The Traitor


the traitor lives amongst us

the next door neighbour, the sibling, the old school pal

after all, they’re part of our community

they grew up with us

they’re one of us – but not

as they are the cancer amongst us


tis the traitor who is our ultimate enemy

always has been throughout the generations

the sellouts

myopic in outlook

serving only their self-interests


just doin me job

it’s a dirty job – but someone’s gotta do it

say they with their warped ethics

loaded with their convenient cognitive dissonance


these creatures with no foresight

no backbone

no substance

no loyalty to their own

they are the scourge of all societies 


yet the stupefied comatised masses look up to these traitors

these judeafied sheople actually have respect for them

they even think they look cool in their ridiculous uniforms

how can anyone have respect for a traitor?

someone who has sold out to the enemy


the traitor is worse than the elite parasites

the traitor is a secondary predator

a watered-down parasite

deeply insecure 

needing to hide behind a uniform and be part of a team

worse than just a useful idiot

a traitor is the true vermin amongst us


because without the traitor

these elite parasites would be impotent

their power, their force, their fear on the masses 

simply would not exist


the traitor arrests us

the traitor imprisons us

the traitor dishes out unlawful fines to us

the traitor invades our homes

the traitor monitors us

the traitor cirminalizes us

the traitor enslaves us


imagine a fear-free world

paradise on earth

a world of beauty, compassion, alignment with natural laws

well this is what we could be potentially living in

had we not the traitors amongst us


there has always been evil on this planet

always the dark force

always the potential for tyranny

but it is always hinged on those who will sellout

always reliant on those who care only about their short-term self interests


and this is why

the traitor is the lowest denomination on the planet

the traitor is toxic to our well being

the traitor is our weak point in the chain

and this is why we have to recognise


 that the traitor is the our number one enemy



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  1. That’s right… the cop, the freemason, the soldier is too young to know better, but their parents who allow them to lose soul and destroy their own lives and freedoms in the process of destroying others through serving empire are beyond useless…

    • Reasonable comment Wanda. I will meet you half way there; as I feel these lads at 18/19 should have an idea. Perhaps I am being unrealistic?? I knew what side I was on at the age of 14. And most of these sellouts enter these careers well into their 30s. But agree, the parents must take some responsibility.

      Thank you for commenting.

    • Billy

       /  March 26, 2015

      Agreed. I work with the clueless enforcers of International Tyranny. Not only do they actually believe in “ISIS”, they encourage their sons to join the military and follow in their flawed footsteps. The absolute lack of any critical thought whatsoever simply astounds me. More like damaged children than thinking adults.

      • Damaged children indeed Billy. Our empathy is projected to you. It’s impossible sometimes to get thought his fog of mind control.

        Thank you for commenting.

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  March 26, 2015

    Agreed. I have more contempt for Americans oblivious of and disinterested the Zionist takeover of the west than I do for the Jews guilty of it.

  3. Billy

     /  March 26, 2015

    For every scurvy infected insane “policy maker” that exists above, untold thousands of traitors support, and make possible the crushing tyranny that enslaves humanity. And every single one of them shall also suffer from their very own treasonous deeds.


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