In The Name of Allah


In The Name of Allah

[Islam for Dummy Kafir]


The UN intends to make it a crime to defame or criticise religion, particularly Islam. I believe it is imperative that non-Muslims understand exactly what Islam is and what it is we are not allowed to defame or criticise. When I began researching this article my intention was to do just that, however I find there is no need, you can decide for yourself whether it should be criticised or defamed.

One major problem with discovering what Islam actually entails is the fact that Muslims protest the Kafirs (non-Muslims) misunderstand it because something has been mistranslated, or we misunderstand because it is a subtle matter of religion.

‘Islam’ literally means submission, deriving from the word Islama. The definition of peace in Islam is total submission. According to the religious scriptures there will only be world peace once the world has converted to Islam. Evidently the Islamic agenda is to convert the world to Islam, taxing, enslaving then killing all those that do not convert. It is an offence to Islam to be Kafir. It is an offence to not recognise there is only one God, their God Allah (pronounced Al-lah).

The thing about Islam is that everything about Islam can be referenced to 3 books of the Islamic doctrine. If it is not referenced in these 3 books then it is not Islam. The 3 books are the Qur’an, the Hadith and the Sira. The Qur’an is Allah’s teachings, the Sira is an 800-page document of the Prophet Mohammed, The Hadith or ‘The Traditions’ are stories of Mohammed (things the Prophet did or said, or things other people said he said).

The startling thing about these books and indeed Islam, is how much of it is concerned with the Kafir:

  • 64% of the Qur’an relates to how good Muslims should treat the Kafir.
  • 81% of the Sira is devoted to wars & damage to the Kafir.
  • 31% of the Hadith relates to the Kafir.

When one delves into the 3 books of Islam one begins to understand very quickly that there are many contradictions, in fact Islam seems to have 2 things to say about every topic making it profoundly dualistic. There is no golden rule except that the doctrine of Islam lays out 2 ethics – one for Muslims and one for the Kafir. This duality and polarity is Islam’s strength because it is ‘a peaceful religion’ as our politicians keep reminding us post 9/11, 7/7 and the ‘War on Terror’. However Islam is a political intolerant politics too. This is how the politics of Islam hides behind the religion of Islam, ipso facto…….. Islam is actually a political ideology.

It is near on impossible to find any writings on Islam that are unbiased and that are not pro-Christian or pro-Jewish. To really grasp what Islam is about there is a book called ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’ known as the definitive guide to Islam, written and translated by Muslim clerics for English speaking Muslims, and anyone else who can grit their teeth long enough to read it.

As with any religious scriptures the devotees of that indoctrination will protest that a non-denomination person will misconstrue or misunderstand the subtleties, translations, or intentions of the sacred texts. Read the ‘Reliance of the Traveller’ and there can be no room left for debate. The teachings leave nothing to interpretation, nothing is left to chance or free will, and everything a Muslim human should do in life is taught intricately by their religious scriptures.

R32.2It is offensive to contend against the words of anyone with authority over one, or talk back, oppose, rebut or disobey… applying to such people as a follower with his leader, son with his parents, student with his teacher, wife with her husband. All of this is very ugly behaviour and deserves disciplinary action.

Remember Islam means submission.

The Reliance of the Traveller “represents one of the finest and most reliable short works in Sahfi ‘i’ jurisprudence.”
As for subject matter, the emphasis of the book is on the path we now travel to paradise or hell.
As for the basic obligation of Islam and what relates to tenets of the faith, it is adequate for one to believe in everything brought by the messenger Allah and to credit it with absolute conviction, free of any doubt.
Rather than what befits the common people of vast majority of those learning or possessing Sacred Knowledge is to refrain from discussing the subtleties of scholastic theology lest corruption difficult to eliminate find its way into their basic religious convictions. Rather it is fitter for them to confine themselves to contentment with the above mentioned absolute certainty.
The Sacred Knowledge is things that are permissible according to the Prophet Mohammed.
Examples of ‘Unlawful Knowledge’ are:
Sorcery, Philosophy, Magic, Astrology, Science of Materialists, anything that creates doubts.”
Offensive Knowledge includes:
Postclassical poetry which contains romance and uselessness.
Permissible Knowledge includes:
Postclassical poetry which does not contain stupidity or anything that is offensive or incites evil.”

“My community (Umma) shall not agree on error.”
“Allah’s hand is over the group and whoever dissents from them deports to hell.”

The Reliance of the Traveller is divided in to chapters covering all human eventualities:

  • 0.0 JUSTICE
  • 0.8 Apostasy from Islam
    Leaving Islam is the ugliest form of unbelief (Kafir or Kufr) and the worst.
  • 0.8.1 “When a person who has reached puberty and is sane and voluntarily apostasies Islam he deserves to be killed.”
  • 0.8.2 “In such a case it is obligatory for the Caliph (or representative) to ask him to repeat and return to Islam. If he does it is accepted from him but if he refuses he is immediately killed.”
  • 0.8.4 “There is no indemnity for killing an apostate (or any expiation since it is killing someone who deserves to die).”

C9.1: “It is recommended when one intends to use the lavatory:
To put something on one’s feet.
– To cover the head.
– To ready the stones to clean oneself of filth.
– To say ‘in the name of Allah I take refuge in you from demons’.
– To enter with the left foot 1st and depart with the right foot 1st.
– Not to raise one’s garment until one squats down.
– To put ones weight on the left foot whilst squatting.
– Not to speak.
– When finished urinating for men to squeeze the penis with the left hand.
– Not to relieve oneself with one’s front or rear facing the sun, moon or the sacred precinct in Jerusalem.”


There are 16 entries on the purification of water, what water is impure, which containers of water to use or not use, 216 litres is significant for cleansing & purifying the body.
There is even instruction on the use of a tooth stick – times of use, acceptable types, directions for use.

The Sunnas of the body: Moustache, beard, haircutting, circumcision, dyeing the hair.
Obligatory ablutions are:
Washing the hands, face, beard & hair, arms, head, ears, feet.
There are 5 instructions on how & when to wipe footwear.
Instructions on how to carry the Qur’an, not to wet the fingers when turning the pages, not to carry the Qur’an whilst travelling in case it falls in to the hands of the non-believers, and not use it as a pillow.

“The meaning of sperm”.
“The meaning of sperm and female sexual fluid”.
“Doubt about whether discharge is sperm”.
“Underarm hair is to be plucked, pubic hair to be shaved, eyes (women) lined with kohl.”

“Minimal & maximal duration.”
“Dusky coloured discharge.”
“Postnatal bleeding.”
“Actions unlawful during menstruation.”
“Women with chronic vaginal discharge.”

“One saturates between the toes using the little finger of the left hand. One begins with the right toes coming up the toes from beneath and finishes with the little toe on the left.”
Every single millimetre of the body of covered in the teachings on ‘how to wash’.
E10.1 The purification bath is obligatory for males when;
“Sperm exits the body.”
“Or the head of the penis enters the vagina.”
Obligatory for females when:
“Sexual fluid exits from her.”
“The head of the penis enters the vagina.”
“After menstrual period.”
“After her postnatal lochia stops.”


Extensive instruction on praying;
F13.2 “The prayer is unlawful and invalid if: From sunrise until the sun is a spears length above the horizon.”
F16.0 The Prayer of Peril
F16.1 “The Prayer of Peril may be performed when the Muslims are engaged in permissible fighting (0. Whether obligatory as when fighting the Kafir).”


Including what to say, what to do, how to wash the body, how to bury, how to pray.
G5.3 “Men should bury the dead even if it is a female.”
G6.3 “It is permissible to weep before someone dies but better not to afterwards.”


M1.1 “A man who needs to marry (because of desire to sexual intercourse) and has enough money… One who needs to marry but does not have enough money to pay for these expenses is recommended not to marry but to suppress his sexual desire by fasting.”
M2.3 “It is unlawful for a man to look at a woman who is not his wife or one of unmarriageable kin.”
“A majority of scholars have recorded as holding that it is unlawful for women to leave the house with faces unveiled.”
M2.4 “A man may look at his wife but it is offensive for either to look at the others genitals.”
M2.5 Guardians of Women:
“A woman must be married off by a male guardian. Father, father’s father, brother, brother’s son, father’s brother, father’s brother’s son or Islamic Magistrate.”
M3.13 “Whenever the bride is a virgin the father or the father’s father may marry her to someone without her permission though it is recommended to ask her permission if she has reached puberty.
A virgin’s silence is considered permission.”


M5 The wife’s marital obligations:
M5.1 “It is obligatory for a woman to let her husband have sex with her immediately when:
– “He asks her.”
– “She is at home”.
– “She can physically endure it.”
– “A marriage payment has been received or deferred to a term not yet expired.”
– “If she asks him to wait she is awaited 3 days.”
M5.2 (Iman Ghazali) “One should make love to his wife every 4 nights, as is the fairest, since the number of wives one may have is 4…”
M5.4 “A husband possesses full right to enjoy his wife’s person (from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet though anal intercourse is absolutely unlawful).”
M5.5 “The husband is permitted to practice coitus interuptus… though it is better not to (O. it being considered offensive in our school because it means to prevent reproduction).”
M6.6 “The husband is entitled to insist his wife undertake… purificatory bath after her monthly period… shaving her private parts and removing filth.”
M6.1 “It is unlawful to marry one’s mother, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, aunts.”


M10.12 “When a husband notices signs of rebelliousness in his wife… tell her ‘Fear Allah concerning the rights you owe me’, ‘Your obeying me is religious obligatory’. If she commits rebelliousness, he keeps from sleeping with her without words, and may hit her, but not in a way that injures her, meaning he may not break her bones, wound her and cause blood to flow.”
“Both man & wife are obliged to treat each other kindly.”
“It is not lawful for a wife to leave the house without express permission of her husband.”
“It is obligatory for a wife to obey her husband as is customary in allowing him full lawful sexual enjoyment of her person.”
“If the wife does not fulfil one of the above mentioned obligations she is termed rebellious (nashiz) and her husband takes the following steps:
– Admonition of advice:
– If admonition is ineffectual he keeps from her by not sleeping in bed with her.
– If keeping from her is ineffectual it is permissible for him to hit her if he believes that hitting her will bring her back to the right path.”

Clothing, food, hygiene products, servants are to be provided.
M11.9 “The husband is only obliged to support his wife when she gives herself to him or offers to, meaning she allows him full enjoyment of her person and does not refuse him sex at any time of the night and day.”
M1.3 “It is offensive to send one’s children to a day care centre run by non-Muslims, It is unlawful to send Muslim children to a Christian school (it threatens their belief in Islam).”


O13.0 “The penalty for accusing a person of adultery without proof (or sodomy), and the accused could be someone who is chaste…”
O13.2 “Someone who could be chaste in this context means someone who has reached puberty, is sane, free, Muslim, and has not committed an act of fornication.”
O13.3 “The penalty for making such an accusation without 4 witnesses is to be scourged (80 lashes).”
O24.9 “If testimony concerns fornication or sodomy, then it requires 4 male witnesses (who testify that they have seen the offender insert the head of the penis in to the vagina).”


“The fornicator and the fornicatress, scourge them each 100 stripes and let not pity for them take you.” (Qur’an 24.2)
P17.3 “Prophet said: Kill the one who sodomises and the one that lets it be done to them. Lesbianism by women is adultery.”
P18.3 “As for someone who accuses the Mother of the faithful A’isha of adultery after the revelation of heaven from innocence (Q’ran 24:11&12). Such a person is an unbeliever (Kafir) denying the Q’ran and must be killed.”


P28.1 “Men are already destroyed when they obey their women.”
“The Prophet cursed masculine women and effeminate men.”
“The Prophet cursed men who wear women’s clothing.”
P75.20 “He who sodomizes a woman is accursed.”
P75.21 “ Whoever has intercourse with a woman during her period, or sodomises a woman or who goes to a fortune teller and believes him has committed unbelief.”


“Um Kulthum said: ‘I did not hear him permit untruth in anything people say except for 3 things; war, settling disagreements, and a man talking to his wife.”
R19.1 “(Nahlawi) The necessary condition for the permissibility of joking is that it does not contain lies or occasion to fight to a Muslim.”
R19.2 “Excessive joking is blameworthy and forbidden.”
“Avoid excessive laughter for too much laughter kills the heart.” (al-Durar al-mubaha (Y99). 127=28).


V2.3 “It is obligatory to believe in the scales which consists of 2 scale pans…the pages recording the bad deeds will be placed in an ugly form on the side of darkness, diminishing the weight of the opposite side through Allah’s justice.”
V2.4 “It is obligatory to believe in the bridge over hell…which unbeliever’s feet shall slip…and plunge them in to hell.”


JIHAD (War against non-Muslims)
The scriptural basis for Jihad, prior to scholarly consensus is such Q’ranic verses as:
Q’ran 2.216 “Fighting is prescribed for you.”
Q’ran 4.89 “Slay them wherever you find them.”
Q’ran 9.36 “Fight the idolaters utterly.”
And such Hadiths by Bukhari:
Prophet said: “I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer and pay zakat (Kafir poll tax).”

O9.1 “To go forth in the morning or evening to fight the path of Allah is better than the whole world and everything in it.”
“He who provides equipment for a soldier in Jihad has himself performed Jihad.”

O9.4 “Those called upon are every able bodied man who has reached puberty and is sane.”

09.8 “The Caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians & Zoroastrians (provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if not they will not, then invite them to enter his social order of Islam by paying non-Muslim poll tax.)”
O.9.9 “The Caliph fights all other peoples until they become Muslim.”
O9.13 “When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture and the woman’s previous marriage becomes annulled.”

O.9.10 “It is not permissible to kill women and children unless they are fighting against Muslims. It is permissible to kill old men (meaning someone more than 40) and monks.”

  • 67% of the Sira is devoted to Jihad.
  • 21% of the Hadith is devoted to Jihad.
  • 24% of the Qur’an is devoted to Jihad.
  • 9.3% of the trilogy is devoted to Jew hatred.

A short word about the ‘War on Terror’ and ‘Terror Porn’. Unless you have been living in mainstream media lies for the last decade, you will know that the ‘Islamic Fundamentalist’ attacks on the World Trade Centre and London were not executed by Islamic brothers with boxcutters and suicide bombs. Both catastrophic events were false flags implemented by Mossad and their co-conspirators to wage war in Middle Eastern countries that are considered a threat to the State of Israel. And to steal away our freedoms and our constitutional rights, secure Afghanistan as the opiate production centre of the world, build a common enemy namely Muslims, whom Mossad can then blame for their own terrorist attacks, amongst many other ensuing treacherous functions that operation has served.

‘ISIS’ has been around for about 16 years, mostly as a creation of the US government as a psy-ops (psychological operation). Al-Qaeda was the CIA’s name list given to the people in the Middle East they trained. Leaked US military slides in 2007 admitted that 2 alleged AQ leaders, Baghdadi I & II were fictional. If you want to know who is behind ISIS, follow the money trail. Who funds ISIS?

Saudi Arabia, NATO, Turkey, Qatar, USA and Israel.

Israel’s grand plan for a Zionist Middle East was developed in 1982. ‘Directions For World Zionism’ intends to carve up the Middle East to expand Israel, with a dissolution of Syria & Iraq through interracial fighting. Syria has a natural gas supply so an ‘Islamic Pipeline’ built through Iran, Iraq and Syria would cut off Russia’s pipeline to Europe. Coincidence all of those countries have been attacked by Allied Forces under the guise of fighting the ‘War On Terror’?
Why is occupied Palestine, sorry, ‘The State of Israel’ never attacked by ISIS if the Muslims are brainwashed to hate the Jews so much?

9/11 The Missing Links Documentary

7/7 The Ripple Effect Documentary


‘Taqiyya’ is an Islamic word that means sacred deception. The rules of Taqiyya:
– A Muslim doesn’t cheat another Muslim in business.
– A Muslim doesn’t lie to another Muslim.
– A Muslim doesn’t kill another Muslim.
In the Medina Q’ran Prophet Mohammed repeatedly encourages Muslims to deceive the Kafir. As the Kafir has not submitted to Islam none of them are considered innocents. When Islam refers to innocents they only refer to Muslims because non-Muslims are a crime against God, it is an offence to not recognise Allah.

Part of the duality with Islam comes springs from the fact that there are two versions of the Qur‘an, the Mohammed of Mecca (religious) and the Mohammed of Medina (political). This gives Islam a stealth coating, the religious verses hide the Jihad verses and vice versa.

Mecca Qur’an 1.09.1: “You have your religion, and I have mine.”
Medina Qur’an 8.21: “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the Kafirs. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!”

Which one is true Islam, when one is tolerance, the other is savage murder?

They both are. This is called abrogation, 2 things can contradict each other but both are still true. The Qur’an states that both are true but the stronger statement is more true. For further learning about the origins of Islam watch the historian Tom Holland’s documentary ‘Islam – The Untold Story’.

Over 90 verses state every Muslim should live the life as Mohammed lived his life – they are to speak as Mohammed, act as Mohammed for he is the perfect human being, the divine human prototype. We can learn and understand this perfect human prototype and Islam through the 3 books of Islam because:

  • 14% Qur’an is Allah.
  • 26% Sira is Mohammed.
  • 60% Hadith is Mohammed.


The Hadith are the traditions, deeds and words of the Prophet Mohammed, which after the Qur’an provide the basic of Islamic law. He sat with his companions in a circle and they would write down or memorise his sayings, thousands of them. They were not written down until the 3rd Islamic century, some Muslims believe the sahih (strongly authenticated) Hadith to be literally true.

Muslim 623 Prophet said:
“It is not permissible to take the life of a Muslim except in one of cases; the married adulterer, a life for a lifer, and the deserter of Islam.”
Muslim 767 Prophet said:
“Anyone who tries to disrupt the unity of Muslims should be killed by the sword.”
Muslim 234 Prophet said:
“Then go to the persons who do not join the congregational prayer and order their homes to be burnt.”
Muslim 777 Prophet said:
“Do not take the Qur’an on a journey with you for I am afraid lest it fall into the hands of the enemy who may quarrel with you over it.”
Mishkat 61 Prophet said:
“Do not refrain from using pressure on your children with the view to changing them  and inculcating in them the fear of Allah.”
Muslim 846 Prophet said:
“The Satan is present with any one of you in everything he does; so if only one of you drops a mouthful he should remove anything dirty on it and not leave anything for the devil. And when he finishes he should lick his fingers, for he does not know what portion of the food the blessing lies.”
Muslim 97 Prophet said:
“When anyone awakes for sleep he must clean his nose 3 times for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose.”
Muslim 100 Prophet said:
“He who performs his ablutions well, his sins come out of his body, even from under his nails.”
Muslim 112 Prophet said:
“You should not urinate in stagnant water then wash in it.”
Muslim 116 A’isha said:
“I used to scrape the semen off the Prophet’s garment and then he went out to prayer in that garment.” (A’isha was on of Mohammed’s brides whom he married aged just 4 years old)
Muslim 537 Prophet said:
“Your wives are your tilt (land), go into your tilt as you may desire.”
2.223 Prophet said:
“If he likes he may have intercourse being on the back or in front of her, but it should be through one opening, the vagina.”
Muslim 558 Prophet said:
“When a man calls his wife to his bed and she does not come, the husband spends the night being angry with her and the angels curse her until morning. The one who is in heaven is displeased with her until the husband is pleased with her.”
Muslim 576 Prophet said:
“Woman has been created from a rib and will be in no way straight forward for you… and had it not been for Eve a woman would never have been unfaithful to her husband.”
Muslim 619 Prophet said:
“It is forbidden to divorce a wife during her menstrual period. When she is pure he may divorce her if he would wish so.” (Muslim men merely have to say ‘I divorce you’ three times to end a marriage)
Muslim 680 Prophet said:
“When an unmarried couple fornicate they should receive 100 lashes and banishment for 1 year. In the cases of a married couple committing adultery with a married female they shall receive 100 lashes and be stoned to death.”
Muslim 682 Prophet said:
“Do not stone the adulteress who is pregnant until after she has had her child. 
After giving birth she is to be put in to a ditch up to her chest and the Prophet commanded them to stone her.”
Muslim 322 Prophet said:
“Most inhabitants of hell were women. They were there for their ingratitude to their husbands.” (On the day of an eclipse he saw Hell)
The Messenger was fond of cats but disliked dogs. At first he sent men to the corners of Medina that all dogs should be killed. He later relented and allowed possession of working dogs and guard dogs. However Muslim 619 Prophet said:
“It is your duty to kill the jet black dogs having 2 spots above the eyes, for it is a devil.”


J.12.6 (III) (2) “The 2nd is having spoiled ones hajj or umra by sexual intercourse in which case one must slaughter a camel…”
“The 1st is killing a game animal while in ihram. Where if there is a domestic animal of similar value…”
“The 2nd is destroying a tree of the Sacred Precinct…”

“Only camels, cattle, sheep or goats may be slaughtered… the best animal to sacrifice is a camel. Then a cow, then a sheep, then a goat.”
J14.3 “It is best to slaughter the animal oneself.”
J17.5 “It is recommended when slaughtering:
– Turn the animal towards the direction of prayer.
– Sharpen the knife.
– Cut rapidly
– Mention Allah’s name
– Bless the Prophet
– Cut the large blood vessels on the neck”

American psychologist and Islam whistleblower Wafa Sultan is a Syrian ex-Muslim who witnessed the murder of her teacher by the ‘Brotherhood of Islam’ in the classroom to cries of “Allah Aqba”. Wafa often speaks in memory of her niece who at 10 years old was forced to marry her cousin who was over 40. Whilst visiting her father and desperately unhappy, she begged him not to send her back to her husband. “God will reward you for obeying your husband”. Age 25, she died by setting herself on fire, leaving 4 children behind. Wafa says, “I have decided to fight Islam. Not the political Islam. Not the religious Islam. Not the radical Islam. But Islam itself.”

“In our countries religion is the only form of education and is the only spring from which the terrorist drank until his thirst was quenched. He was not born a terrorist; Islamic teachings played a role in weaving his ideological fabric, thread by thread. It was these teachings that distorted this terrorist and killed his humanity. When you recite to a child still in his early years the verse; ‘They will be killed or crucified or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off’ you have made the first step to creating a great terrorist.”

“If Islam really treated women with honour there would be positive consequences of that honour. The past 14 centuries, Islam has not treated women with honour, on the contrary, it has distorted the concept of honour. We can call a pen a knife for 14 centuries but it remains a pen. Islam has forced its followers to see things as their exact opposite. For example, to view a killing or beheading as an act of tolerance.
To view taking women captive as an act of compassion, to view the plundering of the spoils of war as their right, and to view masturbation against a little girl’s thighs as marriage…Thus it has destroyed the intellectual structure of the Arabic speaking nation and has produced people who cannot distinguish between things and their opposites – people with distorted thinking and warped mentality. The best proof of this is Islam.
When the Prophet Mohammed married A’isha that was not an act of honour toward her childhood. When Mohammed married Zaynab, the wife of his adopted son after seeing her body naked and desiring her – that was not an act of honour towards women. When Mohammed married the Jewish woman Satiya upon his return from a raid in which he killed her father, brother and husband, that was not an act of honour towards her. It is the same for all of his marriages.
Accusing women of ‘lacking in brains’ is not an act of honour towards women. Viewing women as property is not an act of honour towards women. The subjugation of women by Islam reduces them to a level lower than beasts – not to mention inheritance laws, honour killings, and the right to beat a woman should she disobey.
In one Hadith Prophet said: ‘3 things spoil ones prayer: A woman, a black dog and a donkey.”

“Islam is a faith that intervenes in the smallest details of a follower’s life beginning with the way he should enter the toilet and ending with the way he should wipe his arse.”

“The Islamic faith was created to serve Mohammed and to legitimise his urges and desires. As evidence A’isha said: ‘I see that your Lord hastens to satisfy your desires.’ These words spoken by an innocent child embody the goal of Islam. Islam allows men to marry infants in order to justify Mohammed’s marriage to the child A’isha. Islam forbade adoption in order to justify Mohammed’s marriage to the wife of his adopted son – a thing forbidden by the pre-Islamic moral values of the Arabic people. Islam prevented taking women captive and violating their honour in order to justify Mohammed’s marriage to Safiya after killing her husband, father and brother on the same night. Imagine how Safiya must have felt to witness that scene, then being forced into accepting the religion of the perpetrator on command, and have sex with him.”

“Under Islam women have no rights. They are terribly mistreated. They are considered mentally unfit to take care of themselves.”

“It is a misconception that terrorists have hijacked a religion. Muslims are victims of their own belief system. Muslims are hijacked by their indoctrination not the other way around.”
Wafa Sultan

Only in the capacity as ‘mother’ are women held in high esteem in Islam. A good woman in Islam will be judged on judgement day on ‘how well she has obeyed her husband’. 76% of the Qur’an holds women in low esteem.

Great Britain is struggling to combat a cycle of Islamic honour related kidnapping, sexual assaults, beatings and murder that is spiralling out of control. According to the London Association of Chief Police Officers up to 17,000 women in Britain are victims of honour-based violence – forced marriages, honour killings, kidnappings, and female genital mutilation which is always performed by women. Circumcision is compulsory for both sexes, and where it is not compulsory for women it is expected as ‘a courtesy to her husband’.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Muffi, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-sheikh, the Kingdom’s top religious authority in the ultra-conservative Wahhabi School of Sunni Islam ruled that “It is acceptable for men to marry girls”. This ruling came after Dr Salih bin Fazwan issued a fatwa (religious edict) that there is no minimum age to marry girls.
“The Ulema have agreed that it is permissible for fathers to marry off their small daughters even if they are in the cradle. But it is not permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed underneath and bearing the weight of the men. And their capabilities in this regard varies based on their nature and capacity.” This all follows the Saudi Arabian Marriage Officiate Dr Ahmed Al-Mu’bi declaring on LBC TV in 2008 “that a marriage contract can be entered into at any age because it is the will of God.”

A heartbreaking beautiful young Yemen girl (if the translation is authentic), declaring she would rather kill herself than be married off at such a tender age.

The United States, allied with Saudi Arabia has been silent on its treatment of young girls. For more understanding on the House of Saud please read:”

A Muslim group in Great Britain launched a campaign to turn 12 British cities into Independent Islamic states including what they are already calling ‘Londonistan’. The Islamic Emirates world function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Sharia Law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence. The cities to be targeted are Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton to name but a few. The project’s motto is ‘The end of man made law and the start of Sharia Law’.

Their manifesto chapter 1:
‘The only identity for Muslims is Islam… In no shape or form can a Muslim support any form of nationalism such as Britishness.
Chapter 4:
‘A Muslim can only abide by Sharia Law and is not allowed to obey manmade law’.
Chapter 5:
‘Muslims must reject secularism and democracy’.
Chapter 10:
‘Every Muslim must call for Sharia Law to be implemented wherever they are’.
Chapter 12:
‘It is not allowed for Muslims to integrate with non-Muslim societies’.
Chapter 16:
‘Any Muslim that has been affected by the Western way of life needs to be rehabilitated’.

A leading figure behind Muslims Against Crusades is Anjem Chouday who has long campaigned for Islamic Law to be implemented all over Britain. There are allegedly already 85 Sharia Law Courts in Britain.

It has been reported that Chouday claims state benefits to the tune of £25,000 and has been recorded as calling other Muslims to “quit their jobs, claim benefits to leave more time for the holy War (Jihad).
Anjem Choudray on BBC Newsnight:  “”

A crucial thing to understand about Islam is that the words of Islam do not have the same meaning to Muslims as they do to the Kafir. On Human Rights for example, the Cairo Declaration of 1990 that was made by the organisation of the Islamic Co-Op (I.O.C), essentially is a repudiation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Articles 24-25 speak clearly to Islamic indoctrinate. The only human rights accorded or recognised under Islamic Law are those when Islam talks about human rights it is only about Sharia, and only Sharia. Meaning, the use of the word ‘innocents’ refers only to Muslims.
Article 24: ‘That all rights and freedoms mentioned are subject to the Islamic Sharia’.
Article 25: ‘The Islamic Sharia is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification of any of the articles of this declaration’.

With the Jewish lead multiculturalism push on Europe and the USA to break up the white culture and race, it is pertinent to know how the indoctrination of Islam and Jihad has affected the non-Muslim population historically. How many people have been killed in the name of Jihad? According to Dr Bill Warner PhD of ‘Political Islam’, over a period of 1400 years the death toll is:

  • Christians 60 million.
  • Buddhists 10 million
  • Hindus 80 million
  • Africans 120 million

Total = 270 million people.

  • Afghanistan was Buddhist.
  • Pakistan was Hindu.
  • Turkey was Christian (600 years to totally annihilate Christianity in Turkey).
  • Egypt was Christian.
  • Iraq was Christian.
  • Syria was Christian.

How long before Northern Europe and North America succumb to Islamic saturation? In Britain the mainstream media are suggesting just 14 years away, no surprise when Muslim men are allowed to marry 4 women and not use contraception. They are allowed to claim social benefits and housing allowances for all 4 wives and children. White British people are averaging fewer than 2.5 children per household.

Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Anti-Islamisation of the West) silent protests that are occurring in Germany are being hailed as ‘far-right movement’ by the MMS. When the concept of  ‘political correctness’ can be traced back to the Frankfurt School and from a UN think tank, it again is no surprise that these peaceful Germans, already villainised by the Victors of WWI & WWII, will be accused of being neo-Nazis.

The underlying foundation of Islam is to take over the world and make it submit to Sharia Law. It is a mistake to consider Islam a religion. Our education system programs us to accept multiculturalism, which in turn prevents us from judging people on their ‘religious affiliation’. Therefore we adopt a mostly our political correctness which blinds us from seeing the truth about Islam.

When Muslims pray they are cursing the Kafir, repeating a recitation from the Qur’an, they curse their enemies 5 times per day. There is only 1 Islam and their Jihad is a war against non-Muslim humanity. How can anyone fight a war they are not even aware of, or even understand what their enemy is or why they want to fight to the death?

~ V.W. (aka Miss V)



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6 Million Lies

Blood Libel

Public Figures Terminated for Alerting the Masses to the JWO

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  1. Great article thanks for Posting very informative indeed ! The Connection with King Abdullah Being a Cyrpto Jew and not a Muslim , the Muslims Must be as dumb as us then ?,and Arabia being controlled by them Since 1918 ? or so , and the Fez , The Order of the Noble Mystic Shriners ect ,its just a question for me is How Jewish is Islam ? or How Masonic is Islam ? Vatican Funds Israel , IHS isis Horus and Set ? anyway Islam really sucks a lot of Shit personally I say Fuck Islam ! Don’t Behead those who insult the Prophet but instead, Buy them a Beer !

  2. Digger

    Great article, thanks. I was aware that Islam was a total program, religious, political and militarily.

    The jews have had something to do with this as some of them have been arrogant enough to brag about it. Barbara Spectre for one.

    I like the Open Borders for Israel campaign……

    cheers Ron

  3. chris

     /  April 26, 2015

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Islam. The fact that the UN is considering making religious defamations “illegal” is merely for the benefit of Judaism — that’s the religion the UN is trying to protect. The UN couldn’t care less about how many times we defame Islam – it’s all about the jews.

  4. freedomveg

     /  April 28, 2015

    is this damn thing swallowing my comments again? some of them anyway

  5. freedomveg

     /  April 28, 2015

    hmmm lets try again

  6. Dear Sir / Madame,


    Digging for truth is a common characteristic shared by many a malcontent of status quo. It is the divine pursuit of Socrates. It is also true that the “truth” one discovers/uncovers is often not easily separated from incestuous self-reinforcement of perception biases, presuppositions, employing methods of confirmation bias to make the case for an priori conclusion in the guise of searching for truth. This is just a general statement that captures a truism. There is no doubt in the veracity of this observation. It is self-evident.

    With the advent of the internet, anyone, and not just the privileged few, can publish anything, including this website, including my website, Project The “truth” one wants to promulgate now easily becomes the tool for making others’ mind, especially those peoples’ who aren’t too well-informed on any matter and are themselves searching for truth in the age of universal deceit. Making the public mind is really the purpose why any opinion is made public. While George Orwell’s famous quip drives many an intemperate malcontent to speak up, “In the age of universal deceit to tell the truth is a revolutionary act”, my humble take is more basic: “In the age of universal deceit to uncover the truth is a greater revolutionary act”. It is more fundamental a problem, more basic than Orwell’s take, and the predicate upon which Orwell built his chauvinist take of truth tellers. Promulgating the “truth” as an anonymous entity does not however take a whole lot of courage. And, often such “truth telling” remains a useful tool for public mind-fck, ahem, pardon me, for making the public mind with nonsense as part of the Hegelian Dialectic of Dissent to complement the engineering of consent among the mainstream. When the enemy does it, it’s called propaganda, obviously. When the dissent does it, it is equally propaganda, just for a different class of audience. Once again, there is no doubt in the truth of any of these words. It is entirely self-evident.

    With that preface of necessity, I would like to leave my response to this article: “In The Name of Allah”, carried on your website:

    My response is in two lengthy missives which instead of summarizing, I will leave you two links for; read if your desire for truth discovery ever takes you outside your own worldview box. But before I leave you the two references, please permit me to make one last observation of truism pertinent to truth discovery, the truth of which, once again, is both self-evident and empirical. It is of keen interest and grave concern to all self-aware seekers of truth; if it isn’t, then it is high time one became aware of it — for as the pithy wisdom goes, know thy self to know the world:

    “What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index to his desires – desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless [and at times even when] the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance with his instincts, he will accept it even on the slenderest evidence.” (Bertrand Russell, Proposed Roads to Freedom, 1919, pg. 147)

    Here are the two references, and if you take the time to dig through them, the facile viewpoint of this rather well-composed article by an anonymous author writing under the nom de plume “~ V.W. (aka Miss V)”, and published on this anonymous website authored under the nom de plume “digger”, will become readily apparent. The motivation sadly appears similar to this but taken from the erudite pages of Bernard Lewis rather than the shallow idiocy of Pamela Geller, the person officially apportioned to be the visible front face for this campaign of Islamophobia, the pedigree however is all the same:

    [1] Zahir Ebrahim, Islam vs. Secular Humanism and World Government, Open Letter to Muslims: Is Islam really the Last Obstruction to World Government?, Friday, May 07, 2010, Revised April 17, 2015,

    [2] Zahir Ebrahim, Islam and Knowledge vs. Socialization, June 11, 2011, Revised Friday, April 17, 2015,

    Thank you.

    Zahir Ebrahim

    California, United States of America

    Comment submitted Tuesday, April 28, 2015 1:15 pm PST, for article


    I chanced upon your website while trying to research the background of Mr. Brian Gerrish, . Too little is known about him, but what he has stated in some of his videos is right on the money. I learnt of him in 2009 with respect to the lawful rebellion conference hosted in the UK and made available in a video by BBC5. Is Mr. Gerrish really a controlled opposition, an intelligence operative for the British military?

    You haven’t really made the case at all, and given that you are anonymous speaking of a non-anonymous public person, your 10-point article is not persuasive in the least. But it is certainly plausible that it might be the case, as in the age of universal deceit, no one can be taken at their face value, especially when they choose to also hide behind the masks of anonymity and/or high-minded public morality (as the case may be). In any event, the biggest public brand names of dissent appear to be entirely controlled opposition about which I have unmasked many with far more facts, mainly from their own words pointing out clever lies of omissions and presuppositions of empire intact, which is how controlled dissent mainly operates today.

    So while your missive didn’t persuade as it is thin on facts, none, quotes, none, which can be followed up to adjudicate and independently verify. Sometimes that is not possible, as in confessions of “born agains”, and when gut-feel, intuition, insight, is what clues one in. Perhaps you have such a gut-feel about Mr. Gerrish, in which case thank you for sharing your insights and getting the alarm bells tingling. The fact that Mr. Gerrish doesn’t seem to want to help victims, and that is evidently reported by victims themselves, is clearly a sign of lack of empathy; and is it also a sign of being a shill?

    Nevertheless, it is a reminder to not take anyone, any opinion, whether anonymous or by a public figure, on face value. This caveat lector applies equally to all, including to yours truly, obviously. Often the best lies carry germs of truth in them. It is those nuggets of truth that one is after, by extracting the signal from a sea of noise and deception. And often times these nuggets are buried in the enemy’s own arsenal of deceit.

    Comment NB submitted Tuesday, April 28, 2015 1:15 pm PST, for article

    – ### –

  7. Little Kafir

     /  April 28, 2015

    Does anyone know what that guy is talking about? All those flowers and verbosity, yawn…
    I started dribbling, it may be a tiny brain bleed from the tediousness of his self-righteous indignation….Or was that Islamist brainwashed indignation we were just subjected to?
    Mr Ebrahim, I had already read your work and dismissed you ages ago, I don’t care about your religion or your race, i just care about what is happening to the white europeans. Yes the UN ban on defaming religion is a pretense about Judaism, don’t you realise they mean to kill all the whites and have you Mohammed nuts as their slaves??
    I never signed up for multi-culturalism or political correctness.
    I grew up in a predominantly Pakistani Muslim area of Birmingham, England, where there were already ‘no-go’ areas for whites in the 80’s. As a female i was treated with nothing other than laciviousness or contempt by the men & women of Islam.Twice I had to jump out of moving taxi cabs because the Muslim drivers were kidnapping me. I also had the misfortune of a 12hr stopover in Dhaka airport Bangladesh where men stood and masturbated at me through windows of the airport.
    Islam is bullshit. All religions are bullshit. Surpressing sexuality is bullshit!!
    Anyone that believes in a male god that lives off this planet, judging us at all times, IS A FUCKING SAD FOOL who is spoiling this heavenly paradise of a planet for the rest of us!!
    Wake up!!

    • TheTransceiver

       /  May 13, 2015

      “Suppressing sexuality is bullshit!” ???

      Spoken like an eloquent Jewess.

      • little kafir

         /  June 11, 2015

        How does ‘supressing sexuality bullshit’ sound like a jewess?!?!?
        You must be a god botherer yourself because a sane, healthy, sexual life in human animals creates divine luminosity, connection to the Wisdom Goddess Sophia, or Mother Nature.
        Sex has been subverted by the jews and it is a travesty against humanity. The fact that the christians and Islam demonise human sexuality too, how sad that something so simple and pure and natural has been turned upside down on it’s head to confuse us beyond reach.
        Jewess? Wow.
        Interesting you only picked up on that point from that anti-islamic rant. I am also anti-semite, and anti anyone or anything that is anti white-europeans, anti-christaian, anti-buddhist anti-anyone that hasn’t got a critical mind of their own. And anyone that is anti-sex!
        Thank you Digger for posting the Islam article, and the other articles V has written.

  8. Little Kafir

     /  April 28, 2015

    Ps Maybe you could inform us Mr Ebrahim what is the Islam equivalent for hasbara?

  9. fb

     /  May 5, 2015

    Your true colours are starting to show digger!You can fool some people ,some of the time,but you can’t fool them all the time.It’s nice to know I was right about you,there was definitely something not right about your blog and this article proved it.Anyone who believes this deserves what they get.

  10. AllyMac

     /  May 6, 2015

    It seems to me that every time blood sacrifice crimes are reported in the Jewish press its always labelled as SATANIC. With that in mind, several years ago I took a look into the Satanist scene to ask a few questions. Of course denials abound, as you would expect, but one striking theme that emerged from my research was that every Satanist I spoke with seemed to think that these types of crimes are more likely to be carried out by Jews. They cite as evidence, circumcision, the kosher meat slaughter regime, ‘Jewish Jesus on the cross’ sacrifice and other blood based rituals that in certain circles are considered a matter of routine for the tribe;

    Interestingly, Satanists claim that practically everything written about them has been twisted and turned around to reflect the opposite of its true meaning. They claim that Satan is the true benefactor God and Jehovah is a violent imposter. According to scripture, there was a war in Heaven and Satan lost, so we have a distinct demarcation between two warring factions here, but which one is the the bad guy ? Legend has it, Satan and his Daemons were inter-dimensional entities whose desire was to help humanity by giving it the ‘heads up’ on the dark nature of the Jewish God Jehovah. Allegedly, Jehovah opposed anything that would educate or elevate human beings above that of animals(goyim) so Satan and his Daemons were cursed. The word Daemon is defined in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1973 edition as: “A general Greek term for a supernatural power. As early as the Hesiod, the dead of the Golden Age became daemons, and later philosophical speculation envisaged these as lower than the Gods, but as superior to humanity. The Christians Fathers therefore attributed the actions of the Pagan Gods to daemons, identified as fallen angels.” These Nephilim, the Daemons/Pagan Goetia, were supposedly sent by Satan who was attempting to bring humananity knowledge and power. Their story comprises the biblical events portrayed in the Garden of Eden.

    Pagan occult practices inform us that both supernatural entities are confined within their own respective ‘domains’. However, apparently they can be ‘summoned’ via specific occult practices. In pagan times these procedures were generally the remit of the Shaman, aka the Druids, who would enter the required spiritual state via dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms(Holy Mushroom). Folklore gives us the tale of Santa(Satan) Claus which is also alluded to in the biblical story of Adam and Eve with the Shamanic ‘World Tree’ being the forbidden ‘tree of Knowledge’.

    As we know from the Bible, Jehovah absolutely forbid this practice but Eve was having none it and she went for it. This supposedly brought a curse on humanity which was to be enforced by the Jews. In other words, the Jews have been tasked with re-creating Jehovahs ‘police state’ Garden of Eden, with them as Jehovahs henchmen and we as their obedient slaves. The Shaman, Druid, Lakota Sundancer etc.. were the traditional gatekeeper’s between the worlds who were tasked with keeping the inter-dimensional menace Jehovah and his malefic Angels away from the human family. For their trouble they were hunted down and murdered since 1776 by Jewish Freemasonry, who allegedly are now using a maligned version of these rituals to the detriment of humanity.

    Spiritual Satanist’s say that this is why we are reading more and more about these bizarre ‘elite’ blood ritual’s in the news. They claim its because the Rabbi has replaced the Shaman.

    One of these Satanist’s sent me these 2 links proclaiming their own version of history;

    It is a fact that all over the world there are examples of ancient people worshipping the serpent as a positive force. This appears strange only due to the fact that Western theologians(Jews) have used the Genesis story to depict the snake as a satanic force. In Mesoamerica, Aztec myth describes the creation of man by the Feathered Serpent God, Quetzalcoatl, who was assisted by the Serpent Woman, Cihuacoatl. At the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan (present day Mexico City), the sacred precinct was decorated with the heads of feathered serpents and, in the centre, the entrance to the temple of Quetzalcoatl was guarded by the gaping fangs of a giant serpent. These Aztec serpent designs dominate numerous other sacred sites such as Teotihuacan in Mexico. The ancient Maya also revered the Feathered Serpent God, this time by the name of Kukulkan. All over Mesoamerica, Aztec, Mayan and Toltec sites were dominated by the serpent motif, which can still be clearly seen to this day. To the east of Mesoamerica, the country of Haiti has legends of the serpent going back to the beginning of creation. The native voodoo people believe in a God called Damballah Wedo, whose image is the serpent. Damballah Wedo is seen as the Great Serpent, the Creator of the Universe, Heavens and Earth. According to a curious voodoo Flood tradition, the Serpent let go the waters upon the Earth, the Rainbow arose and the Serpent took the rainbow, named Ayida Wedo, as his wife. In North America, too, serpents were a key feature of the native Indians. The serpent symbol dominates the art of the Hohokam Indians at sites such as the famous Snaketown, Arizona in the south-west USA, dating from c. 400 BC to AD 1200. Meanwhile, in the south-east, an unknown culture left a huge and mysterious serpent-shaped mound in Ohio. On the opposite side of the world, in the Far East, we again find Gods associated with serpents. In Tibet, for example, the serpent adorns the sacred trumpets of the monks. And in Nepal, at a site called Budhanilkantha, a mysterious statue known as the Sleeping Vishnu lies on a bed of snakes in a water tank (Plate 63). We should not leave out Iraq, the cradle of civilization. Just north of Mosul, near the town of Sheikh Adi, is the Shrine of the Yezidis, where the serpent symbol is proudly emblazoned on the main door. This site is an important place of pilgrimage for thousands of the nomadic Yezidis. In western eyes they are seen as devil worshippers, but the Yezidis regard the serpent as the most powerful force in the world, the dispenser of good as well as evil. In Australia, the aboriginal people have carefully preserved legends of the serpent in their Dreamtime legends of the Earth’s creation. In the central region of Australia, ancient drawings can be found of the Rainbow Serpent, who created rivers, mountains and people on his legendary journey down from the north coast.

    It seems to me the Christian’s and Muslim’s have been brainwashed(by Christianity and Islam) into believing that anything of an occult nature is strictly taboo and this has allowed Judaism exclusive access to occult knowledge. The 3 Abrahamic ‘religions’ are nothing more than Jewish inventions designed to overthrow the original serpent religion… We see this in such legends as St. George slewing the dragon etc.. In fundamental simplistic terms its a power grab.

    The White Race is the Jews current ‘public enemy #1’, and they intend to use the Muslim’s, Blacks and Asians to wipe us out;


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