Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

Rest in peace uncle Gerry


Thank you for giving so many people so many chuckles and roar-out-loud laughs with your sharp dry wit. Thank you for all your selfless work helping your community. Thank you for your wonderfully creative yarns and imaginary tales you told us as children……that dancing fairies lived at the bottom of your garden. I sneaked out and slept out in the garden in my made-up tent in hope of seeing them and even attempted rigging up an elementary fairy alarm system with string and bells to wake me in the night. No bells rang that night. Although disappointed in the morning, you told me to keep looking, that one day I’d see them. I did keep looking. Maybe they were there all along; perhaps on a different frequency.

Although no fairies to be seen; you taught us to keep an open eye, to have a creative mind, to dare to think outside the box and to keep a sense of humour in times of adversity.  And thank you for teaching us that money, materialism and status really isn’t top priority in life, that it’s the spirit within.

I often chuckle inside when I recall as a child meeting you coming home from just having had your haircut. I said your hair looked odd and you replied that the barber forgot his scissors that day and he had to make do with a knife and fork. I walked away pondering on the practicalities….How on earth could that be done without cutting his head??

And even at your funeral, the crack was good, in that you managed to get the whole congregation laughing amongst our tears and dry throats, with the tales of your hilarious shenanigans.

As you often said, you’re going to the great pub in the sky. I just hope the guinness is good enough for you up there.

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  1. Very sorry for your loss, Digs. Wish I knew him growing up. I asked my father one time why he had no hair on top; he said he lost it sliding down the bannister on his head. I believed him for years:P

    As for the fairies, also known as Tylwyth Teg in Welsh, if you put out a small saucer of whiskey and cream for them, they’d be mighty grateful. You might even find a bit of a piece of luck coming your way, so spend it well.

    • Thank you CM. He’s now not suffering – no more pain. Plus he’s out of this open-air asylum.


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