Time out

I am having to take some time out from blogging and internet activities.
I cannot say how long I will be away. I am guessing for several months, at least. I have to focus on personal stuff for the time being.
Thank you to all those whom have contributed to this site and to those doing their bit for the Truth.
Please do not e-mail me or leave comments. I will be closing down my e-mail account.
Love and respect to all the genuine Truth tellers.
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  1. germa

     /  May 13, 2015

    Will miss you!

  2. Germania

     /  May 15, 2015

    You wil be missed!

  3. Jeremy

     /  May 15, 2015

    Come back soon!!

  4. Digger

    Great to see you back so soon!! I thought that you may have been signing off for good…..thank god that isn’t the case.

    cheers from Oz

    • Thank you, afraid I am still in a pickle and need some time out. The two posts were just an intermittent. But thank you for your support anyway. I am still writing in between my personal stuff, ready for when I return.

      Be well.


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