In The Name of Allah


In The Name of Allah

[Islam for Dummy Kafir]


The UN intends to make it a crime to defame or criticise religion, particularly Islam. I believe it is imperative that non-Muslims understand exactly what Islam is and what it is we are not allowed to defame or criticise. When I began researching this article my intention was to do just that, however I find there is no need, you can decide for yourself whether it should be criticised or defamed.

One major problem with discovering what Islam actually entails is the fact that Muslims protest the Kafirs (non-Muslims) misunderstand it because something has been mistranslated, or we misunderstand because it is a subtle matter of religion.

‘Islam’ literally means submission, deriving from the word Islama. The definition of peace in Islam is total submission. According to the religious scriptures there will only be world peace once the world has converted to Islam. Evidently the Islamic agenda is to convert the world to Islam, taxing, enslaving then killing all those that do not convert. It is an offence to Islam to be Kafir. It is an offence to not recognise there is only one God, their God Allah (pronounced Al-lah).

The thing about Islam is that everything about Islam can be referenced to 3 books of the Islamic doctrine. If it is not referenced in these 3 books then it is not Islam. The 3 books are the Qur’an, the Hadith and the Sira. The Qur’an is Allah’s teachings, the Sira is an 800-page document of the Prophet Mohammed, The Hadith or ‘The Traditions’ are stories of Mohammed (things the Prophet did or said, or things other people said he said).