Sylvia Stolz – last words in court


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Insane America makes war on the world


Jew-controlled and brain dead, Americans tolerate senseless slaughter, which is slowly driving them mad

By John Kaminski

The hollow-eyed inhabitants of the land of the free and the home of the brave now robotically sing a twisted tune that is not under any circumstances to be believed. The manic echo of its “war on terror” anthem reverberates down the trash strewn corridors of the insane asylum the United States of America has become, where independent thought is now a crime and blind allegiance to a fabricated history and an artificial reality is required for social acceptance in a nightmare world turned absolutely upside down.

In order to convince everyone of this “terror threat”, the United States and its Jew handlers have invented ISIS, or ISIL, a supposedly Islamic terror group that miraculously never attacks Israel yet receives regular infusions of money and weapons from both the U.S. and the notorious Jewish state. The sad part of this macabre fairy tale is that 80 percent of Americans believe this fabricated successor to Al Qaeda is a genuine foreign enemy. Yet they remain oblivious to the fact that they themselves are funding this treacherous menace to their own lives.<>

Americans also fail to realize their out-of-control leaders are creating the conditions for war all over the world, because the U.S. economy has always depended on the sale of weapons, PLUS the Jewish objective has aways been to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world. Americans also don’t recognize the limitless power of Jewish controlled media that manages to convince the brain-damaged majority that these terror threats are real and must be expunged by ever more violent actions against unsuspecting innocents all over the world.

Jew-controlled America engineers the theft of the government in Ukraine and the next day U.S. newspapers trumpet the news that Russia has masterminded the overthrow, and committed the crimes that America has underwritten and the Israelis have executed. Almost immediately, America masses troops, strategically positions ships, and publicizes the need to start World War 3. On the heels of the U.S. rapes of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, war-weary American citizens bicker over trivialities with their families, turn off the TV news and head for the mall, unwilling to challenge the lies and incapable of contemplating the consequences of their blithe ignorance.

ISIS and Ukraine are but two of the hundreds of affronts to sanity that the so-called Western powers are wreaking on nations it wishes to subdue and control, but perhaps the even greater damage these perpetual war promoters are creating is the damage they inflict on their own citizens by flooding their countries with uncivilized Third World immigrants that deliberately bust their budgets, accelerate crime necessitating increased police aggression, and generally create the conditions in which all of their citizens will be caught in brushfire race wars, with citizen input into government behavior completely prohibited.

The twisted inventors of political correctness import the dregs of the world and turn them loose around the country for future crime wave activities so that a merciless police presence will become necessary to curb their savagery. The powers that be shower immigrants with gifts and benefits as America turns its back on those who built the nation, loyal generations who gifted their sweat and their lives in the belief that their efforts would guarantee a safe place to live for their children, but which has turned out not to be true. The streets of America are simply no longer safe. If the criminals don’t get you, then the killer cops surely will.

Public media in the United States provide plenty of exposure to a panoply of presidential candidates, but they all say the same thing about who controls the money supply and why they should be allowed to continue stealing from everyone, and why it is necessary to fund Israel and destroy and destabilize all of Israel’s neighbors in the name of democracy turned demonic that leaves all these countries in ruins.

That you can never trust what this U.S. government says is an obvious foregone conclusion, and something the Indians learned long ago. The latest lie from its Strangelove doctors at the Centers of Disease Control insist Jewish circumcision is a healthy thing to have done, even as it strips the capacity for compassion in young males while becoming a hideous dessert in the mouths of monstrous molesters known as rabbis.

As the American dream turns rancid, teachers in elementary schools instruct their immature students in the perverted art of fisting while reminding their pupils it is wrong to challenge authority under any circumstances, no matter what that authority says.

Homosexuals are adulated over all for their “courage” as the concept of the family, critically wounded when the women were forced to work and further injured when it became cool to be gay, now faces permanent extinction as “authorities” debate the legalization of pedophilia — and at the highest levels of power in the world can be heard a snickering over these horrific practices that have created all the missing children who have been Washington’s deepest darkest secret for longer than anyone dares imagine.

The great secrets of America’s ugliness remain obvious for all to see yet hidden from the official public transactions of this disintegrating superpower. The president himself and all his Jewish handlers eagerly OK’d the destruction of America’s iconic skyscrapers and all the 65,000 cancer deaths of New Yorkers it produced from the airborne radioactive fissile material that was used to bring down the Twin Towers.

Today, even though everybody knows the real story, authorities strictly refuse to talk about it, and all those people who lied about it are still proudly running for president and still talking about new ways to obliterate Israel’s adversaries, with a preference for raping and murdering foreign leaders in their own streets.

The duplicity, the stifling of accurate perceptions not permitted to be discussed, creates a tension that splits families apart, people disagree, stop talking and never resume the thread. In the pregnant silence, America has long since fallen apart.

So it’s no wonder that in the real neighborhoods of suburbia, people are desperate. So many people seem cut off from their dysfunctional families. Many who lost their jobs a long time ago, exhausted their benefits, and borrowed from friends are well past the point of being turned away by everyone. With nowhere to go and nowhere to turn, they find themselves staring at the empty days pursuing addictions that ameliorate the gloom but speed them toward their doom.

The same could be said about America as a whole.

Doing the bidding of its Jewish controllers, the United States is at war with more countries than you can count, as well as its own people. Israel, America’s heartless landlord whose billionaires get to pick U.S. presidents, is at war with every country in the world, robbing all of them in preparation for destroying all of them.

Americans have become zombies who fail to realize their out-of-control government is the scourge of the world. These zombies comprise the larger part of the U.S. population. The rest of the world will cheer when America’s massive murder machine is finally rendered impotent, but then it will react with an incredulous horror when the reality sinks in that the people who will run the world after America is gone have no intention of permitting either freedom or liberty, the two most important things America once promised but ultimately failed to provide.

A sinister veil of approved thought casts a perverted pall over public policy and private lives. People are simply not allowed to talk about certain subjects, nor question government actions that in previous years would be considered illegal and out of the question. The president has issued an executive order stipulating he may imprison or murder anyone he chooses. The police seem eager to kill without questioning all those who don’t fit the profile of those who are suitably affluent and well connected.

Although media have always been blatantly biased toward those with money and power, never before have the lies being told by the major newspapers and TV outlets been so egregiously false and criminally irresponsible.

But America lives on false propaganda now. If you don’t go along with the artificial reality, you can lose everything you worked for all your life. You can lose your future. You can lose your life.

Sooner or later, this Frankenstein government will come to take your life, after of course it has stolen all of your possessions. You could wait for that to happen, or perhaps while you’re waiting, you could work on ways to make sure these criminal freaks like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton get run through a giant meat grinder and wind up in little bleeding pieces, which is exactly the condition they’re inflicting on everybody else.

It is madness to think you can control the world, or to even want to, but the impulse itself is symbolic of a deeper madness — the delusion that you can somehow cheat death. Now, this line of thinking would be meaningless to talk about except for the fact the entire world is governed by it, especially in the monotheistic religions, which hold eternal life like a sword over the heads of the faithful it commands to murder others.

I could at this point say that what is happening in the world was prefigured by a perfect blueprint for all this chaos, mayhem, and bloodletting in the pages of that demonic dissertation known as the Talmud, but a majority of citizens might think it more important to call that an anti-Semitic remark and ignore the destruction of the world it is causing.

Is there anybody out there blind enough who still thinks that America is a “good” country?

And what kind of people are those who think America is good, who ignore the facts at hand and pretend, as they raise their circumcised plastic children with no conscience who have been vaccinated into reproductive sterility, that if we fail to observe what is happening — or say that all these things are circumstances that we cannot control so why worry about them — that the final knock on your door after which you will never again be returning home creeps closer every day.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


6 Layers of the Truth Onion


1/. Bloody government

This is where so many people in all areas of the globe are right now, with regards to their outlook on life. They’re rightfully pissed off with their governments; at all levels. From their local councils, to their presidents/prime minsters. They know, or sense the endemic corruption; they know they’re being shafted. But sadly they just see the perpetrators as…. elitists who are doing what they do for financial gain. Many also see the destruction of the planet just being corrupt corporations – again for greed/money. And unfortunately that’s as far as their understanding of worldly events takes them.


2/. NWO/Illuminati

Many now are ‘finally’ waking up that there is in fact an agenda. That there is a deliberate malevolent plan behind all this bedlam. To many of who discover this, despite being shocking, it’s almost a relief; because at least now the insanity makes some sort of sense. At least there is some kind of logic to why everything is going wrong. Why there is perpetual war. Why there is is utter destruction of the planet.

Unfortunately many people who discover the NWO plan, never seem to get beyond this level. It’s like they get into their little niche of specialised subjects and don’t want to shift beyond their comfortable Truth.


3/. ZIM

Zionists/Israel/Mossad. This is the next layer in the Truth onion – almost like a secondary awakening. To know that it’s a bit more specific than ‘the government’ did 9/11. This is kinda at David Icke level Truth – where people dare to go beyond the masons and the neocons, and inch one’s attention towards that controversial land in the Middle East, and it’s quirky ideology. Yet paradoxically, defending ‘the Jews’.


4/. The Jews/Judaism

Ouch – now things are gett’n hot! Now one can be labelled a filthy anti-semite (even though a Semite pertains to being a Palestinian and Arab – but hey, why should Truth get in the way of slander). This is part of the Truth onion where most troofers dare not to go. Now things are getting a bit distasteful. Family members and friends tend not to want to discuss this touchy stuff and wonder with perplexity ‘what on earth has got into you’…… It’s such a shame, she was such a nice girl before she started looking at that internet. 

But to those of us who have discovered this level of Truth – it’s so friggin obvious. Why could we not have seen it before(?) Now we can see it with our ‘they live’ glasses, we can see the bigger picture. Only now does the jigsaw puzzle all fit together. But trying to impart this level of Truth to others is so bloody hard.


5/. The Archons

This meme/angle to the Truth seems to be remerging of late, thanks to John Lash and Steve Gamble. I say that it’s one of those areas which we’ll probably never be able to prove either way. I don’t necessarily think it’s that important; even though I do find it extremely fascinating.

But I do think it is essential that we develop our outlook from matter to energy when looking at the Truth. This level five takes us into the spiritual realms, which is exactly where we need to be. This whole agenda/conspiracy is spiritual. I believe it is energetic. Very simply, the two opposing energy forces. Darkness vs Light…….whatever subjective label we choose to adopt.


6/. Us

And finally……..after all our finger pointing; all the external hunting. It all comes down to us. It’s pretty much all been our fault. When I mean our, I mean our ancestors who allowed the first layers of this tyranny, our elected governments, our democratic armies, our self-policing, our gullibility, our naivety, our weaknesses, our trust, our cowardliness, our subservience, our political correctness, our repeater mindset, our laziness, our myopic outlook. And most essentially our traitors amongst us.



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The Traitor


the traitor lives amongst us

the next door neighbour, the sibling, the old school pal

after all, they’re part of our community

they grew up with us

they’re one of us – but not

as they are the cancer amongst us


tis the traitor who is our ultimate enemy

always has been throughout the generations

the sellouts

myopic in outlook

serving only their self-interests


just doin me job

it’s a dirty job – but someone’s gotta do it

say they with their warped ethics

loaded with their convenient cognitive dissonance


these creatures with no foresight

no backbone

no substance

no loyalty to their own

they are the scourge of all societies 


yet the stupefied comatised masses look up to these traitors

these judeafied sheople actually have respect for them

they even think they look cool in their ridiculous uniforms

how can anyone have respect for a traitor?

someone who has sold out to the enemy


the traitor is worse than the elite parasites

the traitor is a secondary predator

a watered-down parasite

deeply insecure 

needing to hide behind a uniform and be part of a team

worse than just a useful idiot

a traitor is the true vermin amongst us


because without the traitor

these elite parasites would be impotent

their power, their force, their fear on the masses 

simply would not exist


the traitor arrests us

the traitor imprisons us

the traitor dishes out unlawful fines to us

the traitor invades our homes

the traitor monitors us

the traitor cirminalizes us

the traitor enslaves us


imagine a fear-free world

paradise on earth

a world of beauty, compassion, alignment with natural laws

well this is what we could be potentially living in

had we not the traitors amongst us


there has always been evil on this planet

always the dark force

always the potential for tyranny

but it is always hinged on those who will sellout

always reliant on those who care only about their short-term self interests


and this is why

the traitor is the lowest denomination on the planet

the traitor is toxic to our well being

the traitor is our weak point in the chain

and this is why we have to recognise


 that the traitor is the our number one enemy



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“If you happen to mention to friends or family about the insanity around us all; if you state the degradation, oppressive authority, regression in standards, enforced mass immigration, normalisation of perverted sexual practices, they say “Don’t be negative”. 

Well if acceptance of this social pollution means one is being positive. Embracing this deterioration of ethical values and natural living means being progressive; then I would rather be a non-progressive miserable negative git.”

~ Digger

Producers vs Parasites


Those who work for the betterment of society

Every aspect of society is affected by this demonic beast; and there are many grey areas; but in general terms these people produce and provide in life.

  • construction workers
  • mechanics
  • architects (providing they create aesthetically pleasing buildings, not dull, unattractive boxes)
  • engineers
  • drain clearance teams
  • printers
  • designers (those designing positive improvements to enhance society)
  • cleaners
  • road maintenance crew
  • fishing industry (if they are not destroying the ocean environment)
  • sewerage industry personnel
  • stationers
  • telecommunications (working within ethical boundaries)
  • manufacturing personnel (working within ethical boundaries)
  • natural health: practitioners, products, educators, etc
  • clothing industries (working within ethical boundaries)
  • farmers of good produce
  • antique traders (working within ethical boundaries)
  • teachers of substance: trades, languages, ancient skills, etc (not mind controlled repeaters)
  • craftspeople: silversmiths, creative arts, etc
  • gardeners/landscapers
  • hospital support team (providing they are helping people towards wellbeing and comfort not assisted eugenics)
  • undertakers and funeral directors (if they are operating ethically)
  • shop staff and sole-traders in retail
  • bakers
  • market traders selling their wares and crafts
  • sustainable foresters
  • leisure industry (working within ethical boundaries)
  • writers of qualitative publications to enhance society
  • alternative media outlets to enhance society
  • mining operatives
  • taxi drivers
  • sales/retail staff – working within ethical boundaries
  • shipping/cargo industry
  • IT industry for the betterment of society
  • factory workers
  • boatbuilders
  • leisure pursuits – such as innocuous healthy activities such as pleasure sailing, outdoor lifestyles, etc
  • hairdressers/barbers
  • bus, coach and lorry drivers
  • ambulance staff (if they are actually helping people)
  • domestic handymen
  • chefs/catering staff (except junk food/main stream chain outlets)

enhancement of humanity ~ development of society ~ alignment with nature  ~ positive creativity ~ honest work ~ benevolent  ~ of use and need for us all


For the system

The only thing most of these parasites produce is misery. These are the myopic traitors serving the system, keeping us all (and themselves and their families) enslaved. Anyone making unjust, unlawful threats to innocent people fits into this list. Anyone involved directly in usury. Some of these areas may seem useful to society, such as insurance providers, employment agencies and airport crew; but they are not helping us, they are enslaving us and polluting us. They are all keeping us away from our natural lifestyle and creativity. But most of all, they are pulling us away from our altruistic spiritual tendencies.

In a non-judaified society, we wouldn’t have need for these careers, industries and outlets.

▪   estate a-gents (a-gents = non-gentlemen)

  • letting a-gents
  • employment agencies
  • lawyers (liars)
  • solicitors (prostitutes)
  • private security firms – protecting corrupt corporations
  • ALL politicians and their PR/admin staff
  • chain shop owners
  • tobacco industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • barristers/attorneys
  • buy-to-let landlords (nobody should own more than one home of their own)
  • off licences (in Britain those who trade in alcohol)
  • sports racing industries (these are anti-nature and act as distration)
  • corrupt mad scientists de-naturing life
  • airport industry (polluting the environment)
  • bankers – including staff
  • councellers – working within this talmudic system
  • unethical mining personnel pillaging the earth’s resources
  • education personnel (indoctrination of propaganda and mind control)
  • police officers and the staff (officers of the sea/maritime)
  • pension scheme providers
  • insurance industry
  • stock brokers (hedge funds, etc)
  • gambling industry personnel
  • computer programmers working within the Orwellian control grid – data collection, etc.
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • judges
  • ALL religious preachers and similar mind control outlets
  • non-sustainable foresters
  • gaming industry
  • sports industries (as far as entertainment and distraction of the masses)
  • recreational drugs industry
  • advertisers and marketing personnel of de-natured products and subjects
  • pornographers
  • alcoholic industry (predominantly those pushing it on society)
  • vivisectors
  • mainstream entertainment industry (talmudic/Orwellian mind control and distraction agents)
  • fur industry personnel
  • junk food producers and distributors
  • blood sports personnel
  • animal entertainment personnel  (racing and circuses, etc)
  • sex industry personnel – especially the pedlars of the trade
  • factory farmers
  • ALL main stream media outlets
  • GM farmers
  • military personnel – all aspects
  • veterinary personnel (working against natural laws)
  • locksmiths (those working for local councils evicting people)
  • utility operatives (breaking into people’s homes installing smart meters and disconnecting services against the occupants wishes)
  • CCTV installers and operators
  • government officials – local councils, admin staff
  • tax collectors and personnel
  • parking attendants
  • bailiffs and debt collectors
  • t.v. licence inspectors and staff (BBC/British TV licence)
  • prison wardens (exceptions in some cases)
  • ticket inspectors
  • security guards protecting corporate interests
  • wheel clampers personnel
  • community support officers (British plastic bobbies)
  • corrupt/mind controlled medical staff (especially those administering vaccines and toxic drugs)

exploitative ~ de-naturing ~ intimidation ~ corruption ~ unlawful ~ malevolent ~ regression ~ deceptive ~ Orwellian ~ traitorous ~ parasitic ~ oppressive


Society’s tacit acceptance of vivisection, bloodsports and slaughterhouses are social barometers for our current state of collective consciousness.”

~ Digger

Sent with thanks from Tomstein

Top tips for those new to the Truth


Be discerning

Try hard to distinguish the difference between distractive conspiracy theories and genuine conspiracy facts. Be mindful of the many distraction agents (a-gents non-gentlemen). The shills and half truthers propagating both misinformation and disinformation.


Accept one needs a lot of tenacity

It takes a lot of time to get to the root of this agenda. A lot of observation and reading. Even if one is fortunate enough to have accurate Truth imparted to them, it still takes a few months for the penny to drop…..that we have all been lied to our entire lives. So try to be patient with this information and realise one has to go through a stage of negative resonance for a while.


Realisation we are in a spiritual war

Or more importantly, we are in an energetic war. This agenda is most certainly not matter driven, but energy. Ultimately it is about the battle of the two energy forces.

Matter however certainly is a tool used by this demonic force. The three levels of driving forces are:

(i) money/materialism – at lower management level

(ii) power/control – top elite. They don’t need money, as they print it.

(iii) spiritual energy – beyond human. Dark force/s (archons/demons)


Accept your new found Truth will make you unpopular

Most people just can’t handle the Truth. But that doesn’t make the Truth untruthful. We have to be stubborn and focused and bastions for the Truth. We just have to. There is no other options for those of us in the know. The Truth finds us, we don’t find the Truth. Tis our spiritual job. In time, many of these deniers will come around and respect you in the long run.


Acknowledge one needs to think differently

One needs to have a radical approach to observing information and understanding the world the around us. One needs to be detached, independent-thinking, objective and mature; with a degree of courage.


Cause verses symptom

Try hard to get to the root cause every single time and not to get caught up in the endless symptoms. For example, with 9/11, look at WHO (israel/the jews) did it not spend endless hours on HOW it was done.


Accept we are all going to make mistakes along the way

It is near on impossible not to fall for the very clever distractions and deception along this path. All of us have at some point. But we should just shrug our shoulders and move on. Everyone I know who has been on this Truth journey has got stuck in some cul-de-sac at some point. Just try to learn from your mistakes and try to study pattens of deception, so as not to get caught next time. And once wised-up to these pattens, help warn others.


Surveyor vs builder

How long are we going to keep highlighting the rotten windows before we’re actually start the repairs on the windows? As Miss V tells us, for every hour of research into the problem, make sure we spend 5 hours towards solutions.


Spectator vs contributor

Similar to above, but we have to ensure we don’t just slip into comfortable browser mode year in year out. At some point we have to do something. Even if it isn’t necessary directly solution based, but at least spreading the Truth to new blood. Create flyers, stickers, burn CDs/DVDs, print up articles (with website addresses), etc.



How important is your golf tournament going to be in a few years down the line, when there may not even be a golf course(?) How important is your career compared to this beast coming around the corner? How important is any of your material possessions when we think about what could potentially happen to our environments if we don’t address this social disease(?) How important your the DIY, hobbies and pastimes? We have to adopt a sense of urgency. We have to prioritise what really is important right now.


Accept partial responsibility

The mess we now now find ourselves in is partly our own fault. We allowed ourselves to get lazy, careless, drunk on materialism, corrupted, selfish, poisoned and ultimately deceived. We all have been mugged, and we are partly to blame. This is part of growing up spiritually to accept responsibility for where we find ourselves in life.


No superheros

Try hard to avoid the messianic complex. We have to remind ourselves there are no knights in shining white armour who are going to save us. Forget Putin, Jesus, Allah, good aliens, etc, etc. There is no external force going to save the day. It is only us who are going to save our skins……if we act NOW – we have no time for procrastination.


Birds of a feather

When we discover this distasteful shocking Truth, it is natural to want to share it with those around us. However, most of us find the ones closest to us do not want to know. So we feel isolated. This makes us a bit vulnerable as we then tend to cling to anyone who is partially awake. This can get us into trouble, because we initially tend to then hang around with people we wouldn’t ordinarily have anything to do with. After a while, we soon realise that these people are not good in our lives. Most people out there are damaged; sadly these people cannot undue their hedonistic, judaified ways. It is prudent to be discerning and a bit detached when meeting people who are also awake. Be selective in whom you spend your precious time with.


Try not to burn out

The Truth can be like a drug. Truth-seeking can be addictive. Be careful. It will pull you in and the next thing you are being sucked into the dark energy. Be mindful of these forces (enter ties). It is absolutely essential we make time for areas outside of the Truth. Have non-online activities. Try to do activities where you engage in nature:  hikes in nice environments, foraging, walk barefooted in mud (to ground oneself), learn ancient crafts, or bushcraft/survival skills.


Most of all realise this is your destined path. You were meant to take this journey in Truth.

So embrace it fully, every gritty part of it.