Society’s tacit acceptance of vivisection, bloodsports and slaughterhouses are social barometers for our current state of collective consciousness.”

~ Digger

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  1. This, if for no other fvcking reason… we will take our world back. Failure is not an option. And i am going to paraphrase an old post of yours Digger i keep close at and hand and have shared often… We have got to get into a mindset of setting up our society, how we want our world. Not just constantly reacting and adapting around what they have set up for us. We need our social policing, our justice centres, our science, our means of fuel and energy, our academia, our health care system, our means of sustenance. And we mustn’t compromise…

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  March 26, 2015

    Hard picture to view. Might have been someone’s loving pet.

    • Yes indeed. As we’ve said Matthew….this is all our fault. All this mess ultimately comes down to us. I’m in the pub now and the big screen is playing with the footy on and people only care about their myopic self interests and short term comforts. But I know you know this.


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