Forget Logic


“The biggest fault most of us make when trying to deal with the insanity of what is happening to us; is we are using LOGIC. 

That is where we are going wrong. 

We have to absolutely forget both logic and common sense. We make the mistake time and time again of looking at this psychotic cruelty from a position of what we would and wouldn’t do. This is futile, because we are dealing with perfectly insane people, deranged collective thinking and sick and twisted mind sets. 

The only real logic we can inject, is that we are also dealing with dark demonic entities behind all this bedlam. 

Any logic at all with all of this, would be for us to have a detached deeper understanding at this level.

This is the only logical understanding that we can derive from this insanity.”

~ Digger

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. It isn’t logical because it is anti-nature. If you examine the functions of religions and governments you’ll notice they are both anti-nature. We have to stop believing these constructs are for us… they never have been, it has never been more apparent than now.

    • Thanks Wanda. Couldn’t agree more. It’s never been more apparent….to us. Sadly the masses will never stop repeating. They need their comfort blanket.

      Thanks for commenting.


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