Chocolate-flavoured tyranny


Firstly for those people who are unaware of how the TV licensing system operates in Britain, please let me explain……

Back in the early days of TV viewing in Britain, there was really only a few channels; BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. ITV (Independent TV) was paid for by the advertisers. And the BBC had a set annual fee – the TV licence. Like all of this tyranny, initially things start of reasonable, in order for us to accept them. As back then the annual TV licence wasn’t too expensive and did not have the level of mind control, blatant propaganda and filth it has today (although it was still dangerous, incremental mind control).

Then gradually more and more channels have become available, via various networks. Yet even though less and less people are viewing the B‘nai Brith Corruption these days, the licence fee continues to go up. It is now at a whopping £145.50 per year. Of course one has to pay for one’s mind control.


If that wasn’t bad enough. The BBC is an arm of the government (talmudic operation) and it is out to ‘catch’ anyone who dares not to have a licence…..who dares not to receive big brother’s mind control.

And these enFORCEment ‘officers’ (maritime law again) now have the right to inspect your property, to sniff around to see if you have any apparatus suitable to receive the BBC. This is whether you are there or not, they will legally break into your home, because they have a piece of paper from a corrupt court (administration office) which gives them permission to do so.

The apparatus they deem suitable for one to have a TV licence are:

  • TV
  • computer/laptop
  • mobile phone
  • dvd player or recording device
  • gaming devices
  • or any device

It does not matter whether you are watching BBC or not. To them it matters that your device/apparatus has the potential to receive the BBC. Even if you don’t know how to connect up to live TV, or do not have the means. Even if you have a historical record of not watching BBC through your mobile phone or computer – it matters not. All they care about is the tentative possibility that you could… some point down the line.

The threats they enforce on the public (or even if they perceive you as being guilty) are:

  • Application to court for a search warrant to gain access to your property. [this will be whether you are there or not – an unannounced break in by complete strangers. To which you will have to pay for the damage and locksmith]
  • An Officer can take your statement under caution, in compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 or Scottish criminal law.
  • Anything you say to an Officer may be used as evidence in court.
  • A fine of up to £1000, in addition to legal costs.

To me this is more of the clinical tyranny

….and again phyically carried out by non-thinking, self-serving, myopic TRAITORS.

Let’s stop for a minute and think about this logically. There is a TV network which is becoming more and more unpopular due to it’s track record of lying to us; to which they enforce a mandatory extortionate fee. I thought our viewing was all about CHOICE. We chose to view the BBC or not…..out of the plethora of channels now available.

To me that’s equivalent of having hundreds of different flavours of ice-cream to choose from. Yet the producers of the chocolate flavour ice-cream company enforce a fee on you – even if you do not eat the chocolate flavour. Not only that, you will get criminalised and heavily fined (indebted) if you cannot prove to the manufacturers of this chocolate flavour that you are not consuming their product.

Yet the dumbed-down sheople accept this. Not only are they happy with their Pavlovian box-of-lies addiction, but content with the Pavlovian punishment if they do not cough up the gangster’s fee.


The only logic we can try to squeeze out of this, is to acknowledge they want to have us all criminalised and indebted, in order to get us all under their complete control. All our processions stolen, all our freedoms taken away. And ultimately have us all in abject fear …..that is the food these energy vampires feed off. This dark force feeds off of our fear energy. It’s not about the money, it’s not about material possessions, it’s not about matter; this beast is not really even power driven. What it wants is our most precious procession – our energy.

criminalised & indebted = loss of processions = loss of freedom = our subservience = feeding off of our energy through fear




1/. Clean up personally as much as we can in every way. Become self-disciplined.

2/. Expose the lies, expose the corruption. Propagate the Truth.

3/. Resist in any way you can.



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