The Morph

When becoming jew-wise, often one likes to think that ‘it’s not all the jews’; because at some point in our youth we have had some nice times with Jew pals. We’ve shared some laughs, we’ve enjoyed some ventures, we used to socialise with one or two jews who were really good buddies. So perhaps it’s a bit unfair to label all Jews as bad, all Jews being part of the agenda.

But…….it’s not until one really looks at the complete picture. That when one objectively steps back with many years of experience and study of this conspiracy against humanity; that one can see how the good Jew fits into this comprehensive agenda.

Because, as this title suggests. Those good Jews whom we shared some laughs with in previous years, will always, always in every case evolve into a position in society where they will directly or indirectly play their role in this demonic enslavement. I happen to call this the morph.

That’s what these nice Jews do. Slowly gradually, just as the acorn develops into the oak tree, as the puppy grows into a dog, as the innocuous snake develops into a venomous snake; so the youthful, pally Jew will naturally morph into a fully operational Jew.

Your once buddy, who just happen to be a Jew, will gradually incrementally turn. The morph won’t necessarily be that noticeable at first. It will be little things, such as a slight career shift, a notch up the ladder. A dash of financial serendipity: property, business investment, whatever. Always just happen to land on their feet. Always just happen to be at the right place at the right time for that golden opportunity.

Then as the years go by and you happen drift from your nice Jew friend, and meet up eight to ten years later; you will see how they just happen to have got on in life. Just happen to be head of department, got a chain of shops, successful warehouse, lucrative art career with the right connections, established jeweller, successful lawyer (liar), chief financial advisor, top physician. You will also notice how their appearance has changed, how jewish they appear. The large darkened glasses, the style of clothing, the beard, the smell of money, the eyes, the nose – the morph. Your old college buddy, now very very different from how they were and very very different from you.

Somehow, you and your nice Jew buddy are now miles apart. Not able to relate. They are up there and you’re down there. Still down there. Never able to get out of your rut, always tripping up in business deals, just when you think you able to succeed, you slip right down that greasy pole again. Whereas your Jew buddy seems to always come out on top. Funny that. Must be because Jews are so much cleverer than us, so more hard working hey.

Can you see a patten here? Can you see what is covertly happening? How they always always come out on top. Always just happen to be in a position of social influence. As throughout the ages. Can you see it? Can you get it now?

It is not until one is able to be completely Jew-wise that one can observe this much repeated patten.

And just look at what they morph into. Not so much what they become as far a their career title. But their character. They become A JEW. They are ruthless in business, cold, uncaring, seriously materialistic, untrustworthy, callous. And most of all…. have no conscience. [PONCs People Of No Conscience.]

Try asking a favour from your old buddy, to help you get up a notch on the social ladder. Just you see how much your ‘friendship’ was worth. All those favours you’ve done for them. Remember how you bailed them out on your travels when you were in your youth – forget it. Remember how you put them up when they needed somewhere to stay – forget it. Remember how you nursed them when they were sick – forget it. Remember how you helped them get hooked up with that girl they liked – forget it. Remember how you went out of your way to repair their vehicle – just you forget it goy. Because now you are a nothing server and they are of social influence. And that is just how it is. They are better people in society and you are not. Know your place.

The morph just happened when you weren’t looking. You were not Jew-wise. You were not in the know, you with your blissful ignorance, you gullible goy thinking that you were all on the same level, on an even playing field. Ha, such naive trust.

Isn’t it about time us non Jews get wise to this comprehensive Jewish usurpation by stealth.

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