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Whenever you’re dealing with a denier of Truth, and they accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist, or gullible, or they get offended; make sure you ask this fundamental question:

Where exactly are you getting your information from?”

If they reply with:

Well everyone knows that! – That is an unacceptable answer.

Well, they’re telling you all the time.” – Unacceptable answer. Who are telling us what all the time?

These are established facts. This is established history. – Unacceptable. Yea, established by the victors. The victors write history.

I read a broad spectrum of views, from all the outlets. – Unacceptable. That just means this person probably has got a variety of propaganda – all coming from the same source. Probably none of it independent.

I get a lot of my sources from pier reviews. – Oh do you? – Totally unacceptable answer. Who exactly are these piers in society, telling us how to think and live our lives?

With any of these throwaway responses or generalised soundbites, we have to immediately refute them!! We have to pin these people down exactly where their sources are coming from. Box them into a corner where exactly is their independent research – what sources, what links and who funds these so-called establishments.

“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.”

~ Dr Wayne Dyer

Of course pinning these repeaters down to where they get their sources won’t win your argument. In most cases you will get nowhere, because ultimately you are dealing with ego and mind control. The ego does not want to admit it has been lied to most of it’s life and that this individual has repeated and supported these lies their entire lives. Nobody likes to admit they have been mugged. Especially with long term academics……they’re the worst. They have their whole identity (ego) hinged on their profession, academic intelligence, status – all this they will doggedly protect. Nobody wants to admit to having been a fool.

And of course there’s the mind control. We are generally not skilled enough to undue mind control. Especially at this level. For most it has been too insidious, too consistent and too multi-dimensional. But of course it’s always worth trying. We can pretty much guarantee we won’t have that eureka moment there and then in that conversation; but the hope is we may have set a Truth seed. At some point down the line, someone else may also contradict their views and then hopefully the cracks will appear. The trick is to try and not offend that person, try and not hurt their precious ego. A challenge indeed when deep down you just want to slap these repeaters out of their coma.

We must try hard and keep our cool with these regurgitates of lies, those who know it all with their established facts. We must try hard and not come across smug, condescending, arrogant, righteous, whatever. We must try and let them know our intent is just to give. We are trying to improve their lives and their families lives with an alternative understanding of life. We are just sharing. We only want to remain on the side of Truth.

Of course the biggest hurdle we face, even if we do find their sources is that these people just will not accept there is a conspiracy in the first place – and a Jewish conspiracy at that. Plus most will not grasp the comprehensiveness of this conspiracy. That it is 360 degrees. That this ubiquitous poison has affected and penetrated every single aspect of their lives – “Oh how preposterous!”

It’s getting across to them the concept of truly independent information verses material that appears to be independent. That’s the key to the mass mind control. Deception – by the kings of deceit.

The point in this essay is to express that we have to be specific and accurate with these people’s information sources….

What books? What links? What historical articles? What scientific reviews?What documentaries? What health experts and specialists? We absolutely have to pin these people down.

“Where specifically are you getting your information from?”



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  1. fr3ddy

     /  September 20, 2015

    Just a grammar suggestion.
    Good information though as always.


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