The waiting game


we’re all waiting

waiting for something – for someone

those of us awake are waiting for those unawake to wake up

half-truthers are waiting for people to realise there is a NWO

the Jew-wise awake are waiting for the world to become Jew-wise

those geared up ‘ready for a fight’ are waiting for the awakened to get in fighting mode

those looking for solutions are waiting for those offering solutions

those offering solutions are waiting for those seeking solutions

the Palestinians are waiting for the International Community to save them

waiting – waiting – waiting

waiting for a superhero

waiting for political changes

waiting for a calling

waiting for the next false flag

waiting for justice

waiting for those green leaves in the economy

waiting for WW3

waiting for better times

waiting for the warriors amongst us to lead the way

waiting to morph in warriors

waiting for that knock on the door

waiting for the global spell to be broken

waiting for Jesus to return

waiting for traitors amongst us to stop selling out

waiting for an external saviour

waiting for others to make the first move

waiting for that tipping point

waiting for close ones to ‘get it’

waiting for consciousness

waiting for something big to happen …just around the corner

waiting – waiting – waiting

for him, for mother earth, for it

waiting for God knows what

no matter what position we take…. 

we’re all waiting – waiting – waiting



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