6 Layers of the Truth Onion


1/. Bloody government

This is where so many people in all areas of the globe are right now, with regards to their outlook on life. They’re rightfully pissed off with their governments; at all levels. From their local councils, to their presidents/prime minsters. They know, or sense the endemic corruption; they know they’re being shafted. But sadly they just see the perpetrators as…. elitists who are doing what they do for financial gain. Many also see the destruction of the planet just being corrupt corporations – again for greed/money. And unfortunately that’s as far as their understanding of worldly events takes them.


2/. NWO/Illuminati

Many now are ‘finally’ waking up that there is in fact an agenda. That there is a deliberate malevolent plan behind all this bedlam. To many of who discover this, despite being shocking, it’s almost a relief; because at least now the insanity makes some sort of sense. At least there is some kind of logic to why everything is going wrong. Why there is perpetual war. Why there is is utter destruction of the planet.

Unfortunately many people who discover the NWO plan, never seem to get beyond this level. It’s like they get into their little niche of specialised subjects and don’t want to shift beyond their comfortable Truth.


3/. ZIM

Zionists/Israel/Mossad. This is the next layer in the Truth onion – almost like a secondary awakening. To know that it’s a bit more specific than ‘the government’ did 9/11. This is kinda at David Icke level Truth – where people dare to go beyond the masons and the neocons, and inch one’s attention towards that controversial land in the Middle East, and it’s quirky ideology. Yet paradoxically, defending ‘the Jews’.


4/. The Jews/Judaism

Ouch – now things are gett’n hot! Now one can be labelled a filthy anti-semite (even though a Semite pertains to being a Palestinian and Arab – but hey, why should Truth get in the way of slander). This is part of the Truth onion where most troofers dare not to go. Now things are getting a bit distasteful. Family members and friends tend not to want to discuss this touchy stuff and wonder with perplexity ‘what on earth has got into you’…… It’s such a shame, she was such a nice girl before she started looking at that internet. 

But to those of us who have discovered this level of Truth – it’s so friggin obvious. Why could we not have seen it before(?) Now we can see it with our ‘they live’ glasses, we can see the bigger picture. Only now does the jigsaw puzzle all fit together. But trying to impart this level of Truth to others is so bloody hard.


5/. The Archons

This meme/angle to the Truth seems to be remerging of late, thanks to John Lash and Steve Gamble. I say that it’s one of those areas which we’ll probably never be able to prove either way. I don’t necessarily think it’s that important; even though I do find it extremely fascinating.

But I do think it is essential that we develop our outlook from matter to energy when looking at the Truth. This level five takes us into the spiritual realms, which is exactly where we need to be. This whole agenda/conspiracy is spiritual. I believe it is energetic. Very simply, the two opposing energy forces. Darkness vs Light…….whatever subjective label we choose to adopt.



6/. Us

And finally……..after all our finger pointing; all the external hunting. It all comes down to us. It’s pretty much all been our fault. When I mean our, I mean our ancestors who allowed the first layers of this tyranny, our elected governments, our democratic armies, our self-policing, our gullibility, our naivety, our weaknesses, our trust, our cowardliness, our subservience, our political correctness, our repeater mindset, our laziness, our myopic outlook. And most essentially our traitors amongst us.



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  1. Mike

     /  March 24, 2015

    I agree with all your points here Digger. Your last point US. I echo your sentiments. I was just thinking a similar thing regarding peoples health. Many expect the health industry to cure their illnesses but we are responsible. Many eat the wrong foods, Take harmful medical drugs and vaccinations. When they get sick they expect the doctor to give them a pill for a cure. People need to be responsible for their own health and lives. If they don’t they get shite administered by the psychotic PTB.

    • Agree with all that Mike. Although I am the number one hypocrite :-). Not so disciplined in my old age – but should be.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Billy

     /  March 25, 2015

    Excellent article Digger. If I had to break down the masses into 6 layers of the onion, I reckon it would be something like this:

    Level 0 (Just scratching at the skin of the Onion, clueless, Lemming like sheep) = 43%
    Level 1 (That worthless “government”! But things will get better soon!….) = 40%
    Level 2 (Alex Jones was saying those Globalists are to blame!) = 07%
    Level 3 ( Don’t blame the Jews…It’s just those insane Zionists and Neo cons! = 05%
    Level 4 ( It’s the Jews. Always has been, always will be.) = 04%
    Level 5 ( Humanity is plagued by a darkness beyond our comprehension) = 01%
    Level 6 ( We all have blood on our hands) = 100%

    As always, keep up the good work Digger.


  3. anon

     /  March 25, 2015

    Although both main political parties contributed to the destruction of British industry perhaps Margaret Thatcher was the main culprit.
    She was publicised in the controlled press as a talented hard working grocers daughter from Grantham and called the Iron lady, her catchphrase “this lady is not for turning” showed she had no will of her own but was controlled, every politician at all times must be aware of changes in the world map, economically strategically and in defence, no politician can ever say i made up my mind and this is how it will be, unless they are following orders.
    In the same way that Tony Blair was chosen, Rothschild’s men will pick people they can use and will tell them they will have a glowing future if they do as they are told.

    A rep for Rothschild went to the Thatcher family doctor and got Margaret’s health records from her GP, these suggested Margaret had been sexually abused by her father who was in a loveless marriage, Margaret’s fear of falling asleep at night was to last all her life and she never again slept more that 2 hours each night, this may be why she allowed sex perverts near her in office;
    Synagogues were told to tell members to write to newspapers saying how wonderful is Margaret Thatcher, she was put up for election in Finchley which is a heavily Jewish populated area and the Jewish lobby began to tell Britain how they needed this woman to run things, every jew was told to vote for her, and the Jewish banks told her banking for the world would be enough for Britain’s economic survival and to let the old industries go.
    Shipbuilding the mines motor and motorcycle factories closed, in fact all heavy industries quickly followed by increasing amounts of crippling VAT on small firms, and small industrial estates closed across the nation down by the month, and like various governments they imported in people en masse to mop up any remaining jobs that were left, it was an insidious and hateful attack on the British people by its own government.
    Sir Geoffrey Howe in 1972 became Minister of State at the Department of Trade and Industry, with a seat in the Cabinet, a post he held until Labour took power in March 1974, Howe developed the new economic policies embodied in an Opposition mini-manifesto The Right Approach to the Economy.

    Labour Chancellor Denis Healey in 1978 claimed a verbal attack from Howe was “like being savaged by a dead sheep; The MI5 file at that time said Howe was devoutly anti-communist, and Dennis Healey although left wing was also anti-communist and the 2 men were great freinds and talked shop a lot, now Dennis Healey was one of 3 men who were regularly informing to MI 5 on communist infiltration of the labour party, Dennis was a likeable man but had an unpleasant habit of flicking his tongue in and out of the corners of his mouth like a snake, and some funny drawings of this circulated in intelligence circles.

    Sir Geoffrey was Margaret Thatchers longest serving cabinet minister and he held the positions of Chancellor of the Exchequer Foreign Office Secretary and leader of the House of Commons, he was also Deputy Prime Minister in a cabinet that had 5 jews in the most important positions, with Lord Rothschild as security advisor and overseer to the cabinet, this worried the intelligence service so much that Margaret had several personal memos to this effect.

    Geoffrey Howe had constant rows with Thatcher over her Open Door economic policies, and as Chancellor of the Exchequer he would see how how the countries economic stability was going down the drain, and as Foreign Office Secretary would have the ear of MI6, so arguments between him and Thatcher were making his position intolerable, he once mentioned to a House of Commons doorman ” that woman is enough to drive a man to drink” so his resignation speech on 1 November 1990 is widely considered to have precipitated Thatchers downfall 3 weeks later.
    Margaret Thatcher was seen in her car crying as it drove away, the reason she was crying was that Geoffrey Howe told her she had been duped by the jewish money men who had robbed the country, Rothschild wanted an excuse to draw the money from British industry to invest in the Far East, Rothschild’s robbing of the German economy was the cause of W W II it had nothing to do with Poland, we went to war to give Germany back to the jewish bankers.

    Freedom of Information requests over the 30 year rule reveal reveal very little, except the Howe/Thatcher arguments over the Toxteth riots, Merseyside was hit hard by the closure of industries and the Socialists made hay by causing trouble in every area, effigies of Thatcher are still burnt in some areas, but the people do not know that Thatchers decisions were not made by her but by her controllers.

    • Brilliant contribution Anon. Many thanks.

    • BOnele1982

       /  March 31, 2015

      “Rothschild wanted an excuse to draw the money from British industry to invest in the Far East,”
      you got it, one of the very first things in 1979-80 which Thatcher did was to eliminate exchange control consents so money could more easily be sucked out of UK and invested in Chinese manufacturing gulags while stripping UK of its manufacturing base and preparing it for its new role of rentier economy in a new world of interdependent trans-national regional groupings.

      As for the rest, and especially her maybe having been sexually abused in childhood, who knows, asbsent sources, evidence, corroboration. She was certainly in some ways a mystery, including as to her origins, which latter could do much to explain why she, an *apparent* goy, was so immersed in Jewish political and social circles. Recall her parents’ family took in a Jewish schoolgirl (or 2?) from Austria or somewhere before or around the start of WW2. Her grooming, pre-party leadership bio was written by Jew Russell Lewis, “Margaret Thatcher”, RKP 1975, at concen, try finding it in a public library now. Wasn’t there some publicity over genetic analysis showing the daughter’s “middle eastern” DNA? Thatcher herself had a most curious gait, and there are those who doubted whether she was wholly English (like Churchill).

      The Tories are at least as bad as Labour when it comes to mass immigration, and have categorically lied to the electorate to get votes. Theresa May[ersteinwiczberg] is doing it again right now. (She looks another mischling). In Thatcher’s case, she promised immigration controls in the lead up to the 1979 General Election. Back in January 1969, pederast Ted Heath promised that if the Conservatives got in, Commonwealth citizens would not have the right to settle permanently in GB, no immigrant woud be allowed to stay here for an unlimited period, any immigrant allowed in would no longer enjoy an absolute right to bring in relatives, and the decision on eligibility to enter GB would be made by British authorities in the immigrant’s country of origin. After they got in, the “Cons” conveniently forgot all this.

      Sounds familiar? They think they’re going to do it again!

  4. Matthew/Boston

     /  March 26, 2015

    Today, March 25, I had two appointments 90 minutes apart in Boston. I walked the neighborhood to use up the time. Boston, and the surrounding area, was saturated with chemtrails today. I pointed this out to several people and explained what they were. There were also contrails available for comparison. Some politely blew me off. Some listened. Many claimed they’ve heard of them, or knew about them, but really didn’t. The better half just weren’t that interested. Sad, because the poison is only entering your bloodstream and brain.

    When I did have someone’s ear, I transitioned the subject to 9-11. I always start off asking who they thought was behind the attacks. Suffice to say, we have a lot of work needed there. When I do mention the “J” word – that’s the Jews – people are a bit taken back, One fellow in his sixties, who told me he was Irish, started twitching over his right eye. I’ve come to appreciate the clear reaction I see when I mention the Jews. Great job at conditioning Americans, Jews! I really must hand it to you. I always suggest Ken O’Keefe’s 9-11 to people to understand just who was behind the 9-11 attacks and who changed America so drastically – and for the worse.

    Digger, your observations above are so very, very perceptive! Right on the mark!

    Let’s all keep using the “J” word – THE JEWS!

    • Thank you Matthew for this interesting personal observation. Firstly well done for your relentless effort [wota fuckin hard job it is imparting the Truth to the comatised/judafied masses].

      I tend to ask people this question, if they dispute me….”Where are getting your information from?” And look them straight in the eye, with confidence and say it assertively.

      Thank you for your kind comments and for contributing.

  5. Matthew/Boston

     /  March 26, 2015

    I want to add that I am not familiar with “The Archons.” Aside from that, whether it’s right or wrong, I do think you are right on the mark.


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