These will help get us the results we so desperately need.

[not in order of importance]

Rage – Get pissed off. You should be outraged – seething by now. If you are not, you are have been pacified through chemicals and conditioning – therefore damaged.

Envision – I-magine. Project the future you want in your mind with directed visualisation techniques. Set aside 10 minutes each day to envision a better world.

Stand – Stand up for yourself and your loved ones. Resist. Fight back. Say NO ….and mean it.

Undo – the bad habits we have been conditioned to accept as ‘normal’. Begin to become self-disciplined and rid the: booze, drugs, porn, gambling, junk food, etc.

Learn – your subject sufficiently. Study up on what is going on in your world. Specifically become Jew-wise.

Tell – others. Inform as many newbies (new blood) as you can. Make it your mission every day to inform others outside the choir. Don’t just be a spectator……a comfortable browser. We all have a spiritual duty to spread the Truth.

Stash – Duplicate the Truth in as many ways as you can – photocopy, electronic format, CDs/DVS, etc. Then stash this Truth somewhere safe, someone secret for prosperity.

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  March 17, 2015

    I make an effort to wake-up at least one new person a day. I do it with explanation and a written reference to a few videos, one being Ken O’Keefe’s 9-11 documentary.


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