He does his research. His argument is irrefutable. Dr. Duke is a brave principled man of great integrity. Jones must have felt cornered. It seems all he felt he could do was resort to name-calling and making fun of Dr. Duke. In fact, Alex Jones was so bad, a little part of me thinks maybe he was deliberately failing because even he has some urge to expose the Jews with all their criminality.

    David Duke is my hero and my idol. I hope to meet him one day.

    DAVID DUKE 2016!



    • Well it seemed to make an impact. I think there will be a ripple effect from this interview. I noticed how fat face has taken down the interview from his site – Woops fucked up there Alex. You better scurry off to israhell with your jewish wife and kids.

      Duk is not my idiol, but am damn clad he’s out there.

      Nice to hear from you Matthew. Hope you’re well

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. mike

     /  September 1, 2015

    Good to see bag of wind Jones digging his own grave.
    May I recommend David Duke recently speaking on radio3fourteen for anyone interested.


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