Crafty truthing

As another little truthing trick ………

What I’ve found useful in some situations is to make out you’re new to the Truth, or specific piece of information. So for example, if you were to go to the barbers/hairdressers for the first time and wanted to approach these topics; in order for the person cutting your hair and those listening to the conversation. Bare in mind this could be your local village or town and you may wish to deliver the Truth in a more palatable way.

The barber says to you “How we doing today?” You reply “Ohh, a bit tired really, I couldn’t stop watching a documentary until late last night.” To which he replies “Oh yea what’s that?”  You respond “Well a client insisted I watched it, it’s about exposing how the holocaust is a big hoax.” Then proceed to explain the basics to him/her. Then just work around their response. If you get a negative or nasty reaction from him, or anyone listening; just keep your cool, acting naive, saying how this ‘theory’ is new to you and you’re confused about it yourself and you have to look into it yet. If you wish you could even buckle down and agree with their denying. This is not being cowardly, this is just being a bit crafty.

And if they say the classic line “Yea well what about all the emancipated bodies we’ve all seen on the footage?” You just answer as a third party truther saying “Yea I know, but the film explains ………..” Always acting innocent and a new-comer to this information, always speaking as a third party.

All that matters is you have planted a Truth seed, to the individual you have spoken to and others earwigging your conversation. If they happen to hear this holocaust denial theme again, then they may just go and check it out for themselves.

Another example you could give, is say that you have been given a book, or DVD and it has turned your train of thought upside-down. Then begin to explain it.

If you do use this technique, and whatever example you may use, ensure you cover the following:
    Pretend you are shocked by the information, that the film really has had an effect on you – this is to draw them in. Most people like some sort of stimulus, so try to get them enticed that this film will change your life and train of thought.
 •    Make out that these subjects aren’t really your cup of tea. That you wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in topics such as this. This is in case they too may not be interested in such subjects, and it will also affect them if they watch it.
    Ensure that you get across to the person you are telling that you received this information from a professor, or someone who is grounded, who is a historian whatever. Not from Dave up the pub. It has to be someone credible with academic recognition.
    Try to deliver it in a cool, calm and balanced manner. Avoid coming across as a nutty emotive conspiracy theorists.
    Try and throw your voice a bit to be heard by others around.
    Obviously write down the documentary/book for them, even if they don’t ask you to. Say to them, you won’t be  disappointed.

Counter argument
But we’re supposed to be in the Truth movement, telling the Truth, not delivering lies.

This argument is valid. But ……we’re not really delivery lies as such, we’re just adapting our delivery of Truth. We have to be crafty when delivery the Truth. 99%+ of the people around us are 5s – nearly everyone believes that 2+2 ads up to 5. It’s pathetic that we have to do these tricks, just to deliver the Truth, but just look at the mass mind control out there. Who is not conditioned at some level, including us(?) Amongst the repeaters we have to be a bit sneaky in how we get this Truth out there. If this 3rd party-truthing works, then what does it matter how it was delivered(?) This is ultimately about saving lives and reducing suffering.
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  1. cartiermccloud

     /  August 29, 2015

    When I was 24, you know, when the dinosaurs died out, I was engaged to an intelligence agent. We were discussing the jews, and my little brainwashed self was defending them. He then said: The jews have been thrown out of every country they entered for the past 3,000 years; what are they doing wrong?” That’s all it took to get me on the trail.

    I would have wised up sooner or later, but am forever grateful to be set straight at such an early age.

    • In a way, lucky you, that the Truth-seed was sown early on.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  August 29, 2015

        Thanks for posting so many interesting articles. I am unable to resist you.

      • Thank you. I’m grateful for all the contributors.

  2. Debs

     /  August 31, 2015

    Brilliant. Great to have you back again Digger. Excellent series of posts.

  3. Digger, great to see you back! Was thinking along the same lines with books. “Oh, this provocative thing? Well, I got into an argument with my brother-in-law. He sad I was too chicken shit to read it, so I’m reading it. Actually, it’s kind of interesting. I’ve been shocked to learn…”

    • Yea, good one. If I’m right, I think you mentioned this trick a while back. Like your rubbing their ego.


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