9 Nobel Virtues


The Asatru moral code of conduct is known as the Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru. The Nine Noble Virtues represent the distilled wisdom and ancient Germanic moral code gleaned from various ancient sources including the Poetic Edda (particularly the Hávamál), the Icelandic Sagas and Germanic folklore. To live as one of the True folk, you should lead your life in accordance with the Nine Noble Virtues.
Interpretations of these virtues range from person to person, and from Kindred to Kindred. The following represent some of our opinions on how the virtues should be interpreted
The ancient Heathens held these certain virtues to be spiritual law.
These were not at all the only moral values of the ancient Heathens, but perhaps the most highly regarded. The ancient tribal laws began as custom and tradition, and these laws constituted those customs and traditions.
Before anyone can even think of approaching the Gods & Goddesses of Asatru, they should first make sure they know these spiritual laws well and consistently strive towards them.

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  1. Virtue, like a woman’s hair, should be a man’s only adornment.

  2. Reblogged this on Stand or Die and commented:
    If we had kept our virtues intact, they could never have taken over.


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