4 good reasons NOT to fall for this latest ‘flat-earth’ meme


Q: Whilst you’re spending specious time on this ‘theory’, what are you NOT doing?
A: Putting your time and energy into exposing jewish perfidy.
Look at the hours you have spent on this subject already, or potentially could spend on it. Perhaps days. Despite it being an interesting subject, we have real work to do. We don’t have time for time wasting. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.
2/. Tar the Truth community as being nutters
The jews always have multidimensional reasons for doing things. They tend to benefit on many levels whenever they throw something at us. This is their latest scam. One of the tick lists for them will be to get non-thinking Joe public to think that anyone who delves into the Truth is not only a conspiracy theorist by a loony. This will obviously work as an individual too……so let’s say you are trying to convince your father that the Holocaust was a big fat kosher lie and then you happen to mention that the earth is flat; well you know what’s going to happen – you’ve blown all credibility straight away. Duplicate this all across the world and the Truth movement’s message has been discredited. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.
3/. Proof?
Be honest, how the hell are you going to prove this one – either way? Even if this theory were correct and you personally had the data, how on flat earth are you going to converse this to the average guy in the street(?) None of us are scientists, especially at that level. It will be near on impossible. Look at the mind gymnastics people get into with the 9-11 debate. That’s why I tend to avoid talking about 9-11 when trying engage with people, because although it’s obvious to me that 9-11 was an inside/outside job, I’m not an engineer, nor a explosives expert, nor a pilot. So one can easily get entangled in technical semantics and never win the debate. Likewise with this flat-earth beast; you will end up tied up in knots. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.
4/. WTF does it matter anyway?
What does it matter that you and your family are going to perish on a flat earth, square earth, triangular earth or globe? The jews are out to enslave and slaughter you and your love ones. Surely isn’t that enough to focus on(?) As interesting as this theory is, it has no relevance compared to the pressing situation we are currently in. Things are desperate as ever. This theory will have no affect on your ultimate outcome – belief me. And the creators of this latest hoax know this well.
Please drop this nonsense and crack on with exposing the jewish agenda.

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  1. I had no idea this was coming to the fore again. Let me play devil’s advocate: So the jews control everything, what are you going to do about it?

    • At present – all we can do is ‘do what we can’…..within our limitations, capabilities and resources at each present time. All I know, is there are very few days these days I do no nothing. Perhaps I could do more; but when I have – I’ve burn out. So now I know about pacing out. I have never seen so much Truth about as now. We are making progress.

  2. Castini

     /  August 30, 2015

    Why ignore such a huge deception? Should we ignore chem-trails? Should we ignore false flag shootings? Should we ignore vaccines, GMOs, HAARP, etc? They could all be seen as distractions too. Or, as I see it, evil manifestations of Jewish tyranny and control that enslaves humanity. Why selectively pursue truth? I am all in. I want to know what, whom and for what reason that my world is such a messed up place. And I want to know how the world really is.

    Here are my 4 good reasons to investigate the possibility that the Earth is FLAT.

    1. It helps to tie all the Jewish tyranny and lies together. One big giant LIE to deceive humanity. Jews have convinced most of humanity that their world is a globe. What else have these sub-human monsters lied about? (Hint- EVERYTHING)

    2. It helps to free your mind from the lies of science. “Science” is largely man-made just like the Jewish lies that blind us to the truth. Why trust Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, and Authorities? That’s what the Jews would have you do.

    3. It helps you to again trust your instincts, intuition, senses, gut reactions, common sense and critical thinking. ( are we really supposed to believe that the oceans “curve” around the “globe” and are retained by “gravity”??) That didn’t make any sense when I was 6 and it sure as heck makes no sense now. It never will. Period.

    4. It puts you back into the realm of importance. You matter. You are not random dust, the result of a Jew lie called the “Big Bang” . (It sure was a big bang from the Jew) The stars, sun and universe revolve around you. Your life and time here matter. Actions have consequences. The Jew would have you shopping, whoring, watching mindless TV, viewing sports, dramas, and living a “life” of consumption. You matter. And the Jew can’t have that be known.

    Everyone needs to take their own path to truth and knowledge. The FLAT earth makes sense to me. I don’t see any curvature. EVER. “Gravity” makes no sense to me. Airline, shipping, internet / phone cable routes make no sense on a globe but perfect sense on a flat earth. Days, nights, seasons, circumnavigations East to West, eclipses, weather, etc. can all be explained easily on a Flat or globe earth model. What is the deal with Antarctica? So much secrecy and control I have conducted tests myself to test curvature looking across a bay for 15.6 miles. I can easily see a cape that should be below my visual horizon by 162 feet on a globe. Yet, there it is. I stand with my toes in the Sea on one side of the bay, and that cape is fully visible and yet only about 60 feet in elevation above the Sea. Where’s the curvature?…..WHERE??

    Beware of the International JEW and his Globe.

    • Good response Castini. Willing to be proved wrong. But my post was more about TIME. Time precious time. How many hours/days/weeks are you going to be spending on this latest meme?
      The jews are the great distractors. I may indeed change my mind on this – nothing is fixed; but think this is more BS, more distraction.
      As for gravity …..erhhh think I go along with that one. Just picked my cup of tea up, it didn’t seem to hover in the air; but like I say, I’m no scientist.

      Thanks for contributing.

      • Hahaha! Oh God, I love you, Digs, Hahahaa! I will say one thing, though, the basic laws of physics ARE fixed. Without recognition of these laws, all would be chaos. And that’s what the jews promote. And we have so much more to learn; so much so that I think one day we will be able to teleport as opposed to gravitationally restricted travel. Think of the gas savings! 😛

      • Castini

         /  September 1, 2015

        First off, thanks for what you do. Your website is a treasure trove of knowledge!
        Without a doubt the Jew is a master dis-tractor. There are times that I have my doubts about the Flat Earth. It’s not like I have been to space to tell the tale. The questions that I wrestle with are these: Is this a distraction to DE-rail truth seekers? Is this TRUTH and an army of shills, trolls, dis-info, etc are working like crazy to shut it down before it spreads too far? Or, even is this leaked on purpose to start a shit storm and thus the desired Order out of Chaos and a JWO? I wonder. So in lieu of knowing I observe the world around me. I trust my senses, and I make observations. I ask questions. I research. At this point I am of the opinion that the earth is Flat.

        Oh and the tea thing? It’s heavier than the surrounding air so if you let go……it’s a pretty good bet that it’s going to make a big mess! (But “Gravity” has absolutely nothing to do with that. Gravity is as silly as Flubber!)

        And lets not over indulge the scientist. He is a foolish academician who has wasted lots of valuable time “studying” nonsense like “Gravity”. Can you imagine the Astronomer or Astrophysicist wasting so much time an energy for Unicorns and Lucky Charm “science”? It boggles the mind.

        Good Day!

      • Ok Castini. I could be wrong. But hope you get my point about time wasting.

        Thanks for contributing.

      • Rick

         /  September 9, 2015

        The Earth is flat and can be easily proven. I’m glad I know but if someone else doesn’t care, I don’t either. I stopped caring what others believe in since hardly anyone can see the truth about anything. Sad.

    • Castini, you bring up some interesting points; however, I feel you are caught up in the opposite paradigm in your efforts to get away from the jew influence and manipulation of the world. You trust NOTHING your senses and common sense should tell you. You are so busy disproving anything the jews may have “touched” that little is real to you anymore.

      Question: are all the videos and photos of the earth from space Photoshopped? If approaching the earth from a straight diagonal, would we see the edge of the earth as a flat disk? If we are flat, what about the other planets in our system that appear round? What geo physics caused this flatness? And if there is no gravity, how do people on the other side maintain their stability?

      You have an interesting intelligence but as Digs said, we are running out of time. The jews are getting ready to make their final move on us.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself CM. Nice one.

      • Castini

         /  September 1, 2015

        On the contrary, i do trust my senses, Even more so now that i believe the earth to be Flat. As I write you I am in Australia. Funny thing is I have not seemed to experience any red face, dizzyness, head aches…anything at all even though the hack Globe “scientists” would have me believe that I am upside down. If we were all raised to believe that we all lived on a flat plane earth when we were children and then as adults told that no, in fact we inhabit a ball spinning and shooting through infinite space we would all think that whoever said that was nuts. Because it goes against instinct, reason, logic and common sense. We would see nothing in nature that we could use as an example to understand. But now lets turn it around to what we have in this insane Jew world that we now inhabit. We were indoctrinated as children to believe that we live on this Globe. Right along with our ABCs and 123s. We see nothing in nature that supports a ball holding water around it. But yet that’s what was foisted on us. It only took me a couple of months to UN-learn the nonsense that was drilled into my mind for 40 years by the Jew system when I looked into the Flat Earth information.

        I never lose sight of the International Jew and his matrix of deception. The Jew is behind all deception. But one should never underestimate the depths that he will stoop to. If the Jew will stage one false flag hoax “shooting” then ALL suspicious shootings that are played up in Jew media must be suspect. If the Jew could pull off 9/11, and two World Wars, (All Wars) why is it any stretch of the imagination that he would deceive humanity about the very earth that they live on?

        You have good questions about the earth. For some I have some insight, others….I don’t know. Yes, I believe ALL photos of the earth are photo-shopped, painted, animated, CGI, and composite. The same for all “planets”. As far as planets and stars appearing round, who knows? Perhaps they are disks. Perhaps they are projections. If the earth is flat, there are no satellites, no GPS, (I believe GPS is cell tower and ground antenna based) no low earth orbits, no Moon Landing, no space exploration, (at least not beyond say 120,000 feet or so) and NASA as well as all “space agencies” are complete frauds. Gravity is a construct designed to sell the Global earth lie. All objects are subject to density and buoyancy. The physics of the flat earth is what you observe. Up is up, down is down. If an object is heavier than the surrounding fluid (air or water) then it settles down or up as appropriate. No “Gravity” required. We are still, motionless and living on a flat earth. There is no curvature and there is no other side. The laws of visual perspective determine how far we can see along with atmospheric clarity, eye acuity and the visual vanishing point.
        As far as approaching the earth from a diagonal would one see an edge? I do not know. From my research into this matter, I have read many references to a firmament or dome that covers the earth and retains the air as well as traps us here. Not sure if I am on board for that one….but really who knows? Nobody has ever been beyond the infinite plane or the “dome” if you will so it’s anybodies guess.

        As far as the Jews going to make their final move….perhaps. I sure am seeing a bunch of noise about late September 2015 on the Internet. But consider this: If we all do inhabit a Flat Earth, what are these pathetic, pukes going to do? No worries about meteors, comets, super volcanoes, EMPs, Nukes, (I believe that Nukes are a fake Jew psyop as well) etc. They have no teeth. They have financial and total media control, but beyond that……NOTHING. The Gentiles are waking up. I don’t see them fighting a WWIII for the Jews. It’s like being afraid of the Wizard of Oz only to find out he is really an old bald, decrepit Jewbag behind a curtain moving his levers and smoke.

        So yeah, I always keep my focus on the Jew. But I have room for the Flat Earth too. It helps me to make connections and see the forest for the trees.

  3. Castini

     /  September 1, 2015

    For anyone that has a little extra “time” to do a wee bit of research into this Flatness.
    The following link is quite the one stop shop primer:




  4. AMEN, Digger! Explodes on the scene as Jew Truth is really starting to catch fire. We can put it “top of the list” as soon as the real work is done.

  5. fr3ddy

     /  September 20, 2015

    I just ‘wasted’ maybe 90 minutes looking into this flat earth stuff. Not at all convinced and found several reasons to discount the FET.
    I have seen ships at sea go away from sinking out of view and not vanishing to a point.
    There are direct flights from Johannesburg SA to Perth Australia and the flight times are between 9hr20min. and 11hr20min. Simply multiplying 500-600 mph x 9.25 or 11.25 hrs hours gives a distance of only approx. 4600-6800 miles. These two points alone are denied in the FET and there are others I won’t trouble myself to look into.
    So, back to what IS important eh?

    • Exactly. One only needs to look out to sea. What what do we know.

      My point is, I don’t care. My point is it’s just ‘another’ distraction.What the fuk does it matter whether we perish on in spiral planet, a tubular planet, or flat planet – if we don’t all pull our fingers out, we’re stuffed.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. fr3ddy

     /  September 20, 2015

    You wrote ” If the earth is flat, there are no satellites, …”
    Simple proof right here against FET to me. I have seen many satellites crossing the night skies since the 1960’s. If they are not orbiting a spherical globe, what are they doing?

  7. The Flat Earth teaching is a sacred truth and as an odinist this is part of my religion. To honor the Sun, I close my eyes, look at the Sun, and silently say the Norse Odin mantra. Then to honor the Earth, I look down, think of the flat Earth, and say the mantra again.


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