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I would love to have an intellectual conversation about religion…

You can’t have an intellectual conversation about religion with religious people.  Try to tell them something they should know… no matter how you approach it, if goes against their idealised God, they shut you out.

You can say, there is ample evidence you are worshiping an evil entity… and here’s the proof.  Not only will they not look at it, they will deny it is legitimate, then call you a liar… spawn of Satan… and hit you with a bunch of copy and paste scriptures they have little to no understanding of.  That’s pretty insane.

Look at God’s chosen… they are evil, wicked people. Time and time again in the Bible we see the Jews murder, rape, pillage, plunder, enslave, ritually sacrifice humans and animals, torture, slaughter innocents, commit infanticide, engage in nepotism, prostitution, incest and more. Regardless how many times they break God’s commandments, they remain his chosen people. The God of the Old Testament appears to be the collective will of the Jew. The Jews don’t believe in God per se… they believe they are God.  God, himself, seems to be a schizophrenic, mass murdering narcissist. You can read it for yourself… chapter and verse… right here: 

How much more evil does it get than to invent a religion and write a book proclaiming yourself to be the chosen ones of a God you created? How much more evil than to brainwash the world that you can take pot shots at any other race or religion on the planet except the one that is the cause of all the ills in the world?


The word of God is ineffable. To me, ineffable means “you cant eff with it”…  because no one is going to convince me me that two thousand years ago, people didn’t have the same “dirty” minds as they do today… that is human nature.  The bible and religion are anti-nature, as is our governmental, military and judicial (jewicial) systems.

We are born into a world where these constructs already exist. They are here and they are massive and imposing… they look important.  We are taught to build our lives around them, that they are there for us to keep us safe and protect us from… well, ourselves apparently.  They pretty much do let us know these systems are in place to keep us in line… but we think that’s a good thing… and we accept that because that is also natural.  We think it is natural because it is all we’ve ever known. Meanwhile, these systems are incrementally removing us from nature and knowledge of nature, which is essentially, knowledge of self.

How the bible got everyone worshiping ISRAEL instead of what IS REAL…


It is and was done through illusion and spells cast in words. The written language is spelled. Words streamed together is known as cursive. The Constitution and Bill of Rights, are written in cursive… think about that.  All magic is is word trickery.  It is nothing else.  The only real magic is love. Through understanding and knowledge, we come out of superstition. The ancient Hebrew alphabet did not contain vowels, thus the name King David can also be seen as King DIVIDE. The bible is a book of spells… gospel simply means… GoSpell.

Religion presumes to define the ineffable for you. Consider the word define… the prefix de- signifies: separate… opposite… away, down or removed from. And fine means pure, of highest quality… unadulterated.  Anything you put a label on you devalue. Take the word MAN and you have the pure element… now let’s de-fine him… black man, white man, good man, human.  In some older dictionaries, you will find the definition of human as a monster. Perhaps this is the why Jesus the Myth, when asked if he was the son of God, replied… “I am that i am”.  He was saying “don’t de-fine me”.

The word for God according to the Latin Etymology and King James Bible dictionaries is DEUS.  De-us.  Again, we have the prefix de- which means to take away from… and what is us?  Religion takes us away from ourselves, and it appears to do so quite deliberately, since the only other word listed under God is Zeus… which, as every Christian knows, is not the “real” God. Nature is source… sorcery is source awry. Everything here is natural… there is no SUPER-NATURAL… that is unnatural.


The following are some links to videos that were posted over on Mami’s Shit a couple weeks back… i am linking to the comments page for each because it is easier to get to the video from there, and the comments section of anywhere is generally very enlightening…

20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity…

Fist of Fun:- The Prodigal Son

Comedy Parody… The Best of Hitchens – Christopher Hitchens…

Here are some links to a few sites that should give one pause to, at least, question what it is they thing they believe in…

Great links left by a commenter on the Hitchen’s page, I recommend them all…

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  1. aj

     /  March 11, 2015

    Digger, having met saints who read me like an open book and who attest to God’s living presences, I must disagree. Once upon a time, there were many Christian saints, but those days have gone perhaps. The Jews’ relentless assault upon and ridicule of Christianity is one thing to bear in mind. The bankruptcy of modern Churches and the poisonous Jew influence upon them via the Scofield Reference Bible is not a blemish upon Christ and his teachings, but merely another indictment of the Jews and our gullibility. Want to drive the Jews mad, preach the Gospels to them. My two cents. The Way to the Kingdom is a fine book which explains the heart of Christ’s teachings which are entirely congruent with the teachings of others. Great to see you back. Hang in and be well.

    • Just so you know aj, this article was written by Wanda.

      However, I tend to believe Christianity was a plot to bring down the Roman empire. And it succeeded.

      It’s a strange one, because they cuss Christianity so much. So am a bit confused on this one.

      Thank you commenting.

  2. amactire

     /  March 13, 2015

    A highly enjoyable and thought provoking read there!

    Although I personally appreciate the cultural importance of the Celtic and Germanic pantheons and myths, I view them as archetypes, and a valuable part of our heritage, More of a “philosophical paganism” than anything religious.

    I can’t say I am much of a fan of the monotheistic faiths.


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