Top tips for those new to the Truth


Be discerning

Try hard to distinguish the difference between distractive conspiracy theories and genuine conspiracy facts. Be mindful of the many distraction agents (a-gents non-gentlemen). The shills and half truthers propagating both misinformation and disinformation.


Accept one needs a lot of tenacity

It takes a lot of time to get to the root of this agenda. A lot of observation and reading. Even if one is fortunate enough to have accurate Truth imparted to them, it still takes a few months for the penny to drop…..that we have all been lied to our entire lives. So try to be patient with this information and realise one has to go through a stage of negative resonance for a while.


Realisation we are in a spiritual war

Or more importantly, we are in an energetic war. This agenda is most certainly not matter driven, but energy. Ultimately it is about the battle of the two energy forces.

Matter however certainly is a tool used by this demonic force. The three levels of driving forces are:

(i) money/materialism – at lower management level

(ii) power/control – top elite. They don’t need money, as they print it.

(iii) spiritual energy – beyond human. Dark force/s (archons/demons)


Accept your new found Truth will make you unpopular

Most people just can’t handle the Truth. But that doesn’t make the Truth untruthful. We have to be stubborn and focused and bastions for the Truth. We just have to. There is no other options for those of us in the know. The Truth finds us, we don’t find the Truth. Tis our spiritual job. In time, many of these deniers will come around and respect you in the long run.


Acknowledge one needs to think differently

One needs to have a radical approach to observing information and understanding the world the around us. One needs to be detached, independent-thinking, objective and mature; with a degree of courage.


Cause verses symptom

Try hard to get to the root cause every single time and not to get caught up in the endless symptoms. For example, with 9/11, look at WHO (israel/the jews) did it not spend endless hours on HOW it was done.


Accept we are all going to make mistakes along the way

It is near on impossible not to fall for the very clever distractions and deception along this path. All of us have at some point. But we should just shrug our shoulders and move on. Everyone I know who has been on this Truth journey has got stuck in some cul-de-sac at some point. Just try to learn from your mistakes and try to study pattens of deception, so as not to get caught next time. And once wised-up to these pattens, help warn others.


Surveyor vs builder

How long are we going to keep highlighting the rotten windows before we’re actually start the repairs on the windows? As Miss V tells us, for every hour of research into the problem, make sure we spend 5 hours towards solutions.


Spectator vs contributor

Similar to above, but we have to ensure we don’t just slip into comfortable browser mode year in year out. At some point we have to do something. Even if it isn’t necessary directly solution based, but at least spreading the Truth to new blood. Create flyers, stickers, burn CDs/DVDs, print up articles (with website addresses), etc.



How important is your golf tournament going to be in a few years down the line, when there may not even be a golf course(?) How important is your career compared to this beast coming around the corner? How important is any of your material possessions when we think about what could potentially happen to our environments if we don’t address this social disease(?) How important your the DIY, hobbies and pastimes? We have to adopt a sense of urgency. We have to prioritise what really is important right now.


Accept partial responsibility

The mess we now now find ourselves in is partly our own fault. We allowed ourselves to get lazy, careless, drunk on materialism, corrupted, selfish, poisoned and ultimately deceived. We all have been mugged, and we are partly to blame. This is part of growing up spiritually to accept responsibility for where we find ourselves in life.


No superheros

Try hard to avoid the messianic complex. We have to remind ourselves there are no knights in shining white armour who are going to save us. Forget Putin, Jesus, Allah, good aliens, etc, etc. There is no external force going to save the day. It is only us who are going to save our skins……if we act NOW – we have no time for procrastination.


Birds of a feather

When we discover this distasteful shocking Truth, it is natural to want to share it with those around us. However, most of us find the ones closest to us do not want to know. So we feel isolated. This makes us a bit vulnerable as we then tend to cling to anyone who is partially awake. This can get us into trouble, because we initially tend to then hang around with people we wouldn’t ordinarily have anything to do with. After a while, we soon realise that these people are not good in our lives. Most people out there are damaged; sadly these people cannot undue their hedonistic, judaified ways. It is prudent to be discerning and a bit detached when meeting people who are also awake. Be selective in whom you spend your precious time with.


Try not to burn out

The Truth can be like a drug. Truth-seeking can be addictive. Be careful. It will pull you in and the next thing you are being sucked into the dark energy. Be mindful of these forces (enter ties). It is absolutely essential we make time for areas outside of the Truth. Have non-online activities. Try to do activities where you engage in nature:  hikes in nice environments, foraging, walk barefooted in mud (to ground oneself), learn ancient crafts, or bushcraft/survival skills.


Most of all realise this is your destined path. You were meant to take this journey in Truth.

So embrace it fully, every gritty part of it. 

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