4s vs 5s

there are those of us in society who know how to add up
we are specially trained
we have attended school, been to college, even to university
we know our maths – good n proper

cos us clever people
who happen to be the majority
we know all about adding up
we’re just canny at additions

you see we’re the ones in the know
we know that if you have 2 and then add another 2
it adds up to FIVE

so let’s just go through this in detail
if you’ve got two of something – anything
and you add another two of something – anything
then that means you will have 5 of these things

its quite simple really if you break it down
it’s simple maths, but sometimes throws us
so, once again 2 add another two
and you end up with 5

keep practicing
I promise you’ll get it
2 plus 2 adds up to 5
two add two = five
or simply

have you got it now?
be patient, it’ll come eventually
practice practice practice
two plus two equals five

but there will always be awkward people in society
those who think they know better
you know, those smug individuals
who always have to have an alternative view

somehow they’re trying to put a whole new spin on things
they’re only trying to suggest that everyone else in society cannot add up
they’re only trying to suggest that the mathematicians have got it wrong
they reckon that 2 + 2 adds up to FOUR – ha

these people are dangerous!
the quads amongst us – watch out for them
they are more than just awkward
they are trouble for society

if these quads get their way, they’ll turn your life upside down
these 4s will try to tell you you are deluded
the fourorians will make outrageous claims about world history
the quadologists will dare to tell you there are alternatives to the white coats
they will even try to inform you about a 5 conspiracy

but don’t have any of it
don’t buy into their quad-conspiracy theories
besides – how can everyone in society be wrong(?)
how could the experts have made such a fundamental mistake(?)
how could the media, academia have made such a clanger(?)

be proud to be a pentunist
feel how comfortable it is to think in terms of five
look at all the company you have being amongst the trendy fiveists
relish the social and academia benefits of pentology

scream, shout, and hollow out loud
five ~ five ~ five
because my fellow fiveies


2 + 2 will always add up to glorious 5
“The world is in a mess due to the millions upon millions of the comfortable selfish repeaters who are indifferent to the fact that 2 + 2 does actually add up to 4”
~ Digger



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  1. cartiermccloud

     /  August 30, 2015

    No comments from anyone? Probly digging thru their calculators bustin’ that 5.

  2. Debs

     /  August 31, 2015

    🙂 This made me laugh. Thank you. But sadly so true. Had a weekend of it getting through to my parents (who are 5s). Love the end quote.


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