Producers vs Parasites


Those who work for the betterment of society

Every aspect of society is affected by this demonic beast; and there are many grey areas; but in general terms these people produce and provide in life.

  • construction workers
  • mechanics
  • architects (providing they create aesthetically pleasing buildings, not dull, unattractive boxes)
  • engineers
  • drain clearance teams
  • printers
  • designers (those designing positive improvements to enhance society)
  • cleaners
  • road maintenance crew
  • fishing industry (if they are not destroying the ocean environment)
  • sewerage industry personnel
  • stationers
  • telecommunications (working within ethical boundaries)
  • manufacturing personnel (working within ethical boundaries)
  • natural health: practitioners, products, educators, etc
  • clothing industries (working within ethical boundaries)
  • farmers of good produce
  • antique traders (working within ethical boundaries)
  • teachers of substance: trades, languages, ancient skills, etc (not mind controlled repeaters)
  • craftspeople: silversmiths, creative arts, etc
  • gardeners/landscapers
  • hospital support team (providing they are helping people towards wellbeing and comfort not assisted eugenics)
  • undertakers and funeral directors (if they are operating ethically)
  • shop staff and sole-traders in retail
  • bakers
  • market traders selling their wares and crafts
  • sustainable foresters
  • leisure industry (working within ethical boundaries)
  • writers of qualitative publications to enhance society
  • alternative media outlets to enhance society
  • mining operatives
  • taxi drivers
  • sales/retail staff – working within ethical boundaries
  • shipping/cargo industry
  • IT industry for the betterment of society
  • factory workers
  • boatbuilders
  • leisure pursuits – such as innocuous healthy activities such as pleasure sailing, outdoor lifestyles, etc
  • hairdressers/barbers
  • bus, coach and lorry drivers
  • ambulance staff (if they are actually helping people)
  • domestic handymen
  • chefs/catering staff (except junk food/main stream chain outlets)

enhancement of humanity ~ development of society ~ alignment with nature  ~ positive creativity ~ honest work ~ benevolent  ~ of use and need for us all


For the system

The only thing most of these parasites produce is misery. These are the myopic traitors serving the system, keeping us all (and themselves and their families) enslaved. Anyone making unjust, unlawful threats to innocent people fits into this list. Anyone involved directly in usury. Some of these areas may seem useful to society, such as insurance providers, employment agencies and airport crew; but they are not helping us, they are enslaving us and polluting us. They are all keeping us away from our natural lifestyle and creativity. But most of all, they are pulling us away from our altruistic spiritual tendencies.

In a non-judaified society, we wouldn’t have need for these careers, industries and outlets.

▪   estate a-gents (a-gents = non-gentlemen)

  • letting a-gents
  • employment agencies
  • lawyers (liars)
  • solicitors (prostitutes)
  • private security firms – protecting corrupt corporations
  • ALL politicians and their PR/admin staff
  • chain shop owners
  • tobacco industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • barristers/attorneys
  • buy-to-let landlords (nobody should own more than one home of their own)
  • off licences (in Britain those who trade in alcohol)
  • sports racing industries (these are anti-nature and act as distration)
  • corrupt mad scientists de-naturing life
  • airport industry (polluting the environment)
  • bankers – including staff
  • councellers – working within this talmudic system
  • unethical mining personnel pillaging the earth’s resources
  • education personnel (indoctrination of propaganda and mind control)
  • police officers and the staff (officers of the sea/maritime)
  • pension scheme providers
  • insurance industry
  • stock brokers (hedge funds, etc)
  • gambling industry personnel
  • computer programmers working within the Orwellian control grid – data collection, etc.
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • judges
  • ALL religious preachers and similar mind control outlets
  • non-sustainable foresters
  • gaming industry
  • sports industries (as far as entertainment and distraction of the masses)
  • recreational drugs industry
  • advertisers and marketing personnel of de-natured products and subjects
  • pornographers
  • alcoholic industry (predominantly those pushing it on society)
  • vivisectors
  • mainstream entertainment industry (talmudic/Orwellian mind control and distraction agents)
  • fur industry personnel
  • junk food producers and distributors
  • blood sports personnel
  • animal entertainment personnel  (racing and circuses, etc)
  • sex industry personnel – especially the pedlars of the trade
  • factory farmers
  • ALL main stream media outlets
  • GM farmers
  • military personnel – all aspects
  • veterinary personnel (working against natural laws)
  • locksmiths (those working for local councils evicting people)
  • utility operatives (breaking into people’s homes installing smart meters and disconnecting services against the occupants wishes)
  • CCTV installers and operators
  • government officials – local councils, admin staff
  • tax collectors and personnel
  • parking attendants
  • bailiffs and debt collectors
  • t.v. licence inspectors and staff (BBC/British TV licence)
  • prison wardens (exceptions in some cases)
  • ticket inspectors
  • security guards protecting corporate interests
  • wheel clampers personnel
  • community support officers (British plastic bobbies)
  • corrupt/mind controlled medical staff (especially those administering vaccines and toxic drugs)

exploitative ~ de-naturing ~ intimidation ~ corruption ~ unlawful ~ malevolent ~ regression ~ deceptive ~ Orwellian ~ traitorous ~ parasitic ~ oppressive

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